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Episode 702 – Mysterious Universe

Reports of bizarre sky sounds and roars dominate the headlines this week with videos and audio recordings coming in from all over the world.

We also feature some highly strange creature encounters in South America, a new Yowie eyewitness comes forward in Australia, and seizure inducing 3D greeting cards from China.

Hit the jump for show notes, music, and video links.

What are these bizarre sounds coming from the sky in countries from Hungary to Canada?

Strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta, New Zealand, Czech Republic and Hungary

UFO Emits Terrifying Sound – Scotland 2012

Rumble in the sky over Samarahan

Creepy Sky Dragon Sound in Malaysia: Jan 11 and 12

Hum, Vibration and Rumble in Costa Rica : Jan 9

Sonic boom shakes north east – eyewitness account

Roaring in the Sky is Not a New Phenomenon: 1851 and 1864

Sounds from the sky: Reflections on historical observations and recent events

High Strangeness: Earth’s Shadow Denizens

Yowie encounters on the NSW South Coast

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Man Trapped In Time Vortex Appears In The Future

Man Trapped In Time Vortex Appears In The Future – Discussion

Reader Submission: Thunderbird Encounters – Illinois / Wisconsin

Reader Submissions: Flying Cryptid Reports

Stick Man in Oklahoma

Strange Dog-human Hybrid

8ft Tall & Distorted

Jun Zhang 2012 Postcard!


heRobust – Facebook Lift

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Ichiro – Baloons [BUY]

Noname – 123Mrk Juno Download (Mp3/WAV)

Objekt – Cactus (HES 019)

Stay with Me – Onra Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)


  • When I was hearing the story about Julio and his ‘imp box’ all I could think of was “Pokemon… from Hell!!” 😉

  • chris

    Hi, I’m an American living in Costa Rica.  Although I didn’t hear the sounds myself I know several people who did.  I also watched the news report and the video that you talked about that was actually from Colorado.  The apparent discrepancy of the video was not really an example of “bad reporting” because the news reporter never claimed the video was from Costa Rica, and in fact they said the real noise was only similar to what was heard in the video.  It was just a a dramatization, probably since they couldn’t find anything better at the time.  I thought I’d like to clarify that.

    I love your show.

  • CEOofBayerAsprin

    Can I hire Jun Zhang to do some design work for me? I see some next level thinking going on there. Decent episode I work part time in an industrial district and it got me thinking how quite it is as I would assume noises like those would be more common too me.

  • Falconernz

    We live near an airport. If the wind is blowing the right way, we hear sounds exactly like those recorded in the NZ video clip.  Even several Kms away we will still sometimes hear the noises.  It’s just a quirk of the way sounds can bounce around hills and valleys and sometimes sound much closer than they really are etc.  There’s no reason to think it’s anything more strange.

    The NZ video also mentions being recorded on the North Shore, which is a district of Auckland, the largest city in the country.  With a busy port, more than one airport, highways, construction sites etc, there are so many potential mundane explanations for this sound that going to anything more outlandish is really unnecessary.  

  • Baconchild18

    What was the song that was used in the intro to this episode?

  •  Scroll up and you’ll see it under “Music”. First one there.

  • ShadowV

    How do you know that Grays not wearing anything? This may be
    there bio outfit … kind of like we have a space suite so we may not even know
    what they are really look like.