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Episode 709 – Mysterious Universe

Resident MU All-star Nick Redfern joins us this week to reveal his research into some of most elusive Top Secret facilities from around the world (and the solar system). 

The timing of our chat with Nick couldn’t be better with recent news of a new asteroid and more huge coronal mass ejections on  a collision course with earth. Seems there’s never been a better time to get into the ‘underground base’ business.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

Nick Redfern

Nick’s MU Articles

Nick’s Website & Books


Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

Flying Chupacabra Kills 35 Goats in Mexico

Blast it or paint it: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

Huge Solar Flare’s Magnetic Storm May Disrupt Satellites, Power Grids

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Shower Faces and a Warning

In Icelandic dreams, the dead name the babies

Blue Transparent Misty Human Shaped Figure Stood By My Bed

Zombie gran: 95-year-old Chinese woman terrifies neighbours by climbing out of her coffin six days after she ‘died’

Grener addresses questions about the “change in plans”


Submerse – Always, Like This (Blood Pressure)

Devonwho – All City

Emil Berliner – Flummifreude

Shlohmo – Wen Uuu (Evenings Remix)

Dark Sky – Zoom

Bobby Tank – Glass Moon

Rupert Parkes – PHOTEK + KURU  Fountainhead

The-Drum – Baze

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  • AvD

    Yessss New episode!!! Can you guys answer this question???

  • n0xc0mment

    Are You Guys Still Endorsing The Weaponize Space Thing? 

  • Possibilianist G-gnome

    Aaron’s talk of deja vu and dreaming reminded me of some of my dreams. I won’t go into detail as not to bore Ben. 
    Sometimes in my dream i know and/or feel that it’s a recurring dream, almost like a deja vu but i don’t recognize that dream as recurring in waking life. You guys should do a show on lucid dreaming.

  • The shower faces story reminded me of the movie The Frighteners, and the scene where Chi Mcbride (as a 70’s ghost wearing an afro) manifests to Michael J. Fox saying “how’s it hanging?” from the shower drain, and Michael answers “you tell me” 😛