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Black-Eyed Kids in North Dakota

A knock on Paul’s front door pulled him from work. He stood from the desk in his home office in a small North Dakota town and walked downstairs.

He didn’t find what he expected on that April 2011 day.

“I found a young boy who appeared to be about 16 or 17 standing on my front porch,” Paul said.

The thin teenager wore almost threadbare corduroy pants and dress shirt that hung off his body; black, unkempt hair hung lifelessly around his face.

“He asked me about a Chevy Tracker that I had sitting in front of my garage with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it,” Paul said. “He spoke very clearly and slowly in a rather monotone voice. It was like he was trying to force his words to make a point to me. He never said anything threatening, he only asked me to tell him about the vehicle.”

But there was something odd about the boy that set Paul on edge.

“I felt uneasy from the get-go, but proceeded to tell give him details about the Chevy,” Paul said. Talking about the vehicle, Paul tried to figure out why the boy’s presence set his nerves afire –he discovered why. “I noticed his eyes were jet black. They had no pupils or irises. I was taken back immediately.”

At that moment, Paul saw the teen wasn’t alone.

“There was a second youth there with him, standing at the end of the walk that leads to my front porch to the front of my garage,” Paul said. The girl stood 15 to 20 feet from him. “She looked to be about the same age or maybe younger. She had blonde hair that also looked unkept, and was wearing an old, faded dress.”

The girl didn’t speak, and she never took a step closer. She just stood at the end of the walk, smiling.

“I couldn’t tell if her eyes were the same as the boy’s, but looking back, it wouldn’t have surprised me if they were,” he said.

Paul just kept talking about the vehicle, on alert, and ready for any sudden movement from either teen.

“After I finished telling the boy about the SUV, he asked me if I could take him for a ride in it,” Paul said. “Again, I felt very uneasy and said that I was busy. The boy again asked if I could just take him for a ride so he could see how it worked. Again, I declined.”

The boy kept asking for a ride, alone with Paul.

“During that time, I never once mentioned the price of the vehicle, and he never asked about it,” Paul said. “He only continued to ask that I give him a ride in the Chevy so he could, ‘see how it worked.’ Those were his exact words.”

After a few minutes of pleading, Paul said he had to leave.

“I told him that I was very busy and needed to go, and I then slammed the door shut and locked it,” he said. “It wasn’t until I went into the kitchen to get myself a drink that I realized how scared I was.”

Paul’s hands shook so badly he couldn’t open a can of soda. After a few minutes, he began to relax, took a drink, and called his wife.

“I told her what had happened,” he said. “While I was on the phone, I looked outside to see if the boy and his girlfriend were still there looking over the SUV, but they were gone.”

Paul eventually asked his neighbors if they had seen the teenagers, but none of them had, nor had they seen them in the area before – and Paul hoped it stayed that way.

  • I know this is foolish to say, but I kinda want to meet a black-eyed-kid. Maybe because in all the stories, no one is ever hurt, only scared. Or did I miss a story

  • Anonymous

    Reminded me of a guy I know. He’d recently been diagnosed with pschizophrenia and his medication still being sorted out so his mood was varying.
    I was sitting next to him one day, I forget where and I said something in conversation to him. He didn’t reply, just looked at me as though he didn’t know who I was. Something made me feel uneasy, his attitude was one thing then I realised that his eyes were completely pupil-less.
    I suppose it was a mood swing from his affliction combined with an effect of medication but still it was a creepy experience. Just thought I’d mention it.

  • Christopher Rose

    Another great story Jason. Im so glad you are writing for MU. I live in England and have just read your ‘Darkness Walks, The Shadow People Among Us’… amazing.

    Hey Ingrid, it seems nobody gets hurt because their natural instinct tells them to get away. Maybe, the ones that dont get away, dont get to tell their story!? I completely understand what you mean though.

  • That Kid clearly has red eyes. 

    Just giving you a hard time. Good write-up.  But the picture reminds me of glowing red-eyed Native American soul sucker stories of local legend that used to keep me up at summer camp!

  • nice read 🙂

  • Tery G

    No one is ever hurt because they refuse to give these kids what they want. I would like to know what happens when these kids are allowed to go into the house or car. The curiosity is killing me.

  • Raindog951

    I know what you mean. I’d probably let them in to see what happens! It could be a ‘learning experience’! From all I’ve read about Occult matters there probably isn’t a physical danger, only a mental one….Which might be bad enough….. 

  • Luis L

    That’s the Guy from the band Disturbed lol, just kidding.

