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Episode 418 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

The danger’s of sleep walking along with some bizarre medial mysteries are explored on this weekend exclusive.

We also investigate TibetanVardøgers and mysterious Tulpas before a lengthy feature on the Min Min Lights from Australia and around the world.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

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Girl Weeps Stones

Medical Mysteries

Tibetan Time-Slips

The Yowies are Real

The Min Min Light Encounter

The Marfa Lights

The Gurdon Lights



Spook, Ghost and Devil Lights from Around the World


A Chinese Lights Encounter

Gargoyle Encounter


Gerry Read – We Are via On the Happy Days

Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me via Regnsky

Stavrogin – Halves via Musigh

Jesse Futerman – Driva’man via 3hive


  • Van

    You asked if hawks could hover.Not in still air, but they can hang stationary in an updraft or headwind.  I’ve seen them hang motionless over hilltops.  Likewise I’ve seen seagulls park without moving a feather, beak into coastal headwinds.  So it’s not hard to imagine a hawk remaining stationary for some time if the conditions were just right.

    But luminous birds? 
    That’s a serious problem.

    Great episode, as always!

  • Paul

    I went to college in Arkadelphia, Arkansas (that is a real place, not made up), which is near Gurdon.  Going to look for the Gurdon Lights was a popular activity among couples, b/c it’s spooky and remote, and that encourages making out.  There was a closed-up old dorm, haunted by the ghost of a girl who’d hung herself in the dumbwaiter after being stood up by a beau, which served the same purpose.  Good times.

  • Thanks for the link! Will be adding yours to my blog 🙂