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The Riddle of the Missouri Mystery Mound

I first heard of the Missouri Mystery Mound at least ten to fifteen years ago on a now-defunct website. The website claimed the Mound was the Hall of Records, although it didn’t specifically say whose hall of records. The Atlanteans? The great mound building cultures of North America? Egyptian? Mayan? Or some race of peoples lost to time? I’m from Missouri, and if an ancient civilization’s hall of records sat under the soil of my state, I needed to know. Trouble is, I couldn’t find the man who said he had discovered it.

Until now.

I tracked down and interviewed Charles Teague, and found the answers to my questions were stranger than I’d ever hoped.

Teague grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and always had an interest in North American archeology; but it wasn’t until one night in the early 1990s listening to radio host Art Bell interview an American Indian shaman, that this interest became almost an obsession.

“(The shaman) was telling this story about how this Indian who had come to him while he was doing some exploring,” Teague said. “This Indian took him to this place back in the back woods to a hall of records under a mountain.”

The shaman told Bell this Indian guide showed him temples and 10,000-year-old artifacts under that mountain, but he didn’t know the location.

“They blindfolded him until they got there, then when he left so he couldn’t get back to it,” Teague said. “But he knew approximately where it was.”

At the time Teague was enrolled in a course on reverse speech technology and recorded this program to see if he could use reverse speech to find this hall of records. He was amazed at what he found.

“It’s just too weird for normal people to understand,” Teague said. “I recorded it, and said hell if this S.O.B. really went to a hall of records in Middle America, in reverse his mind was going to tell me where he went.”

After three hours of listening to that part of the program over and over in reverse, he pulled out words, some intriguing, others curious.

“He said ‘near the fault in America in the forest in the mountains’,” Teague said. “I said it was in the New Madrid fault. It couldn’t be anywhere else.” The New Madrid fault line runs through Mark Twain National Forest, which overlaps the Ozark Mountain range.

Then he caught words like “cactus,” “lake,” and “lizard,” which didn’t mean much. “I said, ‘Jesus, what’s the damn lizard?’ It didn’t make sense,” he said. “Most of it didn’t make sense. But here I was, 100 to 200 miles from it.”

Teague looked over maps, but got only headaches. “I was screwed, so I left it alone for a while.”

It wasn’t until he attended a presentation on historical American peacemakers that the Mound crept back into his thoughts. One peacemaker in particular caught his attention. Colonel George Morgan, who brokered a peace agreement between the revolutionaries and the American Indians during the War for Independence.

“After the Revolutionary War, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson gave him the job of mapping out the Spanish territories from the Mississippi River and Ohio Valley and all that,” Teague said. “He went to southeast Missouri and founded the city of New Madrid. Then he went back to New Jersey, built a fabulous estate, and lived like a millionaire the rest of his life.”

Something about that story bothered Teague, so he read a biography on Morgan. It only offered more questions. “He was a land speculator,” Teague said. “How did he become a millionaire? He didn’t get it from his family. He didn’t get it from the Continental Congress. I figured he must have gotten from the Indians.”

A picture of the Morgan coat of arms in the biography gave him a clue. “I looked at it and said, ‘damn, this ain’t right.’ I noticed in the lower left hand corner there was one box that didn’t make any damn sense. It was offset squares with Xs with something going through the middle. I started looking at it and thought, ‘son of a bitch. This was a grid map.’”

He saw hills, and a river. “I thought, ‘if this was a grid map, this was for one reason and one reason only – for his family. The only thing this could be is the location to where he got his fortune.’ I figured this must be the Hall of Records.”

After spending days pouring over topographical maps at the University of Memphis, he found a spot in hilly region of Mark Twain National Forest near a lake. Forest, fault, mountain, lake. But the hard part of his journey was just beginning.

“Finding something on a grid map and going into the forest and trying to find something are totally different,” he said.

Teague, his wife, and daughter drove to from Tennessee to Missouri and searched a small section of Mark Twain National Forest. “In 100 degrees we went into the backwoods and walked around to find it. We spent most of the day going back in the swamps and we found nothing.” After one fruitless day, they went home. But Teague wasn’t finished.

“I got my brother and a friend of mine and we made another trip up there.”

It took two more trips with his brother and local American Indians, but Teague believes he found it.

“We found a circular path, and as we were walking back along this long gulley, and my brother said, ‘hey look up at that rock formation, it looks like a lizard.’ Damn. That’s what I was looking for. A lizard.”

The ascended the hill and found caves – caves with ancient carvings, one Teague calls The Wall. He was certain he found the location of the Hall of Records. “The main thing was the Wall with the giant skull carved into it,” Teague said. “It has all the esoteric carving in it. An ancient god, (the planet) Saturn. There was an entrance there too, but we didn’t open it, or we’d be dead. Whoever’s watching it was there.”

