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Smiles of the Dangerous Children

Beverly French stepped outside her home November 25, 2008, dragging a box of Christmas lights she and her husband Bill would soon string across the eaves. Bill had taken his box of lights out back.

The French’s had lived in their home, along a cul-de-sac on the outskirts of a small, Northern California town, about 40 years, and owned a general store/gas station in this town of about 2,000 people.

The day, two days before Thanksgiving, was peaceful. That peace did not last.

“I was sitting on the porch with a box of lights at my feet when I heard someone call out to me,” Beverly said.

“Do you need any help?” the voice asked.

Beverly looked up from untangling strings of lights to find two children on the sidewalk in front of her house. She hadn’t noticed them approach, which was unlikely on this quiet dirt road, engine noise and a cloud of dust advertising visitors. What struck her as even more odd, she didn’t know them.

“Our neighbors, all six of them, were good friends of ours and we all looked out for one another,” she said. “Point being, not a single car, person, bike or bird came through that neighborhood that we all didn’t know about.”

One child, a tall girl of about sixteen, was dressed unlike a teenager. She wore slacks, an argyle sweater, overcoat and pearls, with her nearly white hair pulled back from her face. The boy, about ten, had thick, dark hair. He held the girl’s hand.

“She was the one who spoke to me and as I stared, not responding, she spoke again,” Beverly said.

“It looks like you have a lot of work to do,” the girl said, staring unblinking into Beverly’s eyes. “We would like to help you.”

The girl’s voice was confident, polished, “like a radio show host.” This wasn’t the voice of a teenager. A shock of fear ran through Beverly.

“I just felt afraid,” Beverly said. “I had no idea why but these kids unnerved me unlike anything else. I’ve been robbed at gunpoint and even that didn’t make me as quaky as these kids.”

It was the eyes.

“It was something about the way she looked at me,” Beverly said. “It took me a few months after the incident to place where I’d seen that look before but I remembered while watching TV one day. It was the way I see sharks look at their prey. No emotion in their eyes, no motivation beyond hunger, just this cold deadness.”

Beverly knew she had to make these children leave.

“No thanks, you all should run along, I’m fine here,” she said. Then the girl smiled and Beverly thought she might die.

“Beverly, we want to help you. It looks like you have a lot of work to do and you need some help with it,” the girl said.

Owning one of the ten businesses in this small town, Beverly was used to hearing her name come out of all sorts of mouths, but not like this.

“It was creepy as all get out hearing her address me like that,” she said.

“Do I know your parents?” Beverly asked her.

The girl ignored the question. “You should let us help you,” she insisted.

Beverly nearly screamed for her husband who worked on the other side of the house, but something inside her didn’t want these children to know she was terrified.

“I’m fine,” Beverly told her. “Your parents wouldn’t like you being all the way out here. It’s getting dark. You go on home.”

Then the expression on the boy, the quiet, quiet boy, changed. He looked directly at Beverly and smiled.

“It was kind of dazzling, like he was really happy,” Beverly said. “He didn’t say anything to me, he just kept smiling while they both stared through me.”

As she looked at the boy, his smile suddenly grew dark, sinister.

“I felt my hands start to shake,” Beverly said. “He was aggressively chewing on his lower lip.”

After what may have been a few minutes or a few seconds, the girl shrugged and led the boy away. When they disappeared down the street, Beverly dropped to the porch, tears welling in her eyes. The garage door opened, and Bill walked up to her; he was upset as well.

“What’s the matter?” Beverly asked.

“I was working out back and this real tall, black-haired girl comes around the gate and asks me if I need any help,” Bill said.

At first, he thought she may be selling magazines, but she looked too old for that.

“I told her that I was fine and asked what she needed. She told me she needed to help me,” Bill said. “Beverly, I tell you, something about her gave me the creeps. She kept staring at me like she wanted me to do something. I told her to leave and she went out the back gate into the alley.”

Beverly told Bill her story, and they realized these frightening children had no transportation – they had to still be in the neighborhood.

“I hadn’t heard a car or bike,” Beverly said. “How did they get down the road? Walking? No one would come out to our property by foot. It’s just too far off the highway and nothing else is in walking distance.”

They locked their house and got into their car to try and find the threatening strangers, but the children were gone.

