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Werewolves on the Prowl

Make any sort of mention of werewolves to most people and it will inevitably provoke imagery concerning – and commentary on – such movies as The Wolfman, Underworld, An American Werewolf in London; and The Howling. Entertaining on-screen fiction aside, however, what of werewolves in the real world? Most people are almost certainly content to brush aside such fantastic possibilities without even a second thought. But, not quite everyone…

Paradise, Texas is a small town, situated not too far from the sprawling city of Fort Worth, but one that is dominated by isolated homes, thick and somewhat mysterious woods, sprawling fields, numerous cows, and not much more at all. Aside from maybe a killer-werewolf, that is.

Dawn had just broken on a particular day in September 1996, and Walter, a rancher who had made Paradise his home, headed out to tend his cows, which had the run of a large field at the back of his property. Walter was not expecting to find the horrifying scene upon which he stumbled, however: one of his most valuable sources of income had been killed under cover of darkness. And, by the looks of what was left of the unfortunate animal, the killer had been some sort of vicious, powerful creature that surely had no place prowling the fields of Paradise. The cow had been summarily disemboweled, with its throat ripped out and both back legs completely gone.

Although Walter wasted no time at all in contacting the authorities, this turned out to be an utterly fruitless task, since the only thing the responding officers could suggest to the irate and worried rancher was that perhaps a big cat was responsible and was still on the loose. And, while this was certainly a major cause for alarm and a matter they would most definitely look into, it what not, technically speaking, a crime that required the attention of officialdom.

So, a wholly dissatisfied Walter decided to take matters into his own hands and elected to embark upon a night-time vigil, in the hope that the beast might return and he, Walter, would have the opportunity to blow the creature’s head clean off its shoulders and put an end to the matter before it risked spiraling wildly out of control.

Thus it was that at roughly 2.00 a.m. four days later, and while dutifully scanning the field with a night-scope that was attached to his high-powered gun, Walter became frozen with fear when he caught sight of a large, hairy figure striding across the field. Around seven feet in height, very muscular and dark, it had the body of a man, yet the face, the ears and the muzzle of what looked like a large German shepherd dog or a wild wolf. Rooted to the spot, Walter didn’t even think to fire his gun. Rather, he simply watched, dumbstruck with fear, as the beast covered the width of the field very quickly and vanished into the trees that bordered his property.

Rather ominously, only a short time later, and in the same exact spot where he first noticed the diabolical wolf-man, Walter found in the grass the small, stone, carved head of a large-fanged monster with slits for eyes and flared nostrils. To this day, Walter is convinced that occultists were secretly at work his field, engaged in some unholy rite or ritual, and had quite literally conjured up the beast from another realm of existence. Now, he believes, the beast is wildly on the loose in our world, free of its previous moorings, and prowling the woods and fields of Texas in search of yet more tasty morsels of the cattle kind.

And, given that Walter was there and we were not, who are we to argue with him?

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  • Linda Rutter

    Be warned, this happens if you take too much black powder….you’ll frighten the other gym members….   😉 xx  Linda from Lancashire UK.  Absolutely brilliant show, love it. 

  • Spoon

    Great story Nick!

    Did Walter ever have another sighting? Had there been documented cult activity in the area? What about Bigfoot activity? Chupacabra?

    I’ve really taken to the theory, that I believe I first heard from you, that many of the sightings like this happen when two or more dimensions cross or bump into one another for a short time.

    I hope our dimension doesn’t bump into the werewold dimension too often! 

  • Nick_redfern

    Hey Spoon:

    No, he never did experience anything weird. However, the entire area around Paradise is odd. Only literally a 10 minute drive away is the Texan town of Aurora – infamous for the alleged UFO crash and “alien body in the cemetery” story of 1897.

    Also, a local woman put together a DVD on Mothman type sightings in the area around Paradise a few years ago. And there’s a longstanding story of a large black cat in the area too! So there’s lots of weirdness going on there.

    To the best of my knowledge there have not been any Bigfoot or Texas Chupacabra reports in Paradise. But, the woods surrounding the nearby town of Decatur have had reports of Bigfoot. And bodies of the so-called Texas Chupacabra have been found within about an hour’s drive of the town.

  • Nick_redfern


    I meant to say, he didn’t experience anything weird after the werewolf encounter. It was literally just a one-time thing.

  • Nick_redfern


    No, I’m not aware of any cult activity in the area, and admittedly this was just Walter’s theory/assumption, based upon finding the head. But, even though there’s no evidence, his theory does have some logic to it.

  • Guyinthecardboardbox

    I would say that this was a bear,but last time I checked, Bears are nowhere to be found in Texas. I am a little intrigued to see if this thing was a Native American or Demonic Spirit, or is it an actual person. What do you guys think?

  • Anonymous3567

    This surprisingly makes sense, but I’m just now hearing of dimensions like the one full of werewolves that you mentioned in the comment. Please explain the dimension thing and what kinds there are likely to be?…

    And how am I just realizing it’s been past 4 years now since ya commented, man I forget to fully check out stuff… So I would fully understand if no one replies to this at all xD


    Wow! This is why I love M.U. Strange indeed.