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Episode 510 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Bizarre mental disorders and historical cases of Mass Hysteria open up this week’s Plus+ exclusive. 

We also feature encounters with machine elves, from some witnesses under the influence and others totally sober, before taking a trip to the Giza Pyramid for some interdimensional avatar-esque adventures.

Read on for show notes, music, and more.

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Man ‘laughs at everything’ after surgery

The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine is history’s most startling mental disorder

Interview with oily ghost witness turns eerie

Machine elf

Self transforming machine elves??

Gnome in the Closet

Tiny Humanoids

Encounters with Little People

Death of a Fairy


What’s Good (James Brown-I Feel Good Flip Up) by TallBlackGuyProductions

Atlas – Lights

Pále – Worst Job Of Good Luck

StewRat – 15 LLLPP


  • Joogler

    Hi, I wrote the email about the machine elves I saw on salvia. I just remembered an interesting fact! The song that my arm was creating had words. I got the feeling that the topic of the words in the song, when I moved my arm fast enough (as small movements created only short syllables), were literally about my arm moving. As if something was required to sing about my arm moving in order for motion to occur. this is why I thought of books. It was like each flipping block on my arm was a miniature book that represented a small piece of the story that is constantly advancing around us. The story of our lives. I thought all life – actions, sounds, movements, thoughts, came from a preexisting set of ‘books’ that were used to give substance to what is constantly going on around us. Could just be a crazy trip, but I noticed this the other 2 times I did salvia as well.

  • solidsnack

    From what I can tell after trying salvia more than a few times with the same friends, everyone has their own unique experience that they continue revisit every time they try it. 

    My husband claims he sees an opening/slit to a “fourth dimension” whenever he does it (but has yet to describe any kind of machines or elves). A friend of ours always sees a kind of film strip where he can access vivd moments and memories from his life. My experiences, on the other hand, are very dislodged and non-defined, though when I’m starting to trip my skin always has to have a sort of prickly plastic/scaled sensation to it. I tend to giggle a lot too, but I can never remember or describe exactly why.