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An Encounter with the Hat Man

Rebecca was six years old in 1978 when something terrifying walked into her life.

“When I was a child I saw what I now know is called the Hat Man,” Rebecca said. “The Hat Man I saw spoke to me.”

Although she now lives in Florida, Rebecca grew up in Missouri, and spent parts of 1977 and 1978 in her grandmother’s house in Independence, Missouri.

“During this time in my life my mother, sister and I lived with my grandparents off and on due to our own circumstances and the fact that my grandfather was in and out of the hospital,” she said.

Rebecca remembers other relatives staying in her grandparents’ house at that time, taking the spare bedroom she usually shared with her sister. That night, Rebecca and her sister slept in her grandmother’s room, and soon discovered they weren’t alone.

“My sister and grandmother were sleeping in the bed like normal, and I was sleeping between the two of them with my head at the foot of the bed,” Rebecca said. “I had a terrible nightmare, one where the dresser drawers were opening and closing on their own and ghosts and clothing were flying out.”

Rebecca remembers her dreamself lying in the same place as her body slept.

“Most dreams are in other places, or familiar places, but never from the perspective of where you are actually sleeping,” she said. “I woke up from the dream very afraid.”

Terrified, she gently kicked, trying to wake her grandmother, but couldn’t rouse her.

“I debated getting up and finding my mom, but I would have had to walk past the dresser from my dream and decided that was too scary,” she said. “I turned my gaze away from the dresser and up to the window behind the headboard of the bed and that is where I saw the Man.”

The Man, a dark, looming figure, seemed to stand on the headboard, but Rebecca now wonders if the Man stood behind the headboard and was extremely tall.

“The Man was wearing a long flowing coat, a top hat and carried a cane,” Rebecca said. “He had no real features, but was a solid object that blocked the light from the window behind him. I was terrified because there was someone else in the room and because I recognized it as non-human.”

Rebecca and the Hat Man stared at one another for what could have been minutes, or seconds, when the figure lifted its arm and pointed at her.

“He said, ‘This is your last chance,’” Rebecca said. “His voice did not fill the room. The best way I can describe it is that it filled my head. The voice was flat with no residual sound, as if everything surrounding the words had been removed.”

After the Hat Man spoke those five cryptic words, he put down his arm and disappeared. She told her family of the encounter the next day, but they paid little attention.

“Little kids are always filled with stories that grown ups nod and smile while hearing,” she said. “I vaguely remember being afraid of grandma’s room for a while, but not much else following the incident.”

She didn’t bring up the Hat Man encounter again until her teens; this time her family listened.

“Everyone believed in ghosts, so it was another neat ghost story from a family member for everyone except my aunt,” she said. This is because her aunt has had more than one ghostly encounter, all eerily similar to her own. “She said she had seen the same man in that same house.”

Although the fear of her grandmother’s room has long since gone, along with the terror of that long ago moment when she met the Hat Man, one question remains.

“I’ve tried to figure out what, ‘This is your last chance,’ meant,” she said. “My grandfather died somewhere around this time, but I can not be certain if the Hat Man appeared before or after his death. I do know that grandpa was not in the house at the time, but he spent quite a bit of time in the hospital toward the end of his life. Was the Hat Man telling me this was my last chance to talk with him? I don’t know.”

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  • PurrlGurrl

    I saw hat man as a child. My sister and I (being about 5 and 7, respectively) were using her bed as a trampoline, an activity that would get us into trouble with our father if he were home rather than at work at the time. As we were happily bouncing and squealing, I saw in my peripheral vision the shadow of a man in a hat standing in the bedroom doorway watching us. I was immediately chastened and made us stop jumping, thinking that it was our father (who always wore a hat, summer or winter), home from work. When we stopped, the shadow man turned and moved away from the door. I went right out into the hallway, looking for our father, but nobody was there. Reaching the kitchen I found my mother who said our father wasn’t home from work yet and I must have been imagining. I didn’t see the shadowy man again that day, or in fact, ever again. But, he remains a very vivid childhood memory.

