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Episode 713 – Mysterious Universe

The Ishtar festival, also known as Easter, is here once again, and with the theme of death and resurrection in our thoughts we welcome the University of Maryland’s L. Suzanne Gordon  to discuss her fascinating research into the Near Death Experience.

Dr. Gordon has closely followed Near Death Experiencers for extended periods of up to 10 years, and she brings a unique insight into the impact is has had on their lives and what the NDE teaches us about our existence and the foundations of human consciousness.

Read on for show notes, links, and music.

L. Suzanne Gordon

Ph.D., University of Maryland

Suzanne’s Twitter 

Faculty page UMCP

Dissertation abstract: Field Notes from the Light: An Ethnographic Study of the Meaning and Significance of ‘Near Death Experiences



New Dawn Magazine – NDE Special

‘Beautifully preserved’ Siberian mammoth found

Time slips – readers’ personal experiences

The Creature of the Dump


ProleteR – U Can Get It via Dead Horse March

Sina. – One I Love via KEEPREAL

Mister Lies – I Walk (Ft. Jessica Blanchet) via Another Dying Art Form

Kan Sano‘s “Bha” EP via MOOVMNT

ProleteR – April Showers via Dead Horse March

Protassov – A New Beginning (Reloaded) via The New LoFi

Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Dark Sky Remix) via ReqEffect

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    For listeners’ reference, the twitter username for ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences) username is @ACISTE1;  and you can visit ACISTE on Facebook.

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  • AstupidWiseman

    Excellent episode. I was hooked on every NDE recount Suzanne brought up. It will be very interesting to see what more we discover in this area of life in the future. I look forward to any books from Suzanne and hope she comes back for more MU episodes.

  • mihesq

    That junkyard creature definitely sounded like a Pokemon, diglet to be exact.

  • The interview was amazing. The only caveat I would raise is that there was no mention of negative NDEs. To think that everybody experiences the love and light is a bit deceptive, since there are also disturbing accounts describing what one might very well consider an infernal realm.

  • THANK YOU for having Dr. Gordon on. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Raymond Moody and described my own NDE. He said it was unlike anything he had heard of. However, Dr. Gordon’s work and my own experiences were spot on in several ways. It’s such a relief to have ACIST as a resource. Keep doing great work!

  • Hey Guys – this was a fantastic show – brilliant interview about a topic that is sooo important and Suzanne has studied it so well and is so enthusiastic about her subject !!! 

    Ben – just because I know you have a thing for the spirituals side of the paranormal – if you can get hold of the Sogyal Rispoche’s interpretation of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and read pages 323-340 : The Near Death Experience : A Staircase to Heaven. Sogyal does a great job of explaining how the 4 bardos relate to near death and how Ground Luminosity/Clear Light (pure awareness of being) dawns close to death and at the moment of death but most people miss it, as they missed it in life. It adds depth to many of the experiences that Suzanne spoke about re:light and the sense of something greater within the light. Of course I can’t say that what people perceive isn’t something like god ! I’d like to believe that it is.  

    Disclosure Reaction Difficulties (DRD) – it sounds like a common problem for experiences of most paranormal things.

    Great job Ben and Aaron !

    Happy Sydney Autumn to ya,


  • Fabachon

    i so love this show,,,, but sometimes the comments make me think they are listening to the wrong show ,
    bad boy bubby

  • Thanks sincerely for this show. To me, this is among the most interesting subject matter and I love hearing about NDEs and STEs on your show. I especially loved the story of the diver with collapsed sinuses in Episode 714. 

    I had my first massively transforming spiritual experience in the summer of 1995. It lasted for several months and involved numerous key players including ravens, auspicious encounters with books, visits with strangers with psychic abilities and much more. I’ve lived with intense deja vu my entire life, but the experiences of that summer trained me in an entirely new direction. The ongoing nature of the event seemed designed to impress upon me that these experiences are really real: an objective and important dimension of reality which has yet to be fully explored or understood. Since that summer, pursuing some understanding of these experiences has become somewhat of an obsession. I’ve trained in mindfulness and I have an acute awareness of the overwhelming almost daily experiences of these phenomena. I’m also deeply connected to extraordinary experiences of death and the movement of spirit. (Put another way, I’ve developed the strange intuition through years of experience that my spiritual karma resides at 11:59pm on the great cosmic clock.) I can witness externally–and help others witness–what others experience internally in near-death and actual death experiences.

    I hope you’ll continue to feature stories of NDEs and STEs. Thanks for doing what you do, and Keep up the great work!