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Episode 724 – Mysterious Universe

Do Military and Intelligence agencies hold Top Secret knowledge on the existence of powerful ancient technology? 

Nick Redfern joins us for a deep discussion on this very subject in addition to Mars conspiracies, US Army Psy Ops, and ancient aliens.

Read on for our season closer’s show notes, books, and music links.

Nick Redfern

Nick’s Amazon page


Swedish scientists reveal findings of deep-sea ‘alien’ hunt

Treasure hunters confirm they have found something abnormal in the seabed

New Footage: Algonquin Park Bigfoot

The Humans With Super Human Vision


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

Villagers mistake sex toy for mystical mushroom

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Have the Kentucky Goblins Returned? Exclusive Photos!

Jim Sparks – Near Future Humans and Off World Humans

Montana authorities say hitchhiker shot himself

Police: Man claims leprechauns beat him up for dancing


Onra – So Sure via Pop Lock

Oddlogic – Explosions In The Sky- Postcard From 1952 via KEEPREAL

Question – Kush via Stolen Records

Valentin Stip – Hiathaikm via ZackGk

Sébastien Tellier – Cochon Ville The Magician Remix via KEEPREAL

Bwana – Nami Swan via Golden Scissors

Monitor 66 – Her Bells Gary Baldi Remix via Nite Versions

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  • On the subject of what evolutionary advantage the ability to perceive more colors could bring, one to consider might be medical diagnosis: I seem to recall that there are some holistic healers —women usually— who claim to diagnose a patient’s state of health based on the color of their ‘aura’. And wasn’t there also a lady with ‘super-smell’ who could predict if a couple would stay happily married or not based on their scent?

    My point is that our medical instruments are nothing but an artificial extension of our senses. Imagine if our eyes or noses could pick up the information that can only be revealed through a thermo-scan or IR goggles.

    Or maybe it could just help you to track your preys better 😛

  • BrothaJeff

    I told my animation coworkers about this podcast. They are all hooked now 🙂 Love this podcast!

  • PS: I would still burn you at the stake for singing La Macarena!

  • It doesn’t need o evolutionary advantageous. It just needs to not be detrimental.

  • Animation! Anything I know?

    I love me some animation. I even have my copy of The Illusion of Life 🙂

  • BrothaJeff

    I haven’t worked on anything big. Just like TV cartoons. You might of heard of Bob’s Burgers. I’m working on a show now that will be out in the fall. It’s almost like Ren and Stimpy but Monkey’s that fly a rocket ship in space.

  • xicota

    Benjamin–a few thoughts on your commentary: 5,000 years is mainstream archaeology’s timeline on civilization. They have yet to address (to satisfaction) the ruins of a city in the ocean off India, as an example. This site has had some excavation, and artifacts have been found and retrieved, dated at 30,000 yrs. There are the remains of buildings and streets, and if memory serves, a harbor. Another is the underground city in Turkey (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment). This one is 7+ thousand years old.
    In re: “Cays”: Yes, in the US the word is spelled both “cays” and “keys”, the former referring to older areas of settlement. Personally, I prefer “cays”.
    As to the reporting finesse of Fox News, here in the States, Fox News is the equivalent of The Nation Enquirer or The Sun in terms of theatricality and accuracy.

  • That sounds cool 🙂

  • Soo

    Ugh I can’t believe just as I found you guys, it’s the last season! Now what am I supposed to listen to when i’m drawing?!

    You guys are awesome. Come back soon!

  • Fox News: There’s not much they get right. Just sayin’.

  • 8×10 Monk

    Old episodes. They’re full of good stuff and there’s YEARS of them. Look them up in the archives. You’ll draw for a loooong time. Besides I think they’re only off for a week and they’ll be back for another season.

    One of my favorites is #706. I’ve replayed that one for just about everyone that gets in my car and they all love it.

  • Kyle Mark Waal

    Bobs Burgers is awesome!!!