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Episode 812 – Mysterious Universe

The show kicks off with news of warp drives, spider bots in space, and a joint China/USA force fighting aliens and “time things”. Yep “time things”.. solid source on that one folks.

We then have a surprising update to an old classic tale of a burnt Sasquatch being rescued from a brush fire only to have the incident covered up by authorities. A new source steps forward to corroborate the account with additional information.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

NASA turns to 3-D printing for self-building spacecraft

NASA Starts Work on Real Life Star Trek Warp Drive

TEDxEmbryRiddle – Jason Dunn – 3D Printing in Space

‘We are speaking about trillions of carats’: Russia reveals vast diamond source under 62-MILE-WIDE asteroid crater which could supply world markets for next 3,000 years

UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

Bigfoot injured by a forest fire was taken away and hidden by the authorities, not even Robert Lindsay can top this story

Anonymous Former National Guardsman Claims Mount St. Helens Burnt Bigfoot Story Happened

Nurses & Their Ghost Stories!


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Cosmic Cars and Other Road Oddities

The burglar with the lemon juice disguise

Woman who destroyed fresco wants to sue


June-Miller—Brussel-North-(Asa-Remix)–EM0912 via EARMILK

Volor Flex – About You via ZacGk

Reso—Aegis–EM0912 via EARMILK

Rounds – Escapist via Human Drizzle

Ride vs Paus – Atlas via Punch Magazine


  • Kent

    It is exciting to travel great distances in just a couple years but is that two years to the people traveling or the from Earth? If it is the people traveling, if they travel back after a year, 5 years to them will be generations on Earth correct?

  • rsanchez1

    the 3-D printing spacecraft is sort of the premise of Stargate Universe. An ancient race sent out a master starship capable of receiving a stargate connection from anywhere in the Universe (provided you had the energy for such a connection). The ancients also sent ahead of the master starship several seeder ships, which would seed planets with smaller stargates capable of a more local connection only. All starships descended down inside stars when they needed energy, and the seeder ships presumably used that energy to construct stargates from the most basic building blocks, converting energy into matter and “printing” out stargates.

  • Abeam


    I demand to know what happened to your Video-Podcast-Plans.
    Gear up. You could do it as a monthly bonus.

  • Candiruphobe

    That last music clip is Nerd Revolt isn’t it? Didn’t see a link in the music section to it.

  • It does make you wonder about all those alien abduction accounts concerning the gathering of genetic material in the form of semen and ova. Raw materials for their Avatar 3D printers?

  • Maybe the 1st MU video could be recorded at the Paradigm Symposium. Surely some of the many fans of ‘the mouth of the South’ will remember to bring a video-camera 😉

  • DFL
    3d printer-you have to see it to believe it!

  • Abeam

    Exactly ; )

  • Cliff’51

    Sorry guys,
    I’m not buying the alleged Nation Guards story in the least, or the he lives here in Washington state. No self respecting resident here would refer Mt. St. Helens as Mt. St. HELEN. Besides everyone knows about the rumors that any animal remains were helicoptered to a NG base at Kelso, WA after the blast, to be destroyed to stop the potential spread of disease. Nothing survived inside the blast zone, and I seriously doubt that anything hung around the area after. Although I have to say animals moved into the blast zone not long after, which surprised the biologists studying the area after things settled down. That’s my story from Vancouver, WA and I’ll probably stick with it………..

  • Paranormal Paul

    I love the idea that the four Men In Black in the car were stoners. Of course they’re not going to roll down the window, they were hot boxing. Also it explains why these MIB cars are disappearing in a puff of smoke. They’re rolling down the windows to let all the smoke out while they get away.

  • Aussie Mike

    Bigfoot could very well have a dramatic impact on established religion, for example if their DNA predates ours, Were Adam and Eve bigfoot ?, If so what are we.