“Bill and I drove the road between our cul-de-sac and the main highway four times,” Beverly said. “We even drove up and down the highway for a couple of miles in each direction. We saw no trace of them. At the time, I honestly thought that maybe they were casing houses.”

When the French’s returned home, they reported their encounters to the police, and told their neighbors. Beverly thought this was the last she would see of these strange children, but three days later they came back.

Beverly had just come home from the grocery store and while pulling bags from her car, someone said her name.

“I turned around to see the same two kids as before plus another girl, who I assumed was the one who had spoken with Bill,” she said.

The blonde girl and dark-haired boy wore the same clothes. The new girl, taller than the first, looked to be in her early 20s, her short black hair framing a strikingly pretty face. The young, dark-haired woman stood at the end of Beverly’s drive; the others remained further back.

“Can I help you carry those?” the young woman asked.

This new girl unnerved Beverly more than the younger children.

“This girl had a confidence that I could not believe. It absolutely oozed from her,” Beverly said. “It was like she was laughing at me or superior to me.”

“No thanks,” Beverly said. “Are you all Mormons? If so, I already have a stack of pamphlets in my recycle bin. No use for any more.”

The young woman smiled.

“No, Beverly, we just want to help you,” she said, then held out her hand like she wanted Beverly to shake it. Beverly didn’t move.

“I could see that she was visibly annoyed with that,” Beverly said.

Beverly put her grocery bags on the hood of the car, reached in and triggered the garage door opener, never taking her eyes off these terrifying children.

“I don’t need any help,” she said to them. “I told your two friends that I’m just fine. If you’re looking for a job, try the help wanted pages. You all should run along home.”

Beverly shut her car door, picked up the groceries and began backing into the garage when she noticed something that froze her soul.

“I glanced over at the boy, who was staring at me intently,” she said. “This is when I began to realize there was something else going on. I tell you, this kid’s eyes were solid black. They were the color of asphalt and had no shine to them at all. I felt angry at myself for being afraid and angry at my inability to understand what was going on. I stared at that little boy’s black eyes and wondered how much was going on in the universe that I didn’t know about.”

Beverly knew she was in danger. Maybe the young woman felt the fear inside Beverly; she took a few bold steps forward. As this eerie woman stepped closer, the urge to sit rushed through Beverly, “like suddenly I had no energy.”

Drawing as much strength as she could find, Beverly remained on her feet. The young woman didn’t move closer, but when Beverly looked back at the blonde girl, the child’s eyes, like the boy’s, had darkened into dull black voids.

“Although I was quite unnerved, I will admit that I wondered if they had put in contact lenses or were playing some kind of a trick on me,” Beverly said. “I hadn’t yet given in to thinking this was a paranormal experience. I did think that I was potentially the victim of a clever robbery, although they made no motions to take anything from me.”

“I want you to leave,” Beverly said to the young woman and the two monstrous children. “I want you to leave and I never want you to come back. I want you to get off my property or I’m going to call the police again.”

The young woman smiled again, sending more chills through Beverly. This person’s eyes weren’t black like the children, they were an icy blue.

“She nodded like she thought what I said was cute, the way you nod at a child telling a story,” Beverly said. “I am not a violent woman but I felt this rush of hatred toward her and, I’ll admit, I toyed with the idea of attacking her.”

As this ran through Beverly’s mind, the young woman slowly shook her head, like she could hear Beverly’s thoughts.

“You don’t want to do that, Beverly. You should really think first,” the ominous young woman said. “Some people don’t realize that other people are just trying to help them. It makes me really sad that these people who refuse help have no idea what they’re missing. You’re going to regret this.”

The woman stared deeply into Beverly’s eyes for an uncomfortably long time. Then she turned and walked down the gravel road toward the highway, the two children close behind her. When the three were out of sight, Beverly bolted inside the house, locked the doors, and called the police.

“I didn’t really know what to say, except that I thought a group of kids was casing houses,” she said. “I had no proof of this and although the officer I spoke with was very polite, I could tell that nothing more would come of it. I didn’t mention the black eyes.”

Beverly never saw those children again, but they weren’t through with her.

“Later that afternoon I began to feel ill,” she said. “I had a horrible migraine and spent the day in bed.”

Her sleep was wracked by dreams of those children with their dead, black eyes.

