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An Encounter of the Boomerang Kind

Back in 1996, I toyed with the idea of writing a book on the somewhat enigmatic ‘”Flying Triangle” aspect of Ufology; but, I got so tied up with my books A Covert Agenda (published in 1997) and The FBI Files (which surfaced in the following year) that I never actually got around to doing anything about it. But, had I done so, I would most certainly have included the following – which I prepared for the ‘”Triangle Book” in late ’96.

The case at issue is that of a good friend of mine named Tracie Austin-Peters, formerly of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England (and the host of Let’s Talk Paranormal) and now, like me, a resident of the United States. And with that said, here’s the strange tale of Tracie’s very own 1996 encounter. She began thus when I interviewed her:

“It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon on May 14, 1996, and it was quite a clear and sunny day. I’d got about an hour and a half free before I had to be back at work and decided that, because it was so nice, I would drive up to a wood nearby with a book and read for a while.

“Well, I headed for the local shop and pulled up on the car park, as I was going to get a few items to take with me. But as I got out of the car I got an immediate urge to look up. It was just like something had told me to look up – although I didn’t hear a voice. It was more like an impulse. And I knew directly where to look, too. And as I looked up, I saw a really unusual shaped object that was shaped like a boomerang or a v-shape. It was silent, it was black; and as I stood watching it, I thought to myself: I need to get a grip on this! What am I looking at?”

Tracie continues: “I’m quite a logical person, and I wondered at first if it was a large bird of some kind, but it wasn’t. The wings were just stretched out and it wasn’t moving like a bird. It was sort of turning anti-clockwise. And it certainly wasn’t an aircraft or a hang-glider. I knew I had to grab someone to see if they could see it, too.

“There was a woman near me getting her child out of her car and I said to her: ‘Excuse me, I hope you don’t think I’m being silly, but can you see what I can see in the sky?’ She replied: ‘You mean that black thing?’ I said, ‘Yes! and we both stood and watched it. But I got a very strong feeling, like it was giving off a thought, saying: ‘Have a good look at me because what you are seeing is real.'”

At that point, something truly strange occurred: “I watched it and then it did the most bizarre thing. It shrunk itself into a black sphere but continued to move anti-clockwise. But the strange thing was that the lady who was with me didn’t see it change shape.

“I thought this was ridiculous and ran across the car park to grab someone else. He saw it, too, but didn’t know what it was. But as I watched, the object then transformed from a square back to its original shape and then an appendage came out of the middle, which made it look like an arrowhead.

“It then headed off in what I thought was the direction of the woods. So, I jumped in the car, headed off there, too. I scanned the sky but didn’t see it again unfortunately. Well, I was due to start work again about 4.30 p.m., so I went home and telephoned Irene Bott of the Staffordshire UFO Group and told her what had happened. Irene told me to write it all down and draw a picture of the object – which I did. I also phoned a local UFO group in my area, too, and they said they would look into it.

Image via NASA. Officially "Space Junk"“Suddenly, at that point, I got this feeling again to look up in the sky and was amazed to see this same object flying directly over my house! It was so strange; I wasn’t frightened – just surprised and excited. And the whole thing took on such a magical atmosphere. And again, I got the feeling that the object wanted to be seen. I’m not too brilliant at heights, but it was much lower than your average aircraft. Again, it was moving in an anti-clockwise way and I watched it until it vanished.”

The story was not quite over, however, as Tracie demonstrates: “Three days later, the UFO group phoned me back to say that they had had a call from a guy who didn’t want to leave his name but who lived about four miles from me. They told me that he said he’d seen three black boomerang-shaped objects flying over his house, and I just couldn’t believe it.”

To this day, Tracie says, the extraordinary events of 14 May 1996 remain firmly fixed in her mind and she is adamant that something truly out of this world took place.

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  • Cptkylesparrow

    I get the distinct impression we are connected, all of life. I experience this regularily, i’ve yet to see a flying boomerang but I want to agree strongly that something did happen here, because i get the distinct impression these things want to be seen too. “These things” being every strange thing our universe brings to each of us.

