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Bizarre Spaceship-like Object Found at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

On June 19, 2011, a group of maritime fortune hunters, while engaged in the harrowing pursuit of retrieving sunken treasure from Baltic shipwrecks got a sonar hit of a strange circular object located 285-feet (87-meters) below the surface of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland.

According to the report, the team was searching for shipwrecks full of profitable booty — in this case alcohol, which can be sold for a massive profit at auction — when three of the nine member crew spied the almost unbelievable image on the sonar screen; an image which may well be the first step toward one of the most phenomenal discoveries of the 21st Century.

Peter Lindberg — the leader of the Swedish Ocean Explorer team that discovered the unusual object in the depths of the Baltic — claimed that the as yet unidentified “thing” forms a perfect circle and is almost 197-feet (60-meters) in diameter. In his own words:

“You see a lot of weird stuff in this profession, but during my 17-18 years as a professional I have never seen anything like this. Shape, completely round the circle, makes this unique… all I know is that I’ve seen anything down there that is solid — stone, concrete or steel — and that is completely round.”

It goes without saying that this revelation has set the ufological world abuzz. Could this finally be it? Does the world finally have within its grasp tangible, concrete proof that we are being visited by aliens of unknown extraction who are piloting hyper-technological crafts in Earth’s airspace… and possibly below it?

The Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet,” in an article titled “Mysterious circles in the Baltic Sea,” claimed that the unexplained object showed signs of having moved across the seabed. These excerpts have been translated from the article:

“Next to the circle is a 300 meter long slide track — as if the circle has traveled across the seabed before it has settled.”

Could this almost 1000-foot slide track be evidence that this object plummeted into the sea and came to a friction-forced halt as anything plummeting from the sky at tremendous velocity might? Or this another example of the many enigmatic USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects) that have been so often reported around the waterways of the Scandinavian countries.

In fact, as recently as April 13th, 2011, a Swedish family by the name of Harge snapped photos from their beachfront property in Saltsjöbaden of a huge — and as yet unidentified — submarine-like object that apparently slipped through the Stockholm archipelago. The Harges also claimed that they: “…got the feeling that there was something very large under the surface.”

The head of the family diligently alerted the Armed Forces about the 328-foot (100-meter) object that observers said floated up to 3-feet (1-meter) above the waterline. Philip Simon, Press Officer on the Swedish Armed Forces, stated that possible violations of Swedish territory are always taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. While there is no evidence whatsoever that these two incidents are even remotely connected, it bears mentioning that citizens and the military of this region has had numerous run-ins with USO and so-called “phantom submarines.”

Whether or not this object proves to be of natural or extraterrestrial origin, according to expedition member, Dennis Åsberg, there is the possibility that the debris was dumped there by another nation such as Russia or Germany. According to (a roughly translated) Åsberg:

“Germans have been there, the Russians have been there, dumped a huge, yes. It is not inconceivable.”

If this is military or industrial refuse from one of these or another nation then two questions remain; how long has it been there and what the heck is it?

Could this be one of those infamous Nazi flying saucers that was ordered scuttled by the Third Reich high command before the Allies could get their hands on the technology? Probably not, but the thought is intriguing.

Andreas Olsson, a marine archaeologist at the National Maritime Museums in Sweden, studied the pictures of this circular object, but claimed that she required more information to be able to determine what it is.

That having been acknowledged, Lindberg and his team have evidently ruled out the possibilities. According to Aftonbladet”

“… they rule out theories that there is a depth bomb or mine from the First World War — or a symmetrical [algae] bloom… the most likely scenario is still that there is a natural ground formation.”

Since images of this perplexing circular object have made their way around the web, many have come forward with the notion that this potential “crashed UFO” bears an uncanny resemblance to Han Solo’s sweet intergalactic ride the legendary Millennium Falcon. Maybe they’re closer to the truth than they know.

So while Lindberg and the rest of Swedish Ocean Explorer team are going to continue the hunt for valuable bottles of submerged champagne the only question that remains is who will be the first to uncover the origins of this inexplicable object… and will whomever does plumb the depths of the Baltic to collect her mysteries divulge the secrets they uncover?

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  • DonsonDK

    Wow, wonder why they dont send a camera or a sub down there, its fantastic.Wish I had the money, and I’d be down there in a flash, no matter what it is its never seen before

  • Yeah, it was a joke, that was an error in the dialogue of “Star Wars.”