“I wrote this all off as stress but I was still sick the next day – and the next,” she said. “I figured I just had the flu or a cold, but my dreams were getting really intense. I even started to imagine I was seeing the two kids wherever I went.”

Nausea, fever, and rashes plagued Beverly for two weeks. Fear gripped her tightly, and she refused to leave the house without Bill or a neighbor accompanying her.

“I hated the idea of pulling up to my driveway and seeing those kids again,” she said. “I did eventually get well but I never forgot my meeting with these people. I continued to have vivid, frightening dreams for close to six months.”

Bill and Beverly eventually sold their house and moved to a larger town, but the memories of the wicked children followed them.

“I was relieved to not have to look at my home and remember my experience with those kids,” she said. “I have no idea to this day what they were or what they wanted.”

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  • FalseParadigm

    The feeling of fear, the thought of flight or fight, an unexplained appearance and disappearance, and as always, a question “Can I help?”, “Can I come in?”, “Can I get a lift?” 

    It sounds like a relationship I had a few years back 😛 

    But on a more serious note, I’m curious to know whether anyone has ever documented an encounter with more than three Black eyed Kids at the same time? 

  • Errorblaster

    Every culture in the world has stories such as these in one form or another, it is obvious that the black eyes reveal that this is paranormal. The 3 children was only an appearance based on shape-shifting by demonic forces. If either of them would have welcomed their help things could have been worse then they were. There is only one way of getting rid of those demonic forces, it is by way of calling Jesus Christ or his true name in the Hebrew or Aramaic which is Yeshua. I have heard of many cases such as this and if you were to open the pages of the Bible in Ephesians 6:12 we are told that we struggle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers that control this world. The good news is that they have been defeated. It took place on Calvary almost 2,000 years ago when Yeshua died on the cross and rose as predicted in Isaiah 53. These powers have been defeated and they are desperate because their time is almost up and Yeshua = Jesus is coming back soon to take his people away.

  • Rainbowcrab

    This is beyond freaky! If you ever see any kids like this- surround yourself with white light and get away from them fast!

  • Peace Frog

    Id let them help me just to see what would happen, could be aliens to save you from 2012


    Too much demonic energy about……children also have a need to hve power and control,and the dark side is too easily avaliable to them….

  • White RAbbit

    I’m curious as to what would happen should someone refuse them entry but question them as to their motives and identities.  Would they respond or would they continue to offer help/seek shelter/ whatever it is they do?

  • Bravo410

    and if you say “Bloody Mary” three times in the dark…

  • Spookchild

    It is chilling to think that we have never had a story from anyone who actually let them inside the house. You know there are people out there less strong, more fearful, that would have done as they had asked. All these stories floating around, but they are only from the people strong enough to push back and send the kids away.

  • Duder

    In the new MU free edition is a story about a woman’s mom who let black eyed kids in. Check it out.

  • Thundralight

    they do make black contact lenses that look this way

  • Zaria

    I’ve seen a youmg man whose eyes turned black. It was at auto accident scene. He had just rammed someone and killed them on purpose. When the police were cuffing him he turned and looked at me. I saw those eyes and he said to me, “i know you,” and he lunged towards me. It really scared me.

  • Lidrora

    My Soon-To-Be-Ex’s eyes used to turn black, especially when he was ticked-off at me about some minor infraction. I actually have a Christmas picture in which his eyes (in the photo) literally look as black as asphalt. Why? Because he didn’t want to have a (prearranged) family photo made. Thank God, I am now in the process of divorcing him and getting away from those dead eyes and that heartless soul. I always knew he was either an alien or evil incarnate.

  • Shivers , these ARE the scariest stories , just like the b.e.k  freaky !!

  • Anonymous

    thats because the ones who let them in dont live to tell about it……..

  • blip

    I think its your faith in the power of christ that gives you the power to repel them.  One such as myself simply believes they have the power within themselves to repel demonic advances.  Though i am quick to thank god for making me as strong as i am.

  • Deborah Anne Hart

    Whoa, that’s a truely scary story indeed! The scariest part is when I think that if it would have been me, I would have probably let them “help” me! Yikes!

  • Deborah Anne Hart

    Awesome story, scary but not gory!

  • Whatever

     Pics or it didn’t happen.

