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  • Mick Bremner

    Hi guys; a great show as usual but I do have a couple of comments. The guy walking in Barcelona who claimed to see the same girl walking a “sausage dog” after turning a corner. Call me Mr Rational but surely the common denominator in this story is the unusual (though not rare) sausage dog breed. Is it not more likely that this person happened to see 2 attractive young women (hello; it’s Spain!) coincidentally walking the same breed of dog within minutes of each other? Incidentally I can accept the person speaking French in their sleep due to the fact that their mother knew some French. Who was present to confirm that the other person was speaking “fluent” Swedish? Just a thought; Mick.

  •  Mick, all these stories are anecdotal and inconclusive. They are not incontrovertible proof to anyone except the people who actually experience it 😉