  • Jontonian

    To those who are curious of what happens when a person lets in a BEK. Their is actually one story out there on the net. There was a women who let two boys come in to use the phone. When inside one of the boys acted like he was making a call., the other was in the middle of the hallway. Then the boy looked at her and said something like in a evil manner “it is time for you to come with us” looking up with those eye’s. The BEK thought they had her trapped.The lady luckily ran through a cross room and bolted out the window to her neighbors. She called her husband and he came so they could go back to the house. The BEK were gone. Of course there is a lot more detail, I am at work I will try and find which sites have it, when I get to my files. Peace..

  • MrBluu

    These BEK need to work on their spiel.  Seems they get shut down all the time.  Maybe they should turn into hot chicks, or track down pedophiles or something.

  • Jontonian

    I now have the story in front of me. I was at work earlier and did not have access to my files. The story is intense. He or She let two of them in. You will have to just read the story to get all the detail. I have what they said to her and they said they had been (sent ) to (collect ) her. She escapes, but their is a lot more to it, here is where I found it. I was off some form earlier description. It has been along time since I read it. Go check it out and give some thoughts ! – HD message board. Topic Beks (black eyed kids) /  posted October 8th 2005 by ben bubble.

    It is the only case I have read where they were let in and what happened. The person was not killed, but went through a terrifying experience.  Just to those who are curious… I know I am.

    Thanks Jason for the article….keep them coming please.


  • mxyzptlk

    These are fun stories, but I can’t help but wonder if we’re seeing the initial growth of a new urban legend or folk tale rather than anything sincerely sinister, and if there aren’t some shady kids who are simply playing on that new legend by trying to recreate it.

    A few years ago I had some wacky vision problems and looked into an occluder contact lens. I looked for a black one that both blacked out my vision and would signal to others who knew that I couldn’t see that day. Turns out there are black-out lenses available for both therapeutic and costume purposes. For $30 you can get a blackout contact lens that covers the iris, and for about $100 you can get costume black  sclera lenses that black out the entire eyeball.

    In the dark, kids wearing the $30 costume lenses may look like they have entirely black eyes, especially if the reporter is made nervous by the kids. But if the kids pool some cash, have a nice allowance, or just have an after school job and no real expenses, the $100 for the lenses that cover everything isn’t too much to ask — kids will spend that much on clothes, alcohol, weed and gas in a week.

    So although these stories are fun, they just seem to me more like a legend in the making than something to really be concerned about.

    Black iris lens:

    Black sclera lens:

  • Ophu


  • Mncle

    Did you actually talk to this guy?  I think I read a story like this on another website, but it never mentioned the guy’s name. 

  • Great fan of MU

    Well, I know there are contact lenses like this, that covers the entire eye (including the white area), it’s been used in some movies – “Century of the Storm” is one.

  • DonaldFrump

    These stories often sound like some high kids just wandering around being high.
    Stoned, wasted, whatever you call it where you live. In the posted story, I imagine
    the kid was either trying to sell or buy some pot. The repetition of the question is in line with someone who is stoned. This story doesn’t bother me. Some I have heard have definitely bothered me. 

  • Lisa Falour

    I had an experience with a black eyed person in 2010 in France.  This was an American guest who stayed with me for two months.  I had known him for a few decades but not well.  During his visit it came to light that he is sick.  At several points during his time here, just while talking to him, his eyes went completely black.  I have no idea how I stayed calm and kept talking to him.  Later, I talked to him about this, and he said, “No way!”  This guy is a drifter and it turns out a rapist, and has also been a kidnapping victim.  It might very well be that his problems are fully physical, sociological and psychiatric in nature, but he kept trying to have sex with me and he destroyed my home, breaking everything, damaging everything.  He couldn’t even close the door.  He was a menace.  I began to think not so much that he is possessed, but very messed up somehow.  I am a former sex industry worker and very accustomed to meeting strange people.  I am always able to keep things calm and friendly.  This guy needs help.  He is now back in the USA, I took him to doctors, I gave him money, I spoke to the FBI and the police in the USA about him, his one family member, and he is missing.  Until anyone has seen anyone with totally black eyes, they cannot understand how scary this is.  It happened several times here, under different lighting.  Again, I have no idea how I kept my cool.  It is terribly frightening.  Are they possessed, or is this a medical condition, or our problem in perception?

  • Bum

    Cool story bro.

  • Blackmeddle

    They were obviously high.your pupils look huge and convesations are akward.they were gonna try to get a ride.its an old trick.

  • 77Liontree

    Coricidin cough and cold pills when one takes to many causes that. The chemical dextromethrophan is the chemical that makes the high. Maybe just tripping and bored? Anythings possible it seems though?