  • damon

    my eyes change color with my emotions, many people have commented on that.  when i’m feeling especially loving, they change from blue to green.  when i’m feeling especially angry or hateful, the change from blue to silver.  and sometimes my pupils dilate to the point they appear black.  my facial features change, too, and i appear guant and evil.  i’ve caught glimpses a few times, in a mirror, and the change was so pronounced that it startled me enough that i jumped away a half step.  when i look like that, noboby i know will talk to me or even look my way.  that happens only when someone i love is being abused or is in immediate danger because of another’s actions – like flipping a rage switch.  so exceptionally rare anymore, like once in several years.  when i was a teenager in an abusive home environment, it was pretty common.   i’m not a shapeshifter, demonic entity, or whatever’s described by the creepy black-eyed kids in this story.  just writing this to explain to the naysayers that whether you believe in the paranormal or not it’s perfectly within the realm of the human to exhibit these overwhelming, powerful, and frightening characteristics. 

  • I was married to the oldest one for seventeen years.

  • iris

    I know that faith in a higher power helps. I was confronted twice by demonic beings.  They were very real and I have a witness to one event.  Anyhow, I won’t go into details, but calling out to God made them run away immediately.  They were very scared when I called out for God to help me.  Since I have stared a meditation practice (Falun Gong) I have never seen these evil beings except sometimes in dreams and they are very scared of me and very easily destroyed.  I am never scared of them now.  (“One righteous thought can subdue 100 evils”)

  • Soaronwindiver

    I am intense spiritually strong individual, often times expanding my mind, learning, absorbing. And I have a natural gift to “read” people…body language, eyes, intentions etc. before I go into detail its important to know that BEK’s are NOT people. By looking into a person’s eyes while talking to them, and reading their body language; its possible to understand a person better, and what they’re trying to convey.I am no stranger to the paranormal, being an Indigo Child..And i’m well aware of certain rules such as an entity’s inability to enter your property without invitation. I am also a spiritually curious individual; in more then one occassion making contact with other presences…So when a BEK came to me, my body’s reaction was uncondtional fear…however my mind pushed me to have a controlled conversation with it.

    Our interation started around 3:30am; I had just gotten up to move cars with my stepdad–who must leave the house by 330am every morning for work. I noticed nothing out of the ordinary, though I was not paying any attention to my environment outside my house this early in the morning. I always go through my back door, which has a screen metal door as well. A few moments after I had come inside there was a slow, forcefull knock at my screen door. I open my back door to a very young (13-15) year old girl.

    The girl was not particularly attractive. She seemed dull, plain, average. At first she was looking down when I opened the door; which sent the first minor tingle through my body…I was well aware at the point when my body started to tingle that this was not normal; and I needed to be alert. Yet my spiritual curiosity prevented me from acting on my intuition and not even answering.

    “Yes?” I asked her around 3:30 in the morning…
    “I’m lost, may I come in?”  she replied….sending warning signals all over my body with just her manner of speech alone..She spoke articulate, proper, gentle, yet unnervingly confident….I felt like a mouse being toyed with by cat before it gets eaten.

    It took me a few moments to gather myself and process what exactly was happenng…I was consciously aware that I was interacting with something un natural, and I was so very curious….But at the same time, I was just completely gripped with terror…especially because I was alone (stepdad had already left for work) So I took extra precaution to lock my screen door before she tried to open it…..And I simply told her “No you may not, yet.”

    She raised her eyes to meet mine, and even on repeat in my mind I can feel the shivers that went through my spine when I saw them. Her eyes were pitch black, and dull (I noticed no light reflections, though it was dark in the morning) She did not smile as other first hand accounts have described a sinister smile…But I did notice the very corners of her mouth smirked, as if she was trying to hide her smile from me. I am a scorpio, and it is within my nature to uncover hidden truths…And when this girl held her smirk back, in my head I instantly started to analyze who she was, and what her intentions were.

    During the rest of our interaction it is important to note that we never dropped eye contact, nor do I recall her blinking. I was gazing into her eyes trying to figure her out…Yet her body language and constant eye contact sugested to me that she was aware of what I was trying to do…And it felt like she was playing a game with me..Its very dificult to discern wh was in control..But she semed calm and confident, while I was uneasy and trying to figure her out.