  • As I am gifted/cursed with th gift of medium.This story is very interesting as my family lived on a ranch in California…we found many artifacts from long gone native americanswho once lived by the river on our ranch…when my brother and I were quite young we slept in my bedroom in two single beds.. Many times both of us or one of us or the other would see a huge lumbering male silhouette moving in place at our doorway.The hall light was on so it was only a vibrating shadow..Once it came crawling into the doorway on its hands and knees.I screamed for my Mom and my brother woke upand saw the crawler also….My parents then would come running into the room and through the silhouette and turn on the light.When they turned the light on the shadow would sort of just explode into spots and evaporate so to speak.My parents seemed concerned and always told us this fib to make us feel better:
    “The shadow is molecules of Light that collect in the atmosphere and materialize at night”..Uhhh wrongggggg! Once years later my brother and I were sitting and talking and I asked him if he remembered that shadow man.He said he did.We never spoke of it again.
    james wilkinson…

  • Jackpat
  • Tsuroshi

    Holy shit dude.

    So what is it about the head that makes people think it’s a hat?

  • hidflect

    It looks a bit like a hat. A wide narrow “brim”.

    Faced with an incomprehensible vision, we can sometimes leap to the nearest explanation we can relate to. It’s a common enough phenomena related to normalcy bias. Anything outside our world view can trigger irrational denial. Think of wives who deny their husbands are sexual molestors. Jerry Sandusky’s wife for example. Our brain is trained to make fast assumptions. That’s how we avoided tigers in the jungle. So you see something and the reptile section of our brain takes over.

  • Tsuroshi

    Yah, I agree that our preconceptions, attitudes, emotional states, etc. can have major effects on our perceptions and, more importantly, our interpretations of the things we perceive.
    What do you think that means re: your interpretation of the “Hat Man” entity?

  • Bradly

    I first encountered him when I was 19. It was about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. The first episode of “sleep paralysis” he revealed himself as an emaciated, hairless, ugly hound that proceeded to run through my living room and jump onto my bed and tear at my throat. The second time, when I was 20, at my mother’s house, he appeared as my brother, but he was rotting and dead. He was floating in the middle of my room in broad daylight. The third time, at my sister’s house, right after I had fallen asleep about 10:00 pm, he appeared as a strange decrepit crow that whispered in my ear after swooping down upon my chest. He asked me if “I wanted to live or die.” The fourth time, a couple of months later, he finally appeared in his most familiar form. He was a tall dark silhouette of a man wearing a trench-coat and a fedora, surrounded in a brown cloud of reeking smoke. He proceeded to enter my room and stand beside my bed. He reached out with his index finger which was as very cold and held it against my forehead. The strange thing was I wasn’t that frightened during these experiences. Perhaps he wasn’t a demon at all but Death himself.

  • Nour

    Very very similar encounter happened to me. I still cant believe what I have read here because I feel relieved and surprised in the same time that someone else has encountered the hat man as well…I had this strong terrifying dream in different periods of my life that made me literally shake and freeze in fear… And exactly as it is written here “he blocks the light” and I have seen his shadow on the floor. I started to run from my apartment in the hall of the building and rapidly shut the doors. Then when I turned back I saw he was looking through the spyhole (it is broken so cannot be closed and I have seen the light from inside the apartment). I saw he looked through it, then moved, then looked through it, then again…I fear to death and here the dream always stops….Every time I talk about it, I sweat in fear. I don’t know what to do to face him…

  • Paul Psychologist

    Hypnagogic and hynopompic sleep paralysis and hallucinations. Google it. Take comfort in that this is normal brain mechanism that occurs around times of stress or trauma. Lots of things can help including not lying on your back as this is the perspective in which the experiences invariably occur.

  • Nietzsche

    can’t tell you how validated that I felt when I finally learned that others have seen this “thing.” I remember waking and it’d be standing there and I would melt into the covers after not being able to awaken my brother beside me. It was tall, featureless, wearing a brimmed hat and trench coat.

