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Episode 420 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

On this Plus+ Episode of Mysterious Universe, we find out why it’s not a good idea to go Yowie hunting by yourself.

Also, it turns out a brain injury can be a good thing for some and discover that clowns can improve your fertility!

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No End of the World in 2012

Hollywood Producers “Proof” of UFOs

Yowie Attack!

The Harlequin Returns

An Disturbing Encounter

An Esoteric Guide to the Australian Capital Territory

The Amazing Results of Brain Injuries

The Woman Who Cannot Forget


Gang Gang Dance – Chinese High (GG REMIX) via Felinno

Carsten Jost – Chateau Jalousie via Blousessydney

Oktaseeyou – Crying Little Girl via Nofearofpop

Orangewood – Dick Daniel via Offtheradarmusic


  • Anonymous

    I agree with Aaron on 2012.  It’s reminiscent of Y2K.  Lot of people are hoping it will happen so they get out of whatever mess they’re in.  Seems kind of strange to me that you’d run up the cards and act like a jerk and expect to ascend to a higher plane…

  • i’m just afraid of “the world’s gonna end so go nuts” riots and mobs happening during 2012..


  • As regards the clown fertility thing, it was discovered years ago that stress in any of the parents lowers fertility, so it’s probably just an evolution thing, logical and dull :-/ but you don’t have to raise your vibrations which is cool. I personally keep my vibrations within medical recommended limits.