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MU Nexus 2011 Special – Part 2

Strap yourself in as we cover another day of Nexus mayhem.

We learn about the plan to prevent the weaponization of space (and Aaron’s plans to do the exact opposite) and we hear all about what happens when we die. Basically… We get to watch movies.

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Sacred Geometry

Peace in Space

Life after Death


  • Flying_Squirrel

    Perfect conclusion! Btw, what’s the name of that ill ass song at the end of the show?

  • Flying_Squirrel

    Neeeevermind! Found it. Been meaning to ask you since i’ve heard the word “hologram” being thrown around but have you guys heard of the research done by Stanislav Grof? :X

  • Just
    finished listening to your discussion of Barry Eaton’s presentation,
    particularly your insistence that there MUST be some kind of hell. I very
    strongly disagree and here’s why.

    First a detour about God. I think that God utterly beyond human comprehension,
    and even this label ‘God’ is just a linguistic device that allows us to talk
    about that which created the universe and indeed all existence. This ‘God’ has
    always existed and stands outside of time, space, and every other human
    construct. Okay, back to my main point.

    Since the world is rational, that is
    explicable in terms of science, then the only God I could imagine would have to
    be hyper-rational  and such a God would have no need for a ‘place’ or
    condition such as hell. The idea is so preposterously absurd that it cannot be
    of God.

    If I think of the universe, I just
    can’t conceive of how massive, varied, and mysterious it is. Thus, if one
    admits to the existence of a God, this God would have to be greater that Its
    creation, and so why would such a God have a need to punish and damn little
    creatures like us, for our petty little sins? It just doesn’t make sense.

    On the podcast you referenced the maniac
    in Norway and asked how does he pay for that? I say that this idea that he must
    pay is a very human impulse that stems from our own self-righteous needs and
    our insecurities.

    I agree to a point in Mr Eaton’s
    description of the after-life, particularly what happens to those so-called ‘bad
    people’, but I think, based on your explanation, that he is casting it the best
    possible (New Age) light when actually the process be more complex.

    Consistent with Mr Eaton’s suggestion
    that every thought and action are stored, I believe that upon passing to the
    next life or world that we are shown both our life and our potential (what are
    life could have been) with a large disparity between the two being our idea of hell. Ultimately
    the souls of those individuals who killed, whether it be 90, 6 million, or many
    more, will be healed; how long that healing takes would be proportionate to the
    severity of one’s crimes and bad deeds.

    In our current human state, we
    have the ability to believe and/or justify all sorts of heinous nonsense, but I
    believe that during process of viewing past deeds, this ‘ability’ is stripped
    away, making it utterly impossible to hide behind self-serving, delusional justifications.
    Thus, the weight of one’s past deeds will feel significant indeed and so this
    healing process that Mr Eaton noted may take many millennia in our terms.

    I don’t believe in reincarnation and
    here is why. In the conventional view of reincarnation, the reasons for
    retuning are given as ‘to learn some lesson’. If that is the case, then how is
    it just that one returns with no memory of those past bad deeds? Furthermore,
    if an excess of bad karma on the karma balance sheet leads one to be reborn in
    a lower state, how does this help one learn? Returning as a cockroach with no
    idea as to why one is a cockroach would seem to teach nothing.

    Having said that, I don’t want to
    reject outright the testimony of those people who claim to have experienced ‘past
    lives’, I just believe they are experiencing the events of another person’s
    life. The reason for this, I don’t know. Perhaps there is a lesson there.
    Perhaps the process is similar to leaving the body during the dream state.

    Anyway, a discussion for another time.  I believe that the staging area that Mr Eaton
    posited is there to prepare ‘souls’ for what is next, but that this next life
    is neither physical nor does it happen on earth. I also agree that while in
    this staging area one can create one’s own reality, including the reality of ‘hell’
    when one realizes the depth of their error. So, murderers and the like are not ‘getting
    off easy’, but they are also not being punished in conventional and very
    limited human terms.

  • Wanted to add this separately. At the end of this discussion, Aaron mentioned something akin to helping one’s neighbor is more important than worrying about raising one’s vibration/frequency/whatever (also have no idea what this really means) and I completely agree; there is in my book no higher station than to be of service to others. Do that and the next life will take care of itself.