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like he’s already prepared to find out what’s down there, maybe even already seen it up close. The end of this video says he’s looking for private investors, probably because it’s most likely a geologic formation and the geologic/archaeological communities are betting on this, for closer looks and then they show him getting into a submersible, so he might’ve already been down there and seen… The Milleniuuuuuum Faaaaalcoooooonnnn! 

  • Anonymous

    computers tied together in a fashion to make them easily transported by inefficiently designed Indian cargo vessels….lol idiot

  • Anonymous

    first plausible answer. My money rests here

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like he’s already prepared to find out what’s down there, maybe even already seen it up close. The end of this video says he’s looking for private investors, probably because it’s most likely a geologic formation and the geologic/archaeological communities are betting on this, for closer looks and then they show him getting into a submersible, so he might’ve already been down there and seen… The Milleniuuuuuum Faaaaalcoooooonnnn! 

  • Illcommunications415

    I am incredibly curious. The volcanic plug theory is probably the most believable but the sheer size and shape of this object coupled with the forced friction landing trench do make for great speculation. A closer look at the last sonar image on shows matching grooves along the top of the disk…I’m no geologist or expert on volcanic ejections but I’ve seen alot of lava rock having lived in Hawaii and symmetry isn’t an attribute I’ve really seen occurring naturally. As this thing does indeed look alot like the Millennium Falcon Im really surprised to see that George Lucas hasn’t ordered an expedition of ILM Imperial frog-stormlawyers down there to “wipe them out…all of them”.

  • LEE


  • Shire

    Not if the Kessel Run is a race set to a predetermined amount of time.

  • It is whats left of the METEOR that created the the Baltic sea, no UFO i am afraid sorry!!!!!

  • D Parry203

    could it be noahs ark

  • Fast20

    It’s a HUGE toilet seat for fat asses!!!

  • Lmelend

    Images such as these do resemble the stuff that Hollywood could only dream about. Could this be from lost civilization from other planets visited? 

  • Dntpromotions

    Who knows what it is. Its only a matter of time. If it is a spaceship, they will probably just make up a story of it being something else. Their is a story of when people a long time ago described seeing these lights in the sky just moving all over the place and one of them has crashed into the ocean. This could be it.  

  • Liwanag_ernie

    hope they continue to explore more

  • sirusDogStar

     To assume were alone in the universe is also short sided

  • Mallory

    Has there been a current update of information about this?

  • Adishambox

    Id like to know more , seems to have gone all quite on the subject

  • To assume is short sighted…

  • Scottstvshop

    coast to coast the radio series interviewed a while back, they were looking to get the funds to possibly go summer of this year, seems there are only so many mos of the year its possible to go I think the guy said. 

  • montygrail13

    well idk… this one was symmetrical? the one from the nasa footage had a notch didnt it?

  • R

    its part of a submarine!

  • has anyone heard anymore about this??

  • J.Griffin

    It’s just as bad to scoff-
    how scientific is that?

    Bias is bias,
    whichever way it leans or falls.

  • Laffingravy

    It looks like the Millenium Falcon!

  • willilam Griffin

    i agree with Henson. my guess is some natural formation or possibly
    a meteor which struck the surface at a very low angle before there was a
    Baltic Sea.. skidded along the ground and came to a stop. and later the

    sea rose one hundred or more feet to its present depth ? should not be hard to get some rock samples and determine the iron content ? uff da!!!

  • Starance

    Sorry to say but too many right angles… best guest, possibly some sort of ancient structure. Or, something else.

  • Gary

    That was my exact thought ha!

  • A.b

    With new discovery to a 4000 yr old tablet dicipherd I’m gonna say it may be Noah’s ark

  • fanatic1990

    all i see is a circle.. if it was anything more i’m sure someone would of went and explored it… if it was i who found it, i would of straight been in there. not taking pictures and showing everyone… 2011 and nothing has been done? what a croc of shit

  • Brenda Eiler

    I am certain it is a ufo. If not why is the Swedish Navy around the area? Come on now people wake up. They have been here a very long time now.

  • Mitzi Crawford

    It is perfectly round. It is the size of 3 football fields and made of metal. The Ocean-X ship examing it lost power 1 electrical thing at a time. Their robo-diver quit and they could not figure out what was wrong w/it either. Sorta like the Bermuda Triangle. Every time the Ocean-X goes near it they have electrical equipment failures. Plus the Swedish Navy follows them w/ war ships everytime they go near the object. Now go figure.