As the group walked back to their vehicle, two truckloads of men cut them off from the front, and rear. “Everybody was carrying all kinds of guns,” Teague said. “They stopped and looked at us and wanted to know what we were doing. We said we had a Cherokee.” The men allowed Teague’s group to leave, but he got an impression as to who they were. “It’s meth labs and drugs. What else could it be? I don’t think they’re smart enough to know what’s going on back there.”

They didn’t scare off Teague. Much later, after attending a UFO convention in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, he detoured into the Mark Twain National Forest to take a friend to the Mound. “I took him there and showed him around,” he said. “He wouldn’t go now.”

As Teague showed his friend some of the anomalous stone works of the Mound, two men appeared from nowhere and invited them to follow them to explore a nearby cave. Teague agreed, but when the men left, Teague and his friend walked to their vehicle and drove away. He knew if he went to that cave, they would have killed him. “The thing about the Wall. I thought something was important about it. Whatever the Wall is they protect it for some reason. I think that’s where the entrance is.”

Teague says carved depictions of an ape, an elephant, and lion show an African influence at the site, but a carving of a humanoid reptilian points to something from other stars. “It’s a reptilian god. It’s the god they worship,” he said. “You’ve got lions, apes, dragons, aliens, you can’t make heads or tails of this place.”

But the reptilian isn’t the only extraterrestrial carving Teague found. He claims an aerial photograph of the Mound shows a gray alien pointing to a star is carved into the landscape. “That was a cave entrance,” he said. “If you go into that cave you’ll find out the secret of the star where (he) came from. The Corps of Engineers built a new road and the cave is no longer there. I think the other entrance is at the Shaft.”

The Shaft is a vertical stone well shrouded by trees. Once Teague went down into the Shaft fifteen feet, but it was blocked with debris. Unfortunately, the Shaft is no longer accessible. “The next time we went up, they’d built a block over it. Somebody knew we were back there.”

Fearing for his safety, he hasn’t been back. “Before my last trip I’d sent an email to the Army Corps of Engineers and told them of the giant skull and Wall and asked what they knew about it,” Teague said. The man he contacted seemed interested in Teague’s news – too interested. “He said, ‘this thing’s great. Get your family and all your friends and take us up through the forest and take us to this Wall. I said, ‘sure.’ I’ll never go back there again. I know exactly what was planned. I could see the headline now. ‘UFO cult comes into the backwoods of Missouri and commits suicide.’ You could see where that was going.”

Although Teague believes the man he contacted at the Army Corps of Engineers knows of the site, he stops short of claiming it is a government cover up. “Hell, if I know about it, somebody knows about it. I don’t think it’s the government,” he said. “I think the people in the backwoods have been protecting this place since people have been there. I think it may be a pagan cult from long ago.”

That cult may have ancient Christian roots. Teague has found symbols of an elephant, owl, a ram, and a man, in aerial photographs. “There’s a bearded man inside the ram’s head, like a king. It has to do with a lamb and a king and it would make him a shepherd king. The owl is the sign of wisdom,” he said.



Teague is convinced the bearded man is King David. “David, the shepherd king, allowed the Arc of the Covenant to be taken to Ethiopia. In ancient times they took it on a boat in Ethiopia, around the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi River, and buried it in the Hall of Records in the Missouri Mystery Mound. “I believe the Arc of the Covenant is buried at the Missouri Mystery Mound. That’s my theory. In antiquity someone carved out the mounds because that’s where the Arc of the Covenant was to be taken.”

But who carved the Mound? Teague thinks the identity is carved into the landscape of the Mound itself, the gray alien pointing to a star. “Not only did they built it and carve it 20,000 years ago, they go back and re-carve it over and over again,” he said. “Carve mountains and valleys? We couldn’t do that. It’s not natural; it’s alien formed. I’m convinced at that.”

However, the photographs of the Wall, depictions of peoples, animals, and beings carved into the stone of the Mound modern archeology would say are impossible, haven’t attracted the attention of academics.

“To me this is the most sacred mythological site in America that nobody knows about. There’s some sort of energy there that keeps it quiet,” he said. “You’d think there’d be archeologists all over the damn country wanting to investigate the place, but nobody wants to go up there and look at it.”

And they probably never will, even if they ask Teague. He doesn’t plan to go back. “This place is so fantastic, and I am not even seeing anything but the McDonald’s sign. We’re not even seeing the inside of McDonald’s, the inside of the mountain. Good lord. But if I went back in there, I’d be killed,” Teague said. “If you go up there you’d better go with a big-assed guns. You’d better be armed.”

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  • Spamminginsanity

    Wow, great story. Now I need to go and wash the crazy out of my braun with a few cold ones.