    The only other time that I ever saw anything like this was when I became an adult, my brother and I saw a small family of blurry shadow people right before dusk that disappeared as we began to corner them with rifles. Then, on the walk out and talking about what we had seen—they reappeared in the distance with the setting sun to their backs so we could definitely see their distinctive human shapes.

  • liebowitz

    I have a friend who had multiple experiences with the Hat Man as a child. It wasn’t sleep paralysis. I know what that is and have experienced it. When he was older, he wrote down his experiences and contacted the then famous Hans Holzer, paranormal investigator. Mr. Holzer published his account.

  • Chris Lavallee

    so what your saying is people can see the exact same thing if they suffer from sleep paralysis? wouldnt that be mass hallucination? how could people see the same thing are we all connected or is there another explanation” mr.psychologist” so ….why do people see a 7 foot shadow with a hat and trench coat standing next to bed looking at them?

  • matt soukuo

    in the 80s seen the hat man = not a cowboy hat but more like Zoro
    I had a sword that took someones life – and it was very attracted to it
    plus are lot was 1 – in the whole town = 1 ivy lane dyer ind
    some say it was a berial gound for lynwood Indians – my mom saw it
    my brother child came from ky and saw It
    it followed me to a girlfriends house – she was so scared we left the house
    next morning we woke =her hot blonde roommate said someone got into bed with me last night – I turned but no one was there – lol

  • Christina Bullard Jennings

    I saw the hat man when I was 15. I was awakened by him holding my foot at the end of my bed. I was so terrified that I froze out of fear and shut my eyes. I am 38 now and I have experienced numerous sleep paralysis episodes. They are extremely terrifying and I feel awake but I am unable to move or make a sound. One episode was so terrifying and I felt like I was going to die. I was finally able to recite the Lords prayer and miraculously I was freed from being paralyzed. I have experienced something coming into my room and actually getting in my bed. I am very intuitive and I feel like these things are literally trying to consume peoples energy and kill them. They are evil and I try to bless or cleanse my home when I feel negative energy. The Indians called these entities shape shifters or skinwalkers. If you are seeing these things then you are most likely an intuitive person. Listen to your gut always. Learn a prayer and tell them to go. They have no power over you. They will try to trick you and make you do things. They want you to be scared and they feed off of you. I hope this helps.

  • Lauren

    I had a vision of the hat man two nights ago. Same top hat, flory coat and cane. He came to me in what I would consider a dream, though I wasn’t asleep. I had been laying in bed when I closed my eyes to meditate, daydreaming as I usually do. I was in a snowy scene, with one long road. Down the road, the hat man reached out a hand and beckoned me forward. I hesitated. I could feel my heart start to race as the man walked toward me. My heart was beating faster and harder out of my chest and he spoke in a low whispering hiss. “Yes, your heart. An attack.” I opened my eyes and sprung out of the bed. I do get heart palpitations sometimes, and I was born with a heart murmur. But was the hat man telling me how I die? Or warning me to take better care of myself? Or was he just a manifestation of my own fears?

  • barfstew

    I have had a variety of different encounters/dreams with various things. My dreams of this Zorro-like guy persisted the longest. When I was young, he hurt me. And I may be mixed up but in the subsequent dreams I too had a sword and I was chasing him to kill him. He would laugh and mock me as he escaped.

    Unlike others nightmarish villains, the hat man is very matter of fact, kind of seemed to be less preoccupied with scaring me because he was able to hurt me. It’s like he is not very emotionally connected to the fact he hurts you.

    Oh well, maybe we’ll find out tonight? Or when we’re finally dead.

  • Spookypalooza

    I was a grown adult (32 yrs old) with a husband and 2 children when I saw him and I wasn’t asleep at all. Someone recently explained that we ourselves (you or somebody nearby) could actually be somehow energetically creating this manifestation. They’ve proven telekinesis, so maybe this is another form of energy manipulation. But it doesn’t answer why they all look pretty much the same and we’re ALL thinking his name is “Hat Man”. Not Mr Shadow Guy, Not Blackie. I think he actually told me his name was “Hat Man” when my brain first said internally, “What the hell is THAT?!?!” (Note: Not WHO is that, but WHAT…).

