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Cases of Time Slips

A white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Fall 1971, and stopped at a gate. Karl, Mark, and Gordon worked for cattle feed distributor and were sent to this remote area to pick up a feeder. What they found there has kept them silent for 41 years.

“We opened the gate, which was barbed wire with no lock, and entered,” Karl said. “We went on the property, which was covered with grass up to and over the hood of the truck.”

They drove through the tall grass to the tank that sat close to a red barn and got out of the truck.

“We realized the tank was almost half full and too heavy to load,” Karl said. “We decided to leave and drove around the red barn and we saw a large, two story white house, with no lights in front of us.”

The trio drove back to the cattle feed company and the boss said he’d drain the tank and they could pick it up tomorrow.

“We went to the location to retrieve the tank the next night,” Karl said. “This time we decided to go through the old white big house on the hill and brought our shotguns.”

They drove onto the property over the path they’d made through the grass the day before and loaded the tank. Then they pulled around the barn toward the house. What they saw burned into their memories.

“It was no longer there,” Karl said. “We walked up the hill where it stood and there were no signs of demolition, no foundation, nothing at all. What we all seemed to witness the night before was no longer there. We have talked to each other over the years but none of us can begin to explain this vision.”

Did these men witness a slip in time?

Time slips have been reported throughout history. English women vacationing in France in 1901 claimed they stepped into the French Revolution, and two English couples traveling in Spain in the 1970s stayed at an oddly archaic hotel that was simply gone on their return journey.

Physicists like Albert Einstein, Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking have all said time travel is theoretically possible; our science just can’t achieve it. But what if nature can?

The light in the sky shown white, far from the greens and reds Jake saw during the Aurora Borealis of 2004, visible in North America as far south as the lower Midwest. Jake, 15, stood outside his parents home in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, around 10 p.m. 28 May, leaning against a truck and looking at the lights. He didn’t know his life was about to change.

“A bright white glow suddenly filled the northern horizon,” he said. “This looked nothing like the northern lights, nor did it behave like them.”

The light moved like the light of a copy machine. The single bar of brightness moved from west to east over Jake’s head and disappeared.

“I thought that I should maybe go inside at this time, and found myself unable to move,” he said. Numbness grew in his arms and legs and he blacked out. When he woke, he knew he’d been somewhere else.

“I felt woozy and almost sedated,” he said. “Time seemed muddled in my head.”

He walked into the house to find he’d been outside an hour. “It took most of the night for me to tell my parents what happened, and most of the time I kept telling them that I thought the calendar was wrong, it should at least be after 2008,” he said. “To this day, my mother remembers bits of this, mainly because I looked at her and asked point blank, ‘Is the black man president?’”

What happened to Jake? Seizure? Psychological phenomena? Or did Jake accidentally take a brief, four-year step into 2008?

Jake’s slip is just one in a long line of stories from people who have brushed against a different time, such as RAF pilot Sir Victor Goddard who encountered airplanes in 1935 that didn’t exist until 1939, and a 100-year-old Swiss watch found in a Chinese Ming dynasty tomb. People may slip like this all the time.

Kell opened the door of his 1999 Chevrolet S-10 next to a convenience store gas pump in Springfield, Missouri, when a large man accosted him.

“As I left the gas station, some large melon-headed man dressed in a business suit yelled, ‘What year is it?’” Kell said.

The man stood at a spot Kell would have walked by when he left the store, but he hadn’t seen him. The man wore a dark black suit “with a rough fiber texture,” Kell said. “Along the lines of the things Teddy Roosevelt could wear.”

“What year is it?” the man yelled again.

The man was white, about 35 to 40 years old, clean-shaven, normal, but he’d asked an odd question. Kell answered it.

“Two-thousand three,” Kell told him.

The man’s face contorted in anger.

“What year is it?” he screamed at Kell.

“Again I said ‘2003.’”

The large man screamed the question one more time.

“I said ‘2003’ so he could hear me,” Kell said. “Then he quit asking.”

Kell glanced away from the man as he slid into his truck, but safely inside, Kell turned to get another look at him. The man was gone.

