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Episode 619 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Rushed press releases on the sequencing of Bigfoot DNA and rumours of former NASA employees forming break away private space companies make up a rather lite ‘Thanks Giving’ start to the show.

We then head immediately into the the high strangeness of bizarre military encounters from Spain, Psychonaut diaries from the McKenna brothers, and odd cases of chaos vs. synchronicity.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

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Bigfoot DNA Sequenced, Bigfoot is Part Human

‘Bigfoot’ DNA Sequenced In Upcoming Genetics Study

Weird War: Strange Stories of the Military

Karl Marlantes on the Mindset of a Modern Warrior

Walking through a graveyard yesterday, I stepped on a broken piece of a headstone with just my birthday inscribed on it (Pic included). Reddit, what’s your creepiest/weirdest coincidental experience?

My mom just told me that I came into her room last night, started digging for potatoes, which led me to hit her in the nose with a book. Reddit, have you ever endangered yourself or others while sleep walking?

Aaron McCollum: Reactivated in Iran

The Coming Mantoid Invasion

Robert Potter: Cobra Operative Deception


Sam Maguire – In a Backyard in North Melbourne via Sound Doctrine

Pariah – Orpheus via FEEL MY BICEP

Ollie Macfarlane – Couldn’t Tell via ZacGk

Jack Dixon – E (Original Mix) via EARMILK


  • Re. Terrence’s drug-induced sighting of a UFO, I fully recommend you check out Adam Grorightly’s essay ‘UFOs, LSD & Me’ which was part of the 1st volume of the Darklore anthology, published by Daily Grail.

    In the essay Adam explains how, when he was a young teenager living in California, he found himself tripping on acid with a friend of his; and while taking a walk after leaving a dull party Adam suddenly told his friend “Imagine if we saw a UFO right now. No one would believe because of the state we’re in!”.

    The two teens laughed at the occurrence but they soon had the shock of their lives when out of the sky they started observing a huge procession of incredible aerial vehicles. Now, what must be pointed out is that they were BOTH observing these objects.

    The event lead Adam into a life-long pursuit to make sense of this experience. Were the UFOs all a hallucination concocted by his psyche? how then to explain the fact that it was a shared hallucination with another individual? Or perhaps by being in the ‘right’ state of mind –an altered state of consciousness coupled with the will to observe UFOs– endowed the 2 teens to pierce into the veil of what John Keel would call the Superspectrum?

    Adam is a self-proclaimed ‘crackpot historian’ and I would highly recommend him for a future interview on MU.

    Here’s a vimeo file made with some stock images taken from Adam’s blog, coupled with an episode of his defunct podcast show Untamed Dimensions. In this episode Adam reminisced his LSD UFO sighting with his old-time friend. I think the MU crowd will find it enjoyable 🙂

    PS: Where are my pics of Aaron’s mantoid bite????!