  • nullz

    My recent experience with a “Hat man” went completely different than what I’ve read from most people here in comment discussion. Before I get to that I’ll explain what happened to me when I was a child. About 8-9 years old. I was living at my childhood house that I loved. I was a very sensitive child. You know how most children cry until they get attention from an adult, well I would cry more and more when adults wouldn’t leave me alone. I would just sit on my floor by my bed and weep alone until I would hyperventilate and then finally fall asleep. My mom and grandma would have to tell my teachers or family who was baby sitting me that if I started crying to just leave me alone because it would only make it longer, and to just let me cry myself to sleep. I remember I was very afraid and uncomfortable with…this world I guess. I absolutely could not sleep without the bedroom door open so that I could hear my mom watching tv and the light shining into my room, also with my scooby-doo nightlight plugged in. Me and my sister always shared a room. We had a day bed, I slept on the top portion with my head nearest the direction of the door, she slept on the bottom roll out part same body direction because I was afraid of sleeping next to the under the bed part. One night I couldn’t get to sleep, my mom had gone to sleep so the only light for me was my night light. I remember I had this overwhelming feeling that something was behind me at the door. So I propped myself up with my elbow, and looked. I stared in horror for only a few seconds at this thing that was leaned against my door frame, it was just in the form of a mans body but it was all white like the inversion of a shadow. It had no clothes made out that I could see, no facial feature it was just like a silhouette. It leaned against my door frame with it’s arms crossed and it was leaned slightly forward in my direction with it’s neck forward so that I knew it was LOOKING at ME. It wanted me to know it was looking at me. It didn’t do anything but stare at me. I remember that I looked away from it like when you’re a child and not looking at it you feel will take away some of somethings power, I leaned over to my sister and violently shook her awake although she wasn’t as awake and alert as I would’ve liked. I told her that there was something at the door and to look. She propped herself up with her elbow too and looked back at the door and said she didn’t see anything. I couldn’t believe it, how could she not see it, it was right there, I begged her to not go back to sleep but she did, I remember lifting my eyelashes in case they were making me see this. But there it was just leaning there staring at me. I went under my blanket covers and cowered under there and felt the thing stare at me for 3 more hours or so. It must’ve left when I finally fell asleep…I would hope. For years I felt guilty for feeling horror and anger from a visit of a being of light, but then I realized that evil pretends to be beings of light too. It wanted to confuse me. How David Icke says that the evil things like to absorb the energy of children before puberty most, it’s the best energy to them. That’s what they are doing to us. they need only instill us with fear then soak it up. Well now I’m in my 20’s and last year one night my kitten died, I was visited by a “hat man”. big mistake, im not that fearful child anymore. I’ve had many years of anger grown about it. In the darkness of the room I see the hat man at the door, I got a good look at him. He looked different then some of you have described, maybe he has different wardrobes xD well he was wearing a stupid black fedora, black slacks, black turtle neck, black gloves, and a black balaclava like mask only without mouth or eye holes. He was actually wearing a turtle neck, what is this the 90’s? xD Anyways, he stood there and stared at me, I was laying on the floor next to my kitten who was tucked in a shoe box because we couldn’t bury her til the morning. The hat man seemed to realize his efforts of instilling fear into me by just staring at me wasn’t working so he actually had the nerve to push my body into the side of my kittens box thinking it might make me fear or something….uh oh, wrong move hat man, It enraged me, I jumped up off the floor so fast and yelled at the hat man that he’s a pussy then I literally punched him square in the face even though he was a bit taller. Then he ran out the door and down the hall. I gave it no further thought and fixed my kittens box, and layed back on the floor to go to sleep, then the hat man came back and was at the door frame, and the anger shot back into me and I jumped back up to punch him again, but he ran off again…Let me tell you, I’ve never had a visit from “hat man” again. We can’t feed those evil bafoons our precious energy. I love you all 😀