  • Omar oliblish

    I know of a site like the one mentioned here, but I do wonder when I hear of this kind of thing if it is really true!? Some folks just make a good story and if it is good enough it is believed my many. On the other hand to just tell the plain truth will cause most to not believe it!
    The Burrows Cave is one and the Brewer Cave in another. Sincerely, Robert

  • Cnmandfamily

    I enjoyed reading this very much! its weird, but it got my imagination going 🙂

  • Omar oliblish

    My professional business is in the detection field, I am sure that this place that Teague talks about (with a few clues)
    would not be too difficult to find, but I am not sure if I would really want to find it. Usually great Archeological finds are covered up or pillaged
    by someone. I would prefer an open lawful excavation, so that “John Q Public”  can also be informed.
    Sincerely, Robert      

  • Finch6403

    Old Boy, I am a memphis State guy, and believe me if you ask around you would find a lot of fellow like minded people with money to fund what ever you have in mind,(a word for the wise however, if you see the men in Black, back off!!!

  • Google Earth coordinates!

  • Gimel

    Yep, He has been posting this article in different venues for years. If he hasn’t grown a pair by now and discovered all there is about the site he never will.

  • Gimel

    Thanks. I am familiar with most on the subject. Personnally, I believe Adam and Eve were very tall to begin, by any of todays standards. If a flying saucer landed on the capital gounds and claimed to be aliens from another world, I would be very suspicious. Another day, another subject.

  • Soylent_Green_is_people last comment got blocked by the spam filter because I said this article was B_U_L_L_S_H_I_T. 

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     I totally agree about greedy evil people and I don’t think it should be disturbed but the secret will be coming out soon because the time is about right I believe. It may be funny but I read that the Hall of Records discovery would come through Memphis.  Egypt? or Tennessee? No it is not me Greg Little lives her and is searching in the Bahamas for it. Later. Charles Charlie Teague

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     Finch I like the way you think but I don’t have that type of nerve to risk my family. However others are welcome to go if they wish. If you want to get a group together that can take the right precautions I will personally give you directions. Charles Charlie Teague  FACEBOOK      Charles Charlie Teague

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     Save a few cold ones for me.  If you want to see all the Missouri Mystery Mound photos friend me on FACEBOOK at   Charles Charlie Teague         Then you will need a Case of Cold Ones to wash that much crazy information out of your brain. LOL You have a great sense of humor by the way. Thanks

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     I put the information out on different formats because I don’t want it to disappear because someday someone will walk into that HALL OF RECORDS. I think it is time to give it to the people, don’t you?

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     Not a good idea . There are a lot more of them than there are of you. Strength is in numbers but going armed would just cause a confrontation. Not a good idea because it is their woods and their home.

  • Charles Charlie Teague

     Gimel  You could be right. If you read my articles then you know I make no claims on knowing what the hell this place is. I state over and over again I am making guesses on what I have discovered. It is like a big puzzle that someone dumped on the floor and forgot to put back together. If you go to my FACEBOOK   Charles Charlie Teague    you will see from all the photos and aerial terraform images that itis like some alien race or ancient human society more advanced than us tagged the Ozark Landscape like a Brooklyn subway. Charles

  • faeslayer

    I could muster a venture of 50-60 people. If we all went together at once, livestreamed with smartphones and informed enough other people of our intentions and location, we’d be unstoppable without a single weapon, effectively dragging this place into the light of day.  Unlike Bigfoot, the cave won’t run and hide when it hears us coming.

    I would need the coordinates. I suspect I won’t get them.

  • Sounds to me like it’s down near Ft Leonard Wood?  across 44 in Waynesville, there’s a lizard painted on the side of a cliff face as you come into town proper from St Robert.  I have friends in the area and have asked about the lizard, but she doesn’t know and he changes the subject, which usually means he knows and doesn’t want to explain it to me.

  • T_pellman

    Charles, I don’t find you on facebook. Can you provide the url?  

  • Menzies

    Nice treatment, I hope you story sells!

  • Joehayesii

    There are mounds in Manchester.Tenn, on the Duck River .  Mostly grassy mounds,
    they have never been touched…..and part of a park there.

  • Kaja

    The ark of the covenant is not in Missouri; it has been found in Israel underneath the place where Jesus was crucified (video footage of the site on Youtube).  The Bible refers to Satan as a “serpent” and a “dragon” – there are other demons resembling him (i.e. – so-called “reptilians”?).  For mega-information, invest in a book by Steven Quayle titled “Genesis 6 Giants” – it traces the giant skeletons unearthed all over the world, the Smithsonian cover-up, and the written legends of giants from every country. 

