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The Black Eyed Children – Reviewed

Just occasionally a book comes along that I don’t just recommend to people. Sometimes, I tell them they have to get a copy of it, no matter what! And that’s the case with the recently published book, The Black Eyed Children, penned in masterful style by David Weatherly. There can be very few readers of Mysterious Universe who have not at least heard of the phenomenon, but if you haven’t, well, David starts his book with the following, atmospheric words to get you acquainted with the admittedly creepy controversy:

“They just want to come inside. Across the world, there are a growing number of accounts of strange, black eyed children. They appear on doorsteps, at car windows, hotel rooms and even boats. Their skin is pale, their mannerisms odd and they have one consistent request. They want to be invited inside. What exactly is this growing phenomena? Are they demonic entities? Alien hybrids? Perhaps they are some form of spirit seeking passage to another place. Or, are they simply a modern urban legend born of the computer age”

And it’s these questions, and many others, that David addresses at length in his book.

What I particularly enjoyed about The Black Eyed Children is that David not only relates the facts, the history, the rumors, the legends and theories relative to these kids, but he does so in a highly entertaining style. There’s nothing worse than reading a book that is packed with data, but that is as dull as the skies of England on a rainy October morning. Fortunately, David’s book is anything but dull!

I don’t exaggerate when I say that, in my opinion, this is destined to become the definitive study on the puzzle, and for several reasons. Thankfully, and very refreshingly, David details the various scenarios that have been presented to explain the mystery, but he doesn’t force-feed any particular one down the throat of his audience. Rather, he presents the witness testimony, the case-files, and the supporting data and evidence, and then uses this as a springboard to try and determine which theory – or, indeed, theories – might be the correct one when it comes to trying to understand what these “things” are or are not. And, given the macabre nature of some of them, I’m perfectly satisfied in calling them “things.”

The book begins with a number of significant witness reports of encounters that are downright creepy. Yep, I know I used that word – creepy – earlier, but it really is the best way to describe these “Damian-meets-E.T.” type kids. A lot of people view the Black Eyed Children from that torturous “Love and Light” angle and perspective. You know the one: E.T. is dabbling with our DNA and creating half-human/half-alien kids that are super-intelligent and that will play a big, positive role in our future as a species. Well, David most certainly addresses at length the “hybrid” angle, but, for me, I still get the deep feeling after reading his words that the phenomenon is very much self-serving and has its – rather than our – best interests at heart. And that’s probably a black heart, too.

This becomes particularly apparent when David begins to delve into highly alternative areas relative to not just the far more conventional “Nuts and Bolts”-UFO angle, but such realms as demonology; life after death and malevolent, tortured ghosts; Middle Eastern Djinn; definitive Tricksters; and a whole host of other entities that may not exactly be our best buddies in the slightest.

And, I’m pleased to say, David – always balanced and unbiased – doesn’t shy away from addressing the possibility that the whole thing is down to nothing stranger than modern-day urban legend. But, as he makes clear, even if some cases fall into that category, there is still a larger and wider mystery to be resolved. Like any aspect of Forteana, yes there are legends, hoaxes and friend-of-a-friend tales. But, strip them away and there’s still a phenomenon – and that applies to the Black Eyed Children, too.

There’s also an excellent chapter on the way in which certain medical conditions can affect the colors of the human eye – thus demonstrating that David leaves no stone unturned in his quest for the truth.

For me, the most fascinating sections of the book were those that highlighted the undeniable parallels between these eerie kids and the Men in Black, vampires and a host of other historical and horrific things that seem to take so much pleasure in tormenting us with their own, unique brands of evil mischief.

That the BEC reportedly, and specifically, have to be invited into the home of the person in their sights does, of course, evoke imagery of the classic blood-sucker of Eastern Europe and elsewhere. And, with regard to the Men in Black, David notes, intriguingly: “Perhaps the classic image of the MIB became too tame for some situations and a higher force created the black eyed children in order to grab the attention of a jaded, overwhelmed public that is tired of old stereotypes.”

If your main area of interest when it comes to the paranormal is UFOs and aliens, then you won’t want to miss this book. But, by delving deep into the hearts of a host of other supernatural conundrums too, the book will also satisfy, intrigue and inform the student of demonology, mythology, ghosts and specters, succubi, and the age-old phenomenon of changelings, which is so prevalent in fairy-lore.

In conclusion, then, David Weatherly’s The Black Eyed Children is a fascinating, insightful and remarkable piece of work on a subject that has been crying out for the definitive study  – and, now, we have that definitive study. If you thought you knew all there was to learn about these strange characters, you’re about to get a big wake-up call! Maybe a literal wake-up call, too, if “they” come knocking on your door on some dark, chilled night as the witching-hour looms…


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  • James

    Excellent review! I’ll be ordering a copy tonight.