  • There’s already a documentary about these BEK. It’s set to music but it documents a BEK encounter on tape.

  • Somebody who is high on opiates like heroin have tiny pupils (pinned). 

  • Rexxo

    There’s no stories about ones who let them in because they didn’t live to tell the tale–or maybe they in turn were also turned into BEKs. HAHA.

  • Hi guys, im a paranormal investigator researching the BEK’s. Im looking to get in touch with people who have had a similar experience. contact me on

  • Deannaparlsey

    There is a local girl in my community, who was born without iris’s.  Its a rare condition.  She has to wear glasses and sunglasses when she is out in the light.
      But, I am picking up this may be a half/bread. 
    They are gifted in both decent lines, so their skills are unknown. 
    Wise listening to yourself.

  • Gtmerkley

    My great grandmother had the black eye’s. she was from the Swiss alps from a town of Allschwil. She was reported to have been an excellent shot with a rifle when she wanted to do something she would not take no for an answer. the black eyes were the predominant fetcher and her small size maybe 5 foot. she had to see how everything worked she was born in the mid 1860’s and died in the early 1900’s so this is not a new thing. The black eyes were not passed on to any of her kids. 

  • Kbouki

    is it possible that this man had been abducted instead of kidnapped?  it could be that he is messed up because of weird alien implants and stuff…  I’ve seen the so-called men in black and I know there are weird things out there… be careful…

  • Hopefully, this is just made up stuff cause I would freak out if I experienced these so-called “BEKs.



  • ChickenNoodles

    There are real-world people, like your great-grandmother, who have black eyes, and it makes me sad to think that people that are like her might be discriminated against because of the BEK legends. She seemed like an interesting woman.

  • Seriously?

    That’s really cute. You’ve clearly never seen a stoned person. Their eyes DO NOT turn ALL BLACK WITH NO WHITE. That doesn’t happen. That’s not even a reasonable flippant response. Pot does not make your eyes black, as I’d assume most people know. Your comment bothers me more than this story.

  • Lgonzales

    im a black eyed kid

  • Ebenserpo7

    I’m a pear eyed species

  • KelseyCol

    yes, or just a skrillex music video…

  • Lo

    this is different,your grandmother had the white part showing,not full black eyes with no white

  • Chris

    As far as I can tell from what I’ve read, the very first reported encounter with Black Eyed Kids happened in 1998.  Brian Bethel, who was a newspaper writer at the time, posted a story on a message board about his encounter.  It was at night, near a movie theater.  He was paying the bill for his internet service, and the office for his ISP was by the theater.  As he was sitting in his car and writing a check to leave in the drop box, a couple of kids approached his car.  It was two boys.  They were asking him for a ride, claiming that they needed to go home to get money from their mom to see the movie.  Brian Bethel immediately got a weird feeling that something just wasn’t right about them.  For one thing, they were acting way too confident and demanding for kids their age.  He wasn’t sure exactly how old they were, but he figured they were no more than maybe about 14.  So they were little kids.  But they were very demanding and insisting that they HAD to get in his car.  As a newspaper writer, Brian was used to dealing with the public and talked with kids all the time.  And kids, especially this young, were usually very shy and nervous.  He knew that the way these kids were acting was totally unnatural.  And what kind of kids are going to want to get in a stranger’s car in the middle of the night?  But they kept insisting and pushing him to let them in his car.  He was about to when he noticed their completely black eyes.  He freaked out  (not just because of their eyes, but just an overwhelming sense of dread) and he drove away.

    That’s the earliest detailed report I’ve seen of an encounter with BEK’s.  I suppose it’s possible that to say that all the all the stories about BEKs are urban legends which can be traced back to Brian Bethel’s story.  But you can’t just discount his story that easily.  It’s WAY too detailed and specific.  He described the kids’ clothes, their appearance, everything.  And it’s not the kind of setting for a made up story like this.  I’m still not sure if BEKs are real, but something weird definitely happened.  

  • the collective

    I think these bek stories are good stories but less than 1/3 are true.

  • Niks

    I got a pair of black scleras for just under a hundred dollars last Halloween from Scared some friends and family with it which was great fun, but then I decided to scare some random people on Halloween. While most just laughed it off, one person went ballistic. Let’s just say I will stick to scaring friends and family this Halloween.

    Definitely a fun toy, but keep in mind that some people will react strongly to it.

  • mxyzptlk

    So you’re one example of someone having fun and being mistaken for some kind of interdimensional demon.

    You can’t be the only one.