  • Lui

    My wife and I were driving in a busy downtown street around 1pm.. I was driving, on the corner of my eye I caught a dark cloaked figure walking on to the street as we approached. I noticed him stepping onto the road between 2 parked cars, expecting him to appear again once he passed the cars. At first I thought it was a pedestrian, so I made a note to be careful in case he stepped out into traffic. As I approached the parked cars expecting him to pop out, my wife spoke up and told me to be careful of the man crossing the street. As we approached and passed the parked cars he was between I stopped to look and no one was there. Later my wife and I discussed it further, we described the situation and the figure exactly the same.. A dark tall figure cloaked, with a brimmed hat and cloaked.. The interesting thing was that it was a very busy downtown street in the middle of the day and we saw the exact same thing..

  • bkkk

    God bless you. We should always make our courage bigger than our fears. We are more powerful than them when we believe and pray and are fearless. Thanks for making me laugh towards the end of your post too XD

  • Lucio Valdez

    I saw the hat man when I was 12, I had just got done playing guitar hero and all my family was over when I had to pee really bad, but my sister was in the restroom taking a shower so I went out to our backyard and stood on our little patio peeing, our backyard is pretty big from the patio to the fence was about 60 feet, while I was peeing I looked at our fence and when I looked up I saw a man dressed in a trench coach and a fedora hat standing there and I can see if looking at me through a crack of the fence which about a foot long, I couldn’t see his face but just the outline of him and there was a street light 5 feet from where he was standing but all I could see was a shadow bassicly, then I saw his mouth start to move and I could hear his voice in my ear it sounded like he was just muttering words but I could hear it clearly I just couldn’t make out what he said and the think that freaked me out the most was I could feel his breath on my skin even though I was 60 feet away from him on the other side of a fence. I then quit peeing and slowly started walking to the door not taking my eyes off of him so he couldn’t surprise me or anything, I went inside and told all my uncles and we went lookin for him but at the time the local grocery store was building a store there and it was all flat and we searched everywhere for about an hour and there was no sign of him. And now that I’m 16 I started dating this girl and come to find out her older sister saw the same exact man at about the same time.

  • Emily Larson

    Every once in a while, when my Dad is at work and I’m home alone I’ll see the shadow man. My Dad works nights so its about 10pm-1am when I see him. I try and go to sleep and close my eyes, but all I can see is him standing in my closet behind the curtain, watching me. So, I open my eyes and he’s not there. Sometimes I’ll turn on the light and move the curtain so I can’t see the closet, but most of the time I’m to scared to even move. He doesn’t really do anything while he’s there. But, he watches me as I’m trying to sleep. I once saw myself sleeping and I was near the closet. So, I looked inside and he was staring straight at me, not my sleeping body. One day I asked my Mom about it, and described him to her and my OBE. Then she started to cry. She told me my Great Grandmother was the first to see him in our family, Ever since, one girl has been able to see him and have OBE’s. Mt great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. Then my Mom told me that she’d check on me when I was a kid. Every night she was afraid for me and my sister because she knew one day one of us would see him. My sister and I, her two only girls, slept in the same room. She stand in the doorway for minutes on end watching us sleep. She told me one night, she went to check on us, and I was sitting up in my bed (We had a bunkbed and I was on top, so you could see me from the night light). She said I was talking to someone, I remember being my ‘imaginary friends’. She started to get scared because she saw them to. She knew they weren’t imaginary, and that I was the daughter to carry on the ability to see the shadow man. She watched me talking to my friends. and in the corner of her eye she saw something in the corner behind my dresser, and near my bed. It was him, the shadow man. That night was the first night I had ever seen him, I asked my friends if they could see him and they went away. I hid under the covers and my Mom ran in to get me. I looked up and saw her and the man was gone. She took me to her room and I slept with my Mom and Dad. After that night I couldn’t sleep in my room for weeks, I’d grab my blanket and pillow and go to my parents room. I didn’t want them to know I was there. So, if the door was open I’d sleep on the floor next to their bed. If it was closed, I slept by the door. I was terrified to sleep. I was 6-7 the first time I saw him, now I’m 16 turning 17 and I sometimes still do. I still ask questions, who or what is he? And, what does he want with my family? All of which my Mother doesn’t know. But, the only way to break the cycle is if I never give birth to a girl. Or the shadow man will continue to haunt my family.