  •  What good would photographic evidence do? painting a black eye into the pic of a kid is Photoshop 101.

    I guess I would like to see reports of BEC being submitted by police officers, or reports of secondary phenomena attached to the visits of the dark-eyed ones –mensurable elements like maybe an increase in background radiation or whatever.

  • Philsteakfreeman

    If the black-eyed children want to get inside and eat their victims, or whatever they do, and their eyes give them away, why don’t they just wear sunglasses?

  •  Top notch response 🙂

  •  I think their main goal is not to enter the victims’ homes, but instill fear on them.

  • Crb291

    Found this interesting bit about some BEC that helped a mother heal her dying baby.

    “One night when my mom was in the yard of the hospital having a smoke, which apparently she did often, two boys about 16 years old approached her and over the fence, in a perfect Romanian, they told her: “We need help.” to which she responded  ”Me too.” – the boys then turned around, looked her in the eyes and said “We know.”My mom told me every fiber from her body told her to run, run as far away as she cold. Run back home. But how could she? I was on my death bed, inside the hospital. The boys looked normal, except the fact they had deep, dark eyes. Dark as in everything completely black, it’s as they were missing completely [the eyes]. They had no white, no pupils, no retinas. Nothing. Pure darkness.
    My mom told me she wanted to run, but at that moment she hardly believed anything worse than me dying could happen. She just hoped this wasn’t a joke and that’s it. She didn’t care whether they were demons or angels. She just wished it’s not a sick joke.”the whole blog can be read here: ITS FASCINATING.

  • Wilczy

    Around the world, not across the world. Poor grammar in the opening paragraph is a deterrent to purchasing this book

  • Proudwillfulangel

    This was an excellent blog. I had never heard of the BEC before. Now I am intrigued.

  • Brandy

    James, Did you order from Leprechan press?? How long did it take for delivery?? I cant get an answer from them and I just ordered it.

  • you realy made me want to run out and buy this, so i am.

  • anuran

    If it moves shoot it. If it talks cut its throat. That takes care of most aliens and monsters.

  • Gabe

    How come they arent on ANY security cameras?

  • Nikky

    To answer some of the questions below: the BEK’s don’t wear sunglasses to cover their eyes because apparently the eyes being seen by the victim is part of how they get the victim to let them in. It’s some form of compulsion or hypnotization. People in these stories often find themselves going toward the door to unlock it, in a trance, only to “snap out of it” and realize what they were doing and stop, and report feeling an immense feeling of dread telling them not to look into the eyes or they’d die soon after. As for secondary phenomena, after people see them, they usually claim seeing them haunt their dreams for up to years after the event. As for why they aren’t on security cameras, supposedly a man encountered a BEK in an elevator. He was so scared he asked the guard to see the tape, so that they may get rid of this hooligan on the premises, only to watch a tape of just him, and only him, alone in the elevator, talking to the air, with no one else in there with him. Whatever they are, they’re obviously not human. The always have to be invited inside which makes you wonder, maybe this is where the whole vampire invitation mythos stems from. As well as the vampire “no reflection mythos”. Maybe these BEk’s have been around way longer than we thought, but people called them “vampires” instead of BEK’s, since they had no other name for them/information on them. Apparently the whole invitation thing isn’t a physical barrier, its a law for them. They could come in if they wanted, but their “laws” which they obey and take very seriously, state that you cannot enter the property/home/car of a human without invitation first.

  • Me

    I’ll kick a kids ass

  • Mattias

    This post does a pretty good job in relating a story about the Black Eyed Children, however it’s part of a larger story.

  • Sarah

    Its certainly not eyeball tattooing, as that’s only for prisoners, in adult prison, and that technology was not developed until 2003. Eye contacts cost $300 for a set, and are very uncomfortable to wear.

  • disqus_OXcNyUnW1L

    If I ever encountered these BEK’s, I would cover myself with the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of His shed blood on my behalf. These “children” are NOT at all what they appear to be. Everyone’s initial reaction to them is the same: INSANE FEAR, even TERROR. Family pets have reacted the same way in their presence. So it’s not imagined, on the part of the person. It’s real. These things are something evil. They have “sinister” written all over them. By letting them into your
    house, car or even using a cell phone or anything, pen, pencil, etc., you have
    given them an “in” into your life. You have opened a door to them. UFO abductees have halted an abduction experience by using the name of Jesus Christ. This tells me these so-called “aliens” are NOT what they purport to be. They are something spiritual, and of an fallen,evil nature. Peace to all.