“He disappeared from the front of the gas station,” Kell said. In the seconds it took Kell to slip into his truck, the man simply vanished. Kell looked, but the man hadn’t stepped inside the store – the only place he could have gone in that short amount of time. He was just gone.

“These stories are not so rare as people think,” Kell said. “But the stories are so bizarre that I don’t think anyone would want to come foreword to tell it. Who would believe you?”

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  • Justin Hahnel

    Does anyone know of a book that tells these stories and more?

  • Deaana

    Time slips are my favorite!

    I found a bunch of stories here, including a video:

    found a book about it called’Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide’
    that’s supposed to have some stories in it, i haven’t purchased it yet,

    Hope it helps.

  • Paul Haresnape

    Justin, check out ‘Time Storms’ by Jenny Randles, an excellent book full of witness testimonies.

  • Paul Haresnape

    I may have said ‘Time Slips’, if so I meant ‘Time Storms’, sorry, my reply is awaiting moderation. . ISBN: 0 7499 2159 5 (Hbk) & 0 7499 2242 7 (Pbk) – may help as was published in 2001

  • xicota

    Jenny Randles’ “Time Storms”; she also has one on time travel.

  • weirdaustralia

    The following letter by J Truman of Calcarra, Western Australia appeared in the Western Mail on 1 August 1946. The author relates a bizarre experience in which he is apparently transported through space and time after pulling on a pair of second hand khaki army trousers.

    “Having served in many parts of the Empire and have seen many strange happenings, beyond my limited comprehension, I have always been partial to khaki, having worn it for more years than I sometimes care to remember. So there was nothing strange in my going into an Army surplus store and purchasing, amongst other goods, a pair of second hand khaki trousers.

    “The first time I put them on was a Saturday night, and a feeling came over me which would be hard to describe. I had a restless night and on Sunday morning I put the same trousers on again, picked up my haversack and rifle. As I was walking across the paddocks, the heavy fog seemed to become more intense. Suddenly I found myself in a jungle. In front of me was a young Australian soldier, advancing along the trail, tommy-gun at the ready.

    “Then I spotted a Jap sniper in the tallest tree on the right side of the trail taking aim, I yelled a warning to the Aussie but too late he lay dead on the trail.

    “My yell frightened sheep and lambs in all directions and I felt a great fool yet it was just as though I had been there with him. I examined the trousers carefully when I arrived back at the homestead, and found what appeared to be blood stains on them. I suppose there is an explanation somewhere but the experience has got me beat.”
    J. TRUMAN (Calcarra)

  • Dan Muench

    Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. Not so much exactly as described above but time slips are central to the story.

  • FalseParadigm

    Took office in January but won the election in November 2008.

  • McKenna Grace Fisher

    I experience phenomenons like this often… I now know I am not alone

  • Shane York

    I’m from a small town near Springfield so I thoroughly enjoyed this. What I want to know is if somebaody knows in what circumstances do these events most likely occur?

  • Tracy King

    I experienced what I believe was a time slip in 1962 when I was 12. My Mother sent me out into our green and grassy backyard in Maryland to pick up the sticks and twigs that had fallen from our very large poplar tree. I had picked up an arm load of sticks and bent down to pick up another one but when I stood back up I was in another place. It looked rather barren and dry and I could see hills or maybe mesa’s in the distance. I had a sense that “my people” were there and it was my job to collect firewood which is why I was out alone. The wood also seemed more like driftwood and very dry. I never looked behind me so I don’t know if I could have been near water or any wooded areas. I could see my hair blowing in the breeze and it was very long and wild. I looked down and I was wearing fur that went over one shoulder and went down to my thighs. I was barefoot. I knew I was the same person but I was somehow in a different place and time. It only lasted a few seconds and then I was back in my backyard in Maryland. I have thought about this for the last 50 years and I believe that I was doing exactly the same thing at exactly the same time that I was doing in a parallel universe or dimension and that somehow triggered the switch. I often wondered what the me from the other place thought when they appeared as me in my backyard in 1962. Did they have any understanding of what happened given the limited experiences in their life at that time? I had at least read about early man in school and knew what other places looked like but they didn’t have any of that knowledge and certainly wouldn’t have known what clothes or shoes were. I didn’t really have any firm explanation of the event until a couple of years ago when I read about time slips and I now believe that’s what happened to me.

