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Episode 809 – Mysterious Universe

Yvonne Smith returns to show to talk about her upcoming book and her continuing work with victims suffering from  alien abduction induced PTSD.

Life long abductee Jesse Long also joins us to share his own shocking experiences with non-human entities and we then explore the often bizarre world of Channeling with multiple shades of madness.

Read on for show notes, music, and videos.

Yvonne Smith

Yvonne Smith


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Essex Police investigate ‘lion’ sighting near St Osyth

Image of ‘Essex Lion’ that sparked massive police hunt is finally revealed

The Essex lion farce

Man posing as Bigfoot hit by cars, killed

A Coat Can Make You Smarter

Hacking your BRAIN: Scientists reveal they can find out your pin number, and even where you live – all using a cheap headset

Space Elevator Project Shoots for the Moon

Space Elevator Science – Climb to the Sky – A Tethered Tower

Alien Encounter May Not Be Happy One, Says Nobel Prize Winner

Episode 414 – Mysterious Universe

Extraterrestrial Intruders

The Allies Briefings

Channelling Videos:

Light Language activation: Thoth Blue Moon Scarab, clearing akashic records, activate download

Light Language Activation: Mother Mary-Activate Merkaba & programming of feminine

Light Language Transmission August 2012


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I should be dead

Dejavu saved my life on two occasions

Alien abduction Jesse Long

Woman Takes Part In Search For Herself


ryan hemsworth – slurring [baauer remix] via The New Black

Synkro  Indigo – Guidance via Phuture Labs

Doc Daneeka  Abigail Wyles – Tobyjug via Indieshuffle

Koreless – Lost In Tokyo via Indie Shuffle

Shadow Child- So High via Blah Blah Blah

ryan hemsworth – slurring [baauer remix] via The New Black

Doc Daneeka  Abigail Wyles – Tobyjug via Indieshuffle

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  • Re. Light Language Activation: I prefer the Trashmen version better…

  • wow She’s Quite a nut job

  • MudWhistle9000

    Thoth channeling girl… Just, wow. Bath salts are a hell of a drug. I’m no linguistic expert, but repeating the same noises out of your crazy pie hole while you try hard to ignore your starving baby does not exactly convince me that some ancient Egyptian god is giving you “downloads” about mystical scarabs and obelisks. You are filled with insane.

  • shaan

    the space elevator sounds like a dumb idea. What happens if a strong gust of wind knocks this thing down? or if any other natural event hits it? Although it would be cool if they put windmills on it and generate energy

  • King of The Couch

    After listening to the segment on the Allies Briefing, I can’t help but wonder. What if these “Allies” are the ones we really need to be afraid of? Maybe this briefing is simply the “Allies” campaign of misinformation to prevent us from listening to these other beings who are truly here to help.

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    Guys. Have to say, I love the music you play most every week! If you were to provide a burned MU weekly CD I would buy at least 2 per month.

  • Alan

    I must admit, here all the hype and hysteria over the Essex Lion, and considering I stay in the middle of the Essex countryside, I have been keeping my beady eye open, but unfortunately I have seen nothing but one part of the show did peek my interest, and that was that UFOs have been sighted during ABCs.
    I have had my Close encounter here in my sleepy Village of Sheering around 17 miles from the City of Chelmsford.
    I was even able to video it thought I must admit the camera can’t really show the same details that I can see with my naked eyes, but if anything I was able to narrate what I was looking at.
    What’s intresting you can see what I am looking at and you can see the lights of passing aircraft which are coming from Standstead Airport some 12 miles distant to the north of my position the Object was in the South.
    This area of Essex has had a fair number of UFO sightings in the past couple of years, I put a link to my video for you guys to have a look at. Keep up the good work I loved the interviews, and you know if Mr Grey or any of his buddies come near me, I’ll kick there fucking face off!

  • CBader_Squatch

    Fellas – loved the show as usual. But let me be a sociology nerd for a minute and take issue with several of your comments about UFO abductions.

    – UFO abduction stories have been consistent for twenty years —

    Don’t know why this is always repeated. These stories have changed and evolved dramatically over time.

    – UFO abduction stories are the same around the world.–

    Again – not true. UFO encounters and abductions vary dramatically around the world — until our American abduction “culture” (books by Hopkins, etc.) spreads to them.

    – It is easier to believe that UFO abductions are “real” than it is to believe in Jungian ideas of people sharing archetypes.

    These aren’t the only two options… There are a lot of psychological, sociological and cultural factors that are well known to sociologists that help stories like abductions spread easily – without buying into Jung.

    Anyway – I have good friends who believe they have been abducted by aliens. Not trying to debunk here. Maybe abductions are real, maybe they aren’t… but many aspects of them are easily explainable.

  • Many people want to find that ‘holy grail’ which binds all the great mysteries of our era: UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot & Nessie. Just what is it these aspects of the ‘Paranormal’ have in common.

    Well, that’s actually an easy question: WE ARE.

    If there weren’t people perceiving and interpreting these weird events, we wouldn’t be able to build a mythology around them. Something of a twist of the old Zen thinking –If a UFO flies over Washington and no one sees it, does it exist at all? 😉

    (Or, even better: If a UFO flies over Washington and is witnessed by thousands, but it’s not reported by the mainstream media, is it something we should care about?)

    I think many researchers are starting to become aware that human consciousness is gonna be where we find the final piece of this puzzle. And re. abductions, I haven’t really made up my mind about them. Some elements seem clearly to be non-physical in nature –which DOES not necessarily mean they are not real– and at this point I don’t know how they relate to the few physical aspects in some cases. Could it be that alien implants are the modern equivalent of Mystical stigmata?

    People get so obsessed with fighting about the possible origin of UFOs –they are extraterrestrial! no, interdimensional! they live underground! they come from the future!– and right now I happen to agree with Anne Strieber when she realized this phenomenon, whatever its nature, has more to do with what happens with humans after we die than with outer space.

    I dunno. Maybe we have it all ass-backwards. We bitch and moan about whether some UFOs seem more ‘real’ than others, when maybe we haven’t realized that OUR reality is the imaginary one. That these manifestations come from a source that is more dominant in the structure of the Universe than our petty region governed by Time and Space. But we Flatlanders feel sooo important in our flat houses and our flat jobs and our flat life.

    When cosmologists keep telling us the visible aspect of the Cosmos amounts only to 10% of the total matter and energy in the Universe, with the other 90% being dark matter, dark energy, dark fields and whatever other darkies they care to bring up, one has to reach a sobering conclusion: We are the residual stuff of the Universe, y’all!

    Maybe the reasons aliens haven’t landed in the White House, is because THEY don’t believe in our existence –except perhaps for a few deranged members of their society, who keep yapping about these humans that are ‘made out of meat’ 😛

  • Shortney

    Sadly, it seems as if 2 of the Thoth lady’s videos have been deleted by her. I can only imagine why…

  • Rob Dudley

    The story about lab coats making people smarter reminded me of the game Fallout where simply wearing a lab coat (or overalls) improved your Science (or Repair) skills…

  • RadioElvis

    The Spurs Kitty channeling thing was one of the funniest things I have ever heard….but sadly she is no longer on You Tube and I can’t even find a Google mention of her anywhere. I wish someone had saved her video locally…I can’t even imagine what that looked like! Bummer.