  • I had similar thoughts about the “Millenium Falcon” in the baltic seas months ago. If it is really an ancient ET ship, we will never know. It has probably already have been salvaged just in case any civilian divers stumble across it. If it it’s real, it’s probably at Area 51 already. Ordinary folks like us are never supposed to find out the truth about stuff like this, about ancient civilisations or ET’s and things like that.

  • What’s inside?  Dirt.

  • Snufy

    Charlie, I don’t know about any ‘aliens’, but I do have law enforcement experience with backwoods people.  They’re about as alien as it comes.  They are very suspecious and hostile to anyone in their territory.  Ever see the movie, ‘Deliverance’, with Burt Reynolds ?  It is very realistic.  Anyone going there had better check with the local sheriff, first.  Those people exist with drug growing and making,  moonshine stills, they have no morals, will look you in the face and tell the damnest lie you ever heard, expecting you to believe it, and have no qualms with murder.  Best to focus on other subjects.

  • Sal4479

    Seriously, Ozark mountain folk do not take kindly to strangers. Not smart to go poking around the woods that they call home.

  • Obtec2001

    If its not their private property why should they care?

  • undrgrndgirl

    snakes (serpents, dragons) are associated with wisdom in older traditions…and some gnostic traditions claim the serpent of genesis was jesus…

  • Nanahuatzin

    I love it when people “discover” a native sacred site and decide that it’s Christian or Viking, you have already taken over the damn place now you want to take our history?

  • Cutsman

    If there is to be a group assembled for exploration to the area, I would like to know more about it and most definitely take part in it.

  • J.Griffin

    Perhaps you should go ask them that….

  • Travis

    Email Scott wolton from the H2 show America unearthed. I bet he’d check it out.

  • TheSub

    A tad disingenuous not to mention Cahokia. The pictured mound is Monk’s Mound which is there.

    Archaeologists have studied and continue to study Cahokia and the mounds there. They are fascinating as they are the largest man made pre-Colombian sites in North America.

    As for showing aliens… well there are alternatives. Best way to compare is to look at the contemporary art and see how it fits into a rather worldly yet still fascinating culture.

  • geodowser

    Omar , This “Burrows Cave” now known as Illinois Cave or is a truthful story, and painfully documented.

    I speak from my personal first hand experience and examining artifacts first hand. I am not a scholar, but “scholars” have been debating this for years without first hand examining the artifacts. i spent considerable time in a small town motel room with a hand carved bust of Julius Ceasar in Glowing Calcite. I was like a scene out of a movie. I too have been on a Journey….. and it has brought me back home to Missouri…. coincidently following the stones…. rockpiles…. mounds…. sacred sites that started in eastern usa

    trying to tie those sacred stone sites to the mounds and and other ancient sites to pre columbian history and pre history mining and metalurgy.

    I feel thru diverse syncronicity we now have some of these connections.

    It all makes sense.

    I will tell you Charles that i believe you because my journey has brought me to a location north of you, in similar circumstances/area…. i have been looking for something particular, and i knew it would come to me, and it did…. i had tried to follow up with you years back, but never connected, but now mabe i can…. i have a friend to thank for that as i was sharing my knowlege of the Illinois cave with him last night, and he shared this thread back with me so that is how the universe works….. the “mystery” continues….

    Oh and just for “fun” the area that i intuit your site is in is a well known ufo area…. just in case everyone else didnt know…. but i wont prove it, as that would give thie site away….. and Charles, you dont have to give the site up to anyone knowing on your door… please use discretion.

    Pardon this anon injection of information to the mix. but this real, and i dont normally bother with these comments, but mabe it will wake or inspire another to do field research.

    I will look for you on Facebook, but it is not my cup of tea.

    Anomalous Field Research Team – Midwest Region

  • Dee

    Actually it’s not a lizard, but a frog. It’s called Frog Rock…more affectionately referred to as W H Croaker or Waynesville Hill Croaker. There is no hidden meaning behind it. When the Missouri Department of Transportation blasted the hill to make the road wider in 1998, locals commented the rock on the hill looked like a frog. A local tattoo artist volunteered to paint it to look as such. More recently the US Marines stationed at nearby Ft. Leonard Wood have been keeping up the area and the painting of W H Croaker. Just a local tradition…

  • Bob Duboise

    Hey , how are you ? I just joined the discussion and shared some artifacts that I find in Missouri , and I have found several with very good images of dragons on them , also vampire’s , aliens demons , apes , all races of men , I have over 30,000 photo’s of them

  • could this place be connected to oak island mystery

  • Robert Sanders

    I live in SE Missouri. I have never heard of this. As an archeologist I would be interested in doing some research. I have yet to see some coordinate and if I go to the professors without them if be laughed at. Provide some hard evidence or some coordinates and give me a shout.