  • Joseph P.

    Guys I’m about to shart a brick here. So I just passed off this, ‘hat man’ as nothing. Kind of just a weird thing that you see. But I remember very clearly seeing him, or it or whatever. It was around midnight, and I was in my kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye standing in my brother’s doorway was a tall man, about the heighth of the door with a fedora like hat, and a trench coat. My brother was showering at the time, and when he got out I told him about it. And he told me he saw the exact same figure about a day ago. Creepy stuff.. Considering its exactly as everyone here has described.

  • terrapinteri

    I am fascinated to learn that so many other people have dreams/nightmares about the hat man…for years I thought I was the only one.

  • Kora York

    i had had a sighting of him, i was 7. At the time we lived in a trailer and the door was wide open. His head and peeked out, and he was only a solid figure. He wore a hat, similar to what u described. He was about 6’3. He appeared behind my bedroom door as well, he only would stare. My cat seemed to notice him also, yet when i looked away he would vanish. I would call for my mom, still staring at him. “Youre eyes are playing tricks on you.” She would tell me, i got angry and looked away from him.. But when i looked back he was gone.

    I moved away, and i still see him. In broad daylight, but when he leaves, its in a puff of smoke.

    We never exchanged words, but i’m sure i wasn’t asleep. This isnt a dream… He appears in daylight.

  • Steven Nicolaou

    I saw him a few months back. I was sitting in our apartment with my girlfriend and our roommate, who happens to have severe anxiety problems and she was talking about something negative at the time, which wasn’t significant enough for me to remember exactly what she was telling me. We were sitting on a couch and behind us was a glass door that could slide open, leading to a veranda that was on the first floor (nobody could climb that, either). We couldn’t see behind us unless we turned our heads, and our roommate was sitting next to us, but could have a clear view of outside.

    At some point, while she was talking to me, she turned upwards and she froze. Her pupils dilated and she said “There’s someone standing outside”.

    Me, being the only man and was trying to prove myself macho over this, I turned and to my surprise, a figure with a fedora, coat, in his 40s-50s and about 6’3 was there. He had the entity of any physical person because he could hide the things behind him as if he wasn’t a ghost. After about 10 seconds of staring, I pulled the curtains to get a view of him, and at that instant, he just vanished….

    I have had ghost encounters in my life, and for me they aren’t fiction anymore. I guess because I always believed in them.

  • Deklan Barr

    Me too, I just thought I was hallucinating but now I’m not so sure

  • Halie

    I had a strange encounter when I was very young. It happened in a McDonalds, oddly enough. I was an adventurous kid, and stuck my tiny arm in the gap between a plastic booth, and the brick wall. Why? I have no idea, but i soon figured out that I could not pry myself free. My dad is 6’4″, built like a tank, but he could not manage to move the booth, as it was screwed down to the floor, and feared he would have to call the fire department if someone didn’t come help him. I started to cry. Suddenly, my arm came loose as the booth was pulled away, and I was free. I looked up to see a tall man, in a trench coat, and a hat, but he was only a shadow. He seemed like he was cut out of the very world, because he was just a solid silhouette. My dad had turned to thank him, but he had completely vanished, before my father even saw him. But, I did, and it felt like the Hat Man had been staring right at me. I was only around 5, but I remember it very clearly.

    I’m an adult now, but I have frequent sightings of shadow people. I have common cases of sleep paralysis, when shadowy figures are watching me, touching me, crawling over me as I lay awake in terror. I found this article because of a dream I had last night of the shadow people. One was trying to get me to join them. Follow them. Go with them. It was wearing a hood. It promised me beautiful things, good health and happiness, because my life has been plagued with sickness and tragedy. I almost went, but something pulled me away. I woke up feeling like I wasn’t alone.