  • Lee Wilson

    I’m a little confused by your assumption after reading what I have about BEK’s on other websites. Most of the cases all end up with the same outcome; they don’t let the BEK’s after seeing their black eyes. However, you seem to state that they use their black eyes to their advantage and almost induce a hypnotic state on the individual in order to let them in.

    You state “People in these stories often find themselves going toward the door to unlock it, in a trance, only to “snap out of it” and realize what they were doing and stop”. So is this before they’ve even seen or spoken to the BEK’s? Because if they realise what they are doing and stop before even opening the door then they would never even get to see or speak to the BEK’s!
    Please could you direct me to some stories like this because I’ve only read about ones where they open their door as normal, are maybe a little hesitant to let them in, and when they eventually see their eyes they tell them to go away.
    You also mentioned the story about a BEK in an elevator with a gentleman. What do you suppose “it” would be in an elevator for because it doesn’t really tie in with being asked to be let in if it was already in there. Who invited it into the elevator at first if that’s what’s needed for their law, so to speak. And once in there surely it;s objective was met.

  • Lee Wilson

    Hopefully they would apply the same logic to you for your narrow minded comment.

  • Lee Wilson

    But what about when they laugh at you and say Jesus Christ doesn’t exist?

  • Joaca458

    I had a dream that one of these was inside my body and that I forced it out. At times when I would look in the mirror, while awake I would notice that my pupils looked different and that I didnt look like myself. It was usually when I was angry or just not feeling right. Then a few weeks ago I had a dream where I was looking in the mirror and I thought thats not me inside of my body. I looked directly into my eyes and said, ” get out, get out” I had to force it out by using a determined force that I generated inside of my body. Right before I woke up my eyes turned solid black like the photographs that depict these children ( I just heard about these black eyed children yesterday for the first time) When they say can I come in it means inside of your body. They are walk-ins and the only way to get them out is to raise your own energetic vibration and to tell them to get out in a very determined way. I feel much better now physically and mentally. All I can say is wierd! Im agnostic so not much of a believer in posession but Im a believer now. Also I’m a Peace Officer and work in a jail. Heard on youtube that many who work in law enforcement are affected.

  • If these things are demonic that ain’t gonna happen.Pure fantasy..just like the idea that God and spirits don’t exist.

  • They’re lying.

  • How can you say that when our very being is made of 3 parts: body soul & spirit. We may live in the material world now, but will live on in the spirit one, once we die and our spirit leaves our body. Having a “spirit” has been scientifically proven.

  • Why do you have to be closed minded? Your religion is not the only religion and you shouldn’t tell make people feel it is.

  • so what happens when they laugh at you hysterically & step in your house?

  • Can you back that claim up with empirical scientific evidence? I’m studying for my bachelors in science right now, and no where have I read anything about a spirit, or soul, being proven. Please enlighten me.

  • Gary Eckland

    Received book yesterday and so far have found it a fascinating read. Can’t put it down. Discovered you on George Norry’s coast to coast. Can’t wait to finish

  • Brucwe

    And you are grammatically perfect?

  • J.Griffin

    the pseudo scientist and the 2 antichrist-type comments were the prejudiced ones.

    Her response was simply an answer to mocking questions.

    If people are strong in their convictions it is their right to free speech if they are not hateful or attacking others.

    Pantheism is a philosophy/religious viewpoint that cannot be honestly reconciled with the teachings of Christ.

    There are many religions….
    there is only ONE Saviour.

    You can call me names or whatever if that makes you feel better-
    none of that matters to me anymore….
    we are all entitled to our opinions but we must be prepared to face the consequences if we are wrong.

    Arguing with each other or relying on popular opinion is a dangerous way to approach eternity,

    Opinions are cheap-
    consequences can cost more than you can possibly imagine.

    Proceed at your own risk.

  • Concern

    Isn’t it true that these are David’s wife Teresa’s children?

  • Concern

    Why would Author David Weatherly and his wife Teresa change Teresa’s children’s names? What are they hiding them from? Who are they hiding them from? Why are the girls so afraid to contact other family members? What are the Weatherly’s hiding?

  • SchalaRenee

    Get some salt and holy water and never again worry about people with pure black eyes! Winchester wisdom.

  • Amaya Stephens

    Get the holy water, throw some salt, perform the exorcism…. We can’t end up on ceilings burning because of some demon children! Call the winchesters and hope they show up in the black Impala… While your at it draw a demon trap but any entry ways!!