    “Before I let you in, i’m going to ask you a few questions.”
    The girl noded, seeming to want to play my game……
    “Do I know you?” was my first question
    “Yes.” She replied very short and to the point.
    “Are you aware of my current fear towards you?”
    “Yes.” Another one word answer, and I now get the feeling she was only answering my questions under the promise of being let in, and was not trying to elaborate on her answers.
    “What is it that you want from me?” I asked”To help you.”

    Right in the front of my mind andthoughts were centered around how scary this was…A young girl lost finds her way to my house when im alone..pitch black eyes….and she now wants to help me? It was obvious that I needed help….but not from her

    “What is it you wish to help me with?” I conveyed to the BEK
    “Everything.” Was her reply.
    “You are different.” Still short, consise answers from the girl…Her response scared me because i’ve always felt different, and hve always been different then many others my age (Read more on Indio childeren to see if you have indigo traits)
    “Why should I let you help me?” I asked

    It was at this point I noticed her fight back another smirk, as if I was now asking the right questions, or she felt an opportunity to take the upper hand in the conversation….Thoughts were racing in my head and I could sense that she knew exactly what I was thinking. Now we were both on the same wavelength…Both of us kne there was something insidious about her, but only I tried to control the situation.

    “Do you intend to hurt me” I asked forcibly.
    “No.” She replied, giving no indications of lying

    A sense of calm washed over me, and thoughts of opening the door crossed my mind….Yet staring at her….her body language was completely blank….eyes blank…..her facial expression blank….all empty….Yet her voice was so articulate, gentle, with a hint of sinister confidence (Like she thought she was beter then me?)

    I told her “Its very early and I need to get back to sleep. Will you come back later?”
    “Yes.” She said in the same short form.
    “Good night.” I said, shutting the door on her.
    After a chance to reflect, and research..I’ve come across a few similaritie and suggestions..I’ve never felt the fear others described untill it hpened to me…and its different then any other kind of fear i’ve experienced.

    To the BEK’s–“Getting in” seems to be their goal, and they come off as if it is a game

    Eye contact–Try and make eye contact, as youll notice very minute details about them..BUT BE CAREFUL; as extended eye contact may give them influence over you (you’d have to feel it to understand)

    WORDS–Our interaction was a game of words…..Be carefull HOW you say what you mean to say..and pay attention to HOW THEY RESPOND (Pay carefull consideration to why they chose the words they did)

    DO NOT LET THEM IN–Even after she answered my questions (Though did not give me the responses I wanted) I still felt danger; and would not allow entry into my home untill I am certain of my safety…This goes for even the most paranormal inexperienced people…your safety comes first

    I’m interested in what the other people who’ve met BEK are like…..They may be drawn to certain individuals who are (Like my BEK said) “Different”

    overall I rate the experience as “Frightening” And if my BEK does return I have questions ready such as
    What is your name
    what is your purpose
    What are your intentions
    What do you want OF me
    Why do I feel afraid around you

    Thats all for now,

    Your Indigo friend.

  • Mike

    how about “how do you know me?” she said she knew you right?

  • I enjoyed reading this; great post.  But I don’t know what’s scarier, the story or all the references to bad relationships in the comments. Can’t we all just get along?

  • missthing

    I’d ask “Are you human?”.. If he/she/it said yes, I’d know its lying and trying to deceive me..

  • If this happened to me, i would have wanted to know more, i would have accepted their help and started asking questions.
    There is a lot to learn in this universe, fear is unproductive.
    I wounder if the young women was attractive? What an experience that could be, lol.

  • Paul

    Hmmm…until the bit about mind-reading, this really does osund like a story about some smart-ass kids putting on dark contacts (or some cheaper version of fake eyes) and scaring some old lady…how do we know this old lady in the story wasn’t a well-known crab in the nieghborhood?

  • KF

    Yes I agree that BEK are demonic entities. Why? Because they follow the strict rules that those entities are bound to, and they act just like them.
    1) Any form they take must have an obvious imperfection that is shown to the person they are appearing to. The black eyes are a great example of this.
    2) They must get permission from a person to stay in the area or attach to that individual. Tricking the target into accepting help would count as permission. Also, inviting them inside your home also counts.
    3) They must provide a warning. Feeling terror or fear to let you know something isn’t right counts as a warning.

