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Episode 811 – Mysterious Universe

This week we start off with news of a magazine dedicated to Exorcists in Poland before looking back to a Catholic Priest from the 16th Century who enjoyed practicing dark arts and teleporting into young maiden’s bedrooms. 

After a quick swig of hallucinogenic golden nectar we look at the Island off the coast of Chile that sounds eerily reminiscent of the TV show LOST down to the secretive group that inhabits said island. In Plus+ we then look at a serious crime in Korea where a man may have been framed by an Octopus.

Read on for show notes, music, and portals.

Exorcism boom in Poland sees magazine launch

16th-Century Trial Records Reveal Priest’s Magic ‘Superpowers’

Taking the P*ss: Did Shamans Really Drink Reindeer Urine?

Chile: An Interdimensional Vision? Strange Experience in Concepción

Friendship in Strange Places: A Mysterious Chilean UFO Story

LOST in Friendship Island of Chile?…

Unveiled Secrets and Messages of Light

Laughing Old Hag

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Drunk North Korean man floats to South Korea

Man Frames Octopus for Murder or Vice-Versa, Trial Ongoing in South Korea

Saints Preserve Us!


The Entity

Angelique Cottin: The Electric Girl

2012-2032 transition to the golden age – Diana Cooper


JK Soul – Hit It (2012 Edit) via Music for Morons

Fulgeance – Step Thru via ZacGk

DJ Mentos – Yesterdays Gone (Instrumental) via musigh

Cassian – I Love it via Loudat

Ultraista – Smalltalk (Four Tet remix) via indieHearts

Joel Hood – Campanero via Hearing Gold

Ta-ku – Hey Justin (RE  TWERK EP) via Stolen Records


  • Re. Friendship Island, here’s what’s alleged to be an actual audio recording of a ham radio conversation between Ortiz’s wife and the enigmatic Ariel. It was recorded when that UFO was observed flying over the city of Santiago. You can hear the deep serene voice of Ariel, along with the frantic voice of Ortiz’s wife, and even some other people who creep into the channel —this was pre-Skype, mind you 😉

    Now, after I e-mailed Micah —who was the one who wrote the article Friendship in Strange Places, and not Nick (tsk tsk you guys!)— I managed to find this link, which I believe is the transcription of the journal written by Ernesto de la Fuente in a now-defunct website named Conexión Ovni:

    Ernesto’s story is fascinating, whether factual or not. So if you have the patience to use Google Translate, you should give it a read. Much more interesting that all the ‘channeled’ crap where they link the Friendship community with the Pleiadians and all the other ascended masters.

    Now that I managed to re-find this journal, I’m definitely planning on expanding on the Friendship saga with an article of mine, since IMO Friendship Island looks almost like a textbook example of what a Breakaway Civilization —using Dolan’s terminology— would be like; although I think I also need to watch some episodes of Lost, since (believe it or not) I never watched that series 😛

    Stay tuned, amigos!

  • Abeam

    There is another crazy mag: The Girls N Corpses mag

  • lost

    seriously, never watched Lost ?!… tsk tsk tsk 🙂

  • I know! 😉

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