  • Vincent Angelo

    Damn Jim, don’t you know your own recent history? The election was Nov. 8, 2008. That is 2008!

  • lonelotus

    You didn’t read it properly. It says at least after 2008, which would include 2009. It may sound far-fetched to you but when something like this happens to you, you can’t help but wonder what else is possible. I’ve had a time slip experience and am grateful for it. It’s enough proof for me to believe that reality is not what they say.

  • Jim

    Fascinating story — thank you for sharing it. Have you ever thought that perhaps you were experiencing a kind of deja vu from a previous incarnation? Picking up wood for kindling or other purposes is a universal experience, and doing so might have triggered a spiritual memory for you, just for those few seconds.

  • Jim

    Oddly enough, in the time since I initially replied (a bit smugly) to this story, I have had an experience which makes me wonder about these things — there is something about the fabric of time which is not uniformly woven.

  • JillV

    what I don’t understand about this is how he knew anything about the who the President was at the time of his slip. what did he go inside and watch tv or something and see a glimpse of the future? or did he some how get stuck in the past? wouldn’t someone notice he was older than he was supposed to be?

  • Laura Turner

    I think that sounds more like dimensional jumps. As you said, it could be a parallel universe where things are not advanced. This story is fascinating and quite spectacular in how odd and unusual it is.

  • Bill Mcintyre

    Do you have this book? I’ve been trying to find an eBook version or PDF of it, but no luck. :(

  • Steve McGill

    I experienced a very strange occurrence back in 1997 that I have come to think was a time slip. I was dating a girl at the time a she and I were at my mum’s house, I can’t remember what we were doing there but after a while my girlfriend said she would go back up home in her own car (about 8 miles North from my mum’s house) and I could follow her back when I was done at my mum’s. I was going to stay and chat with my mum for a while, but I was tired and decided not to, so said goodbye to my mum and got into my own car. Now, it was NO MORE than 30 seconds to a 1 minute gap between my girlfriend leaving and me leaving so I expected to catch up to her on the motorway very quickly (there was only one way back home). However, as I travelled, I could not see her car, for some childish reason (I was only 21 at the time) I gained speed to close the gap and soon found myself doing nearly 90 mph in a bid to catch her. Mile after mile my speed rose to over 110mph but there was still no sign of her. I began to think she had taken a longer detour or even popped into a shop of something so let off the gas a bit back to nearer 80mph as I knew she couldn’t possibly still be in front of me as she was quite a moderate driver and never broke the speed limit,
    How wrong I was,.. to my absolute shock and amazement, when I pulled up at her house (not for one minute expecting her to be there) her car was there! Not only that, but she had had time to call into the local Fish and Chip shop for tea and was busy plating it up for us for our evening meal! I have since worked out that she would have had to have travelled at over 200 mph to get back in time for her to have done what she did…. never did work that one out!

  • mr white

    I have had an experience that possibly fits in here.

    In the late 90’s I used to help a friend of mine set up and tear down the sound & light rig he owned, one that he hired out for parties. It was sometimes tough work with just the two of us, but he was a fun chap, he paid well and we usually ended up joining in with the fun.

    This particular weekend his gear had been hired for a birthday party in a families converted barn out in the Sussex countryside. It was Autumn and we were supposed to have arrived at 5pm, giving us two hours to set up before the guests began to arrive.

    Once we were way out in farming territory the directions he’d been given were somewhat lacking, and the search for the relevant country lane grew more confused. Around 6pm, we eventually took a few almost random turns, looping back through an area of fields hoping for a break.

    At this point we turned into a long narrow stretch of country road heading towards a distant left turn, low stone walls kept sheep from wandering into the lane. The lane was wider than our van, but of the type where vehicles are forced to pull up against the walls in order to allow each other past. Off to the West, the sun was low and beginning to set, dusk had fallen.

    My friend was driving, I was peering ahead navigating- and I saw the speck of a car turn into our lane in the distance. At the same time a strange feeling fell over our vehicle, a stillness. The long shadows of the trees over the fields seemed to freeze, the red lights of the setting sun seemed deathly still, almost photographic. I focused on the car as it came into distant focus, and seeing more detail I nudged my friend to pay attention- it was a very, very old car, resembling a Model T. It was also driving very quickly.