  • Tina Miles

    When I was sixteen years old, I saw the hat man during sleep paralysis. I still don’t know what it means. He was standing in the doorway of my room. It was a sunny morning and the weird thing was that he didn’t cast a shadow. At least I don’t think he did.

  • Victoria

    Yeah I wasn’t scared more “Is this real..strange…”

  • Victoria old are you now?

  • orbitz11

    2 days ago I just learned of the Hatman and when I saw a drawing of him, I literally was in a nervous shock and started tearing up. This is because I realized the Hatman was the shadow figure that I had experienced a child. I was between 5 and 7 years old. My parents had divorced and I was living with my dad and brother at my grandparents house. I am female and grew up without my mother raising me. I was also bullied a lot in school and have always been nervous. I shared a room with my grandmother and at night I would always be scared of shadows in the room which were usually really piles of clothing. One night I went to crawl out of my bed which was right by the door to go to the bathroom and when I looked into the hallway there was a man hunched over peeking around the corner staring at me. He wore a cape, leathery gloves, and what I called a “hamburgular” hat (fedora). He was blacker than the pitch black room. I jumped back on my bed to hide and told myself that wasn’t real. When I went to get up the 2nd time, ( about 15 seconds later) he was still there staring at me in the same position. He did not have a face but he was staring at me. I was immediately so terrified that I woke up my grandma and told her I had to go to the bathroom. I never told her why I was scared and I never told anyone in my family about my experience because my family would have thought I was crazy. Now I am reading that the hatman is negative when I always thought he was a regular shadow person. I am a bit creeped out and wonder why he chose me. The image of what I saw has never left my mind and I remember being so terrified.

  • Don

    Wow, I guess I’m not the only one who experienced the Hat Man. Probably 1977 or 76, I would’ve been 5 or 6 at the time. I was afraid of the dark and my parents kept the hall light on for me. This “Hat Man” walked in front of my door, stopped and looked a me, then kept walking into my parents room (Whole thing lasted 10 seconds). I screamed so loud it shook the house. I remember describing his hat as an Elmer Fud hat, obviously no one believed me.

    About a week later, I was laying in bed on my back at about 5AM, the hat person was on top of me holding me pinning me down. I tried to scream, however, nothing would come out.. Complete truth

  • Alicia

    I can’t believe I am reading all of this. I had almost the same thing happen to me in about 1973. I never realized that the hat man was something that other people actually experienced. I was only about 5 years old, but I remember every detail as if it was yesterday. I am still so afraid of it that I hesitate to write it down here. He entered my dream, appearing in the glass doorway in my grandmothers kitchen, rattled the door, and eventually opened it in my absolute terror. He pinned me to the floor and pulled out a knife and put it to my chest. He was about to kill me with a smile when I awoke. I can remember every detail of his face-greasy black hair, gaunt, evil hollow eyes and he permeated death. Fedora hat, duster/cape and long fingers. It was utterly terrifying, and still is to this day. Was NOT a positive experience for me.

  • Alicia

    Very very negative for me, but I saw a face.

  • Alicia

    The same thing happened to me Don at about the same age, only he attacked me in a dream.

  • Erica Schuster

    im impressed how many people saw the hat man! I did too…. and im much more impressed by the fact when this happened we were about age of 5… creepy.

  • nick

    I recently had a dream in which a man of the same description, he also had a long knife, was appearing in random visible spots as we were driving down the road, motorway etc. He appeared in house windows that we drove past, advertising boards, but he was getting closer everytime. And he was always standing sideways from us. Anyone have any ideas if this is related?

  • Harlequin

    I had to have been about three years old when I saw this man. I was sick with a bad cold, and, as a result, had trouble sleeping that night. Bored, I kept looking around the dark room, which was lit weakly by a night light.

    When my eyes fell on his figure, I froze. The man was rather tall, I would wager about seven feet, with a wide-brimmed hat and cloak. He didn’t move, save for lowering his featureless head in the direction of the bed’s foot board, as if he was looking at it. I remember feeling ashamed, because I had been suffering from a bed wetting problem at the time, and his looking at the bed felt like he was accusing me of wetting it on purpose.