  • Rick,  A few years ago,  I had one of these black triangles slowly drift over my front yard for about a half hour.  We live in a river valley with benches, and our local airport is up on one.  Guess what?  The black triangle was drifting quite low across the traffic patterns of this airport.  So, just like the wobbly goblins, it had wing tip strobe lights blinking right along.  So much for the exotic off world end.  But I also recognized the central red light.  It’s a kind of scanner we used to use at my employer’s sawmill.  This is called a R.E.M.A. scanner, and that company was in Willamette, Ore.   So, both the red belly light and the two wing tip strobes, pretty well ID’s these suckers as USAF. So where we scanned logs with these red jobs, they were scanning  everything to the point of capturing a virtual valley landscape, with me looking up at them, maybe.

    I ran down a list of possible ways those suckers could levitate that way.  There were three all told, in a train of sorts.  What I ended up with, was something out of the Bermuda Triangle legends, where people on the ground watched a plane, but it wasn’t really there.  These triangles work in some sort of artificial vortex, and probably have a constant sub sonic speed.  But one way, flying against the vortex, they almost hover, and the other way, like having a tail wind, in the vortex, they zing away.  One might zip off, super sonic, but not three in tandem.  These speed bursts are just like the small general aviation aircraft that sometimes travel great distances, without either their time in flight or their fuel consumption, equaling how far they travel.

    So, the sixty four dollar question is;  were they able to see me standing below, watching them, or were they mapping some weird landscape, in a completely different, geo-spatial continuum?  This would be a bit like looking at a straw in a glass of water. The Philadelphia Experiment, cloaked skows, dating back to 1943, were seen, floating in the muddy waters of the Delaware River.  But similarly cloaked aircraft, would be a quantum leap forwards.  But they both need to be able to navigate these surreal seascapes and landscapes, in a wartime crunch.

     Ergo, these all have to be mapped beforehand.  And that means that they are a bit like the Jet Streams above the Troposphere.  Mapping would be useless, if everything is always changing.  But the jet streams are like undertows at the beach.  One way they pull you out, and by swimming to the sides, you can float back in to land.  Missing either could fatally compromise a USAF military mission.  The stratospheric jet streams travel from West to East, with the Earth’s rotation.  This vortex would have to have been traveling East To West, to slow this triangle craft down to this crawl like levitation speed.

     So, could this vortex be a reciprocal energy flow, to a much higher elevation Jet Stream, going in the opposite direction?  My metaphor is that they are a bit like the dangerous undertows at the beaches.  And if the jet streams are creating them, they will be intermittent, which plays hobb with our ability to understand when and where they are present.

    As it was excitedly explained to my mother, the skow floating in the Delaware was completely invisible, to the point that the rivets were visible as points in the muddy water.  But the riveted hull skow was still displacing it’s normal weight, in the water.   And don’t get me started about the DDE, USS Eldridge, which was a Cannon class ship with an electro- welded Hull.  They were two different ships, entirely. 

    Naval Officers attach to a ship on the ways, and then serve on her at sea, after she’s launched.  It was one of these freshly minted 1943 Annapolis grads, who went off in the back seat of my mother’s car pool, at the Navy Yard.  This provides the description, with some guesswork, that this old riveted hull, skow, was one of two Dynamite Gun Boats, from the 1898 Spanish American War, that were used in Cuba.  They had so much pneumatic plumbing for the fixed air cannon barrels, that they were completely useless, by WWI, and in WWII.  Unless, of course, some scientists only needed their decks for a floating experiment, with a metal hulled boat.

    One of these, known only as “The Spy”, came over from the Manhattan Project, donned an UDT, air lung, and swam under this cloaked hull, and stuck his head into the opening in the River water.  Then realizing what he was doing, he pulled back and made a hasty retreat.  This dude had the highest security clearance in the Yard that day, but everyone thought he was some kind of Spy. 

    What this tells me is that it’s impossible to see one of these skows above the water line, and probably impossible to torpedo one, under their water line.  It’s only partially there, at any moment in time.  A Black triangular stealth aircraft, descended from a Wobbly Goblin, would likewise be an almost impossible target for any and all interceptor forces.  But the Black Triangles would still need to know when they are over their targets, to complete their missions.  And that’s why I lucked into that  evening’s eerily silent airshow,  back then.

  • Bot101

     did you take any pics??