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Episode 607 – Mysterious Universe

MU Allstar Nick Redfern returns behind the mic this week to discuss his research into “The Real Men in Black” and their decades of intimidation.

We also feature an update on the Erickson Project with a new Sasquatch image leaked, messages from the deceased, and killer ravens in the UK.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

Nick Redfern

The Real Men in Black

Nick’s MU Posts


RIP Budd Hopkins

Zoo Animals Sense Earthquake in Advance

Attack of the killer ravens

Millions of unseen species fill Earth

Erickson Project Photo of a Female Sasquatch?

Is the sasquatch out there?

The Erickson Project

Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

UFO splits into two objects over Kansas City, Missouri

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Channelling Eric

Bigfoot and Other “Mythical” Creatures

Loch Ness search for mysterious balloon-like object

Terror of the Evil Little Man — Part Three

Scientists Propose Spacecraft To Save Earth From Asteroid Apophis In 2036

Russian Spaceship Fails to Reach Orbit

Russia plans orbiting hotel in space


Eskmo – Amphibian (Glitter-Mix) via ReqEffect

Icicle – Galacticstep via EARMILK

Killawatt – Shakuhachi via EARMILK

Stimming & David August – Sexy Biest via Pejhy

Welder – Run via EARMILK

Bantum – Slide via Stop The Lights

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  • If you stay at a American Space Hotel you would have to pay millions.
    If you stay at a Russian Space Hotel it would be falling apart.
    If you stay at a Chinese Space Hotel you would have the choice of staying at an American or Russian knock off. 

  • untsun

    Hearing about the ravens and the mention of the ones in Japan using the railway tracks to crack open nuts it reminded me of some other ravens in japan that have taken things a step further – they have worked out that if they push the button at the pedestrian crossing the cars stop and then they can put the nuts on the road, when the nut has been crushed they push the button again and go eat! I believe there are some youtube videos of this…

  • Mick

    Where are the photos of the Men In Black?

  • In the book.

  • Oshrom

    I would like to throw in my two-scents on tulpas. Modern day occultists refer to these creatures as thought-forms or servitors. The majority are created accidentally, usually related to traumatic experiences, though some are created with a specific purpose.