    My parents slept in the room next door to me, but I felt too stuffed in the nose, and my throat felt too dry, for me to croak out anything.

    Instead, I slipped under the covers with my stuffed animal held tightly to me, and hoped that he would go away. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, morning light was shining through the covers. The man never appeared again, but I either slept on my side, under the covers, or lying on my stomach, for years after that.

  • Tracy Michelle Allen Studards

    I was 6 years old in 1979 and I slept between my parents because I had been having nightmares for a week or so. I remember looking At the foot of our bed and could see the tall hat man lifting up the covers I looked under my covers and saw his hollow face and eyes of fire red. He also had the hat on and I tried to scream but couldn’t. I kicked my feet up trying to keep him from getting me and it woke up my parents. For the next few months I slept with them and would only go to sleep if my mother would wrap her arms around me tight so he couldn’t get me. After I had kids of my own, my daughters would spend the night with my parents ( in a different house) but both saw a shadow at the head of my fathers side of the bed when they were 5 and 8. Who is this shadow man and why does he come to kids ages 5-8?

  • Ramon De Luna

    About 3 weeks ago I had a dream where I was just all of a sudden talking to a friend and out in the background I seen man with white hair approach with a black hat and long coat. I pointed him out in my dream to my friend knowing he looked out of place. He approached what it seemed to be both us very quickly but came to and started performing some thing on me is the only thing I can say. I charged him with anger and hate feeling he was there to hurt me but he took over my body as I was possessed and had me fighting and yelling but he controlled my whole body as who spoke to me but I had no clue what he was saying. I know it may not be the same but this dream scared my as a 32 year old man.

  • Jaiyna

    I am shocked… My family… female line only… or at least, we’re the only ones that will admit to it.. have seen the shadow man since age four or five. I was born in 1970, may to be exact and it kinda creeps me out that we’re all about that age. Before I knew to search these words, i’d always described him as the shadow man, with red glowing eyes, a trench coat and a fedora. I have goose bumps because SO many of these stories are similar to my experiences with shadowman. I dont know about y’all… but HE’s not the only paranormal thing I’ve experienced in my very young childhood… and i’ve proved him to my mothers satisfaction! SHE KNOWS he IS real. I’ve not seen him since I tured twenty or so.

    Edit: I also lived In So.Cal… and was admitted to the Berkeley “Hive” program at age four, though mom was afraid that if she allowed them to take us, she’d not get us back. She then quickly moved to Oregon.

  • Jaiyna

    Those of you who have experienced “Hat Man” or “Shadow Man” as i’ve called him all my life, have you also been to dream school? … If You have, you’ll know what im talking about 🙂

  • Jaiyna

    My brother WONT speak of shadow man at all

  • Alex Alfonso Apocalypsous

    telepathic training?

  • Terry Keith Veitenheimer

    I actually had a few says in a row where I had a dream about the hat man. I would be having a different dream and then all of a sudden I would see myself standing in the living room staring into the kitchen. The kitchen light was on and I could see the sillouhette of the hat man standing in the kitchen entrance. He had one or two little shadow men with him. It was odd because the kitchen was fully lit but they were standing in just a way where they looked like shadows . Of course I was so frightened I woke up with a quickness !! I believe this ending to my dreams happened at least 2 days in a row. It was to the point where they seemed to be expecting me if that makes any sense. Always seemed to get a little closer in each dream. Well at this point I was just getting tired of being woken up by this fear factor. It was really pissing me off hahaha.
    The last time I dreamed of him and his flunkies I took a stand. I was standing in the living room again, but this time there was no one in the kitchen. Then slowly I saw one of his flunkies creep their head around the corner. I said’ Well come on then !!! ” The shadow man started running towards me and I clenched my fist ready to fight and started running towards him and just as we were about to connect…… I woke up.
    I havent dreamed about them since. I havent seen the hat man in my sleep since, but I have seen a shadow person. I wasnt afraid though … it was the middle of the night and I saw it. The shadow creep ran behind a car and I went right after it, but by the time I got to the back of the car, of course; it was gone.