    As it drew nearer it became apparent the car was going recklessly fast, my friend pulled to one side to allow it access. Once it was within a shorter distance a few facts struck me all at once- this car was immaculate, it looked absolutely brand factory new. It had no plates. And the driver was dressed in authentic vintage clothing. He wore a cloth cap and tweeds, and had a very thin, pale face. He was hunched over the wheel in an intense fashion, his eyes wide.

    As he passed us he was very close, and he swung his head to look at us in that instant. His face was drawn and there was a desperate look to him, his mouth was mouthing something as he flew by – I felt he was frightened by us – or by something- and he was trying to communicate. It was this action that made both my friend and I react simultaneously with shock- for there was no sound, his car was utterly silent, even rushing past within a metre, his moving mouth was equally silent. The whole experience took on an uncanny frozen feeling- then he was suddenly gone. In that moment there was no sound, the light of dusk seemed flat and unnatural. It was very eerie. Then he was past us, for some reason neither of us turned to watch his path behind. We both sat looking ahead.

    My friend moved the van forward, neither of us spoke for a moment… we were in a kind of shock- then the moment seemed to ‘break’ and I felt reality assert itself as normal, we both became aware again of the car music playing, etc.

    At this point we both snapped back to ourselves, my friend slammed the van to a halt, and we both excitedly discussed the experience- both of us had seen all of this exactly the same way.

    The fact is, nobody drives a 90yr old mint-condition antique at breakneck speed down narrow country lanes, at dusk, with no lights on. And the whole experience felt uncanny- the feeling of being inside a sort of ‘bubble’ of distorted time, light and sound.

    I’ve wondered since if this person/vision was aware of us… I picture a young man driving his car along there in the 1920’s, who finds himself trapped inside a strange endless lane, the light changing, all sound vanishing… he becomes frightened by this, and speeding along looking for escape finds himself confronted by a bizarre futuristic vehicle and its strangely clad occupants.

    I hope it ended for him, as it did for us, and he reached his destination and told a similar story to his friends.

    I can however imagine a more horrible version of events- where he is trapped, hurtling through a Moebius loop of country lane for 90 years, always at dusk, always in that flat dead light, trapped at the wheel, yelling silently for help at the increasingly strange vehicles that flicker in and out of his reality.

    I’ve wondered if many of the missing people that disappear each year are in ‘loops’ somewhere, just beyond our perception…. and it is glimpses of these that we mistake for ghosts.

  • Ryan Wijayanayakw

    I also had an experience, though not sure how to classify it.

    It only happened last week.

    I was at a convention for NI Days (National Instruments) in Boston, a company for those who don’t know that make testing equipment and the makers of LabView. The convention had many other companies, and i myself was part of a highschool robotics team. My Robots mentor made us stay at the booth we were at to answer people’s questions. At one point, I was sitting alone at the booth and playing with some wire connectors. I look up and there are my friends, bobby and Nathaniel. This is where it happens.

    All of a sudden I sat stunned at myself for around 15 seconds.

    I remembered seeing that exact same image earlier in life, I just couldn’t pinpoint when. Myself playing with the wire connectors, then looking up seeing my friends. I honestly don’t know what happened.

    If anyone has explanations, Please Reply!

  • Dalton Chambers

    Your mind had confused your short term memory with your long term memories and manipulated you into thinking it was a long term memory often the cause of dejavu .. In other words the new memory you were creating was sent to the wrong part of the brain making you think it had happened before …im no expert hecki didnt even finish the 9th grade thats just my own opinion lol

  • James Incognito

    If anybody has dreams of insignificant events yet to have occurred then occurring please tell me. I want to understand this experience.

  • Liz

    I think that story read, “at least 2008″ implying it could have been a later year. All of these stories are interesting, but tend to have greater merit if the reader is predisposed to considering alternate, non linear realities, or if one actually knows the individual who had the experience. My mother had experiences that don’t fit western science, and I know she was sane and steeped in believing western science view of reality, so to me her experiences, running counter to her culture’s take on reality, are extremely interesting/ puzzling, but since you don’t know her or me, why would you be convinced at the same level that I am?