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Episode 408 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Psychedelic guidebooks, magnetic morality, and healing with sound feature on this weekend’s Plus+ exclusive. 

We take a look at cases of poisonous Jelly Rain and its connections to biological warfare.

Read on for show notes, books, and very confusing videos.

Scientist Locked in Sealed Room with Plants

See-through Solution

Human Jelly Babies…

Magnetic Influence

Medical Music

Beware the Blob

Poison Rain

Biological Warfare Evidence

Nike Back to the Future Shoes


The Greek Mystique’s Final Animal



Mecca:83 – Love Story via MOOVMNT

SBTRKT – Golddigger via DrownedinSoundcloud

TEETH – Flowers (Brassica Remix) via Slutty Fringe

Retrotation – Videogames And Orchestras ‘N Dubstep Stuff


  • Red Pill Junkie

    I do recommend reading ‘The Key’. Regardless of whether the actual encounter with that mysterious visitor happened or not, there are a lot of pearls of wisdom in that text.

  • JahaRa

    I don’t think Whitley Strieber’s visit with the man he calls the Master of the Key could be classified as a men in black story.  It doesn’t seem to fit with the usual men in black, just because he was wearing black doesn’t make it the same.

  • Soylent Green is people!

  • stonehead204

    Mr Whitney Strieber sent me an Personally signed copy of his book ” THE KEY ” Waiting til my close/ coming short stay/ I HOPE /  in the V.A. Hospital to read it.! Also got an  1 of his book covers he sells on his Web-Site Personally signed also.! Really nice guy.!!

  • Annettemarie43

    am at a loss as to what, if anything, Canadians have done to earn Ben’s ire… please explain.
    I understand the rivalry between NZ and AU, but Canada?  c’mon, Ben, what gives?  And do I have to cancel my plus membership to support my country?

  • Annettemarie43

    well that explains EVERYTHING – and now I know it all, I shall go save the world…  no clue other than that, eh?

  • If they said he was wearing jeans, I would have said it was a midget Steve Jobs visiting…

  • Jeff N.

    I hate to come down on Ben & Aaron in any way, but I found the majority of the subject matter to be less than mysterious. 

    When the lights are off, I’m cozy under the covers, and I hear a faint scratching noise in the room I’m not at all scared a gelatin dessert is under my bed

  • You should be.