    We had a problem in our house for years. We never did completely get rid of them even after calling on God. However, I think they were allowed to stay so our family could learn a lesson. I finally overcame my fear of them, and once I did they lost interest. If they can’t get permission to stay they’ll just try to terrify you. If they end up with a person who calls on God plus isn’t frightened, there’s nothing they can do.

  • Ayla

    Most of these stories and comments have BEK’s interrogating an adult/parent. Me, being a 13-year-old child, have a sudden fear in the enviroment around me. How do we know that these encounterings do not occur with children?

  • Ortegakyle

    I would have let them help me the first time, because I actually trust people, around 30 % or something  of people have black eyes, however coming back would be suspicious, would have used my sonic on them

  • No one special

    Soul piercing black eyes the older ones have some sort of telepathy and they look for ways to get invited into your house.I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they were vampires.  

  • TrueThinker

    Re-read the story.
    It says she (Beverly) said she would call the police then thought about attacking. So the young woman’s response.“You don’t want to do that, Beverly. You should really think first,” Is her answer to Beverly’s threat. not mind reading if any of this really happened at all that is.

  • Longhornfan011

    Does anyone else think of courage the cowardly dog when she describes the location of their home?

  • be nice

    lol maybe she was thinking too much, since the children didn’t even harm her in any way…………..

  • Caitlyn C

    They do. There was one about a kid on his skate bored when they aproched her. It scared me so bad. I don’t leave the house alone to much. Or go in my lawn alone. At all. Never. Ever.

  • captainanarchy

    I’ve been attacked by demons before. I didn’t give them permission to come into my house and I got no warning. They just came.


    You feel fear for a reason!  it is to keep you out of trouble!

  • Kate

    I have greenish-brown eyes but when im happy or excited they turn full green but I know I’m real sick or extremely tired when they turn pale blue. its not change of light or even the influence of what color eyeliner I wear.  I’v learned to pay attention to the signs my body gives me

  • Psychic Vampires do like to play with their victims (food) on a Psychological level, but asking to help someone is hardly what I would consider “vampire”. Soul piercing black eyes, I would say that these are extra terrestrial beings. There’s so many classes besides just the typical oval shaped head and almond shaped black eyes. Many witness accounts of having a close encounter, aren’t always the same – or with the same “type” of being. 

  • Seriously? Vampires?

    Im gonna go out on a limb here and say it was a story …. 

  • Harkken

    She says that After she thinks about attacking her … and even so you walk up on someone and stare them down for a bit and then state “You dont want to do that” the person being stared at will most likely attach that to a thought of action about the situation.

  • Harkken

    Correction, you feel fear as a preventative of harm. Subconsciously, even and infant understands that a fall from great height will cause pain, therefore is afraid. 

  • Jim

    I did

  • Crb291

    smells of gray aliens to me….or something even creepier?

  • Crb291

    then you, Brad S, will be the one to be abducted or worse.  Fear is an important and driving factor in life, ignoring it is what fools do.

  • are you kidding me?

    im gonna also go out on a limb here and say that you are an absolute nut if youthink that 1 campires are real and 2 that this was a true story.

  • Red

    Hidden camera pranks being pulled on old kooks by aliens and being broadcast in their spaceships? lololololo translates to alien laughter, don’t ya know. But in all seriousness, I’d like to know what would happen if one of these people accepted their help. It’s all too weird. I hated 30 Days of Night.

  • Just maybe…

    It may not be entirely far-fetched. In older traditions, vampires could be distracted by throwing grains of rice, etc, on the ground. The vampire would be forced to stop and pick up/count the multitude of objects. They also didn’t like knots, and would stop to untie them if they found any. The man and woman in this story were untangling strings of Christmas lights, and the kids wanted to help her. It fits…

  • Ifatale

    Black Eyed Kids, Angels of Death, Scary as hell!  Haven’t heard one of these stories in ages.. So unsettling… There are many more stories, associated with this kids… They seek assistance, or seem to be out to assist you, but right when you agree to their offer or request, or if you stare into those black eyes, you soon oblige… And end up dead within minutes… Car accident, heart attacks, etc…

  • Flying Tiger

    The first girl’s hair changed from white to black between paragraphs of the story.

    If it happened at all it’s more likely to be Process Church of the Final Judgment cultists than anything UFO connected. There’s a hell of a lot of them around.