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  • Re. Yonaguni near Okinawa bay, it’s not that there has to be a deliberate conspiracy to keep the populace from learning the (possible) truth about this site. It’s merely the effect of the Paradigm we were discussing about in Minneapolis.

    Academics are individuals who have climbed to their positions because, just like politicians, they have learned the ropes and the ‘rules of the game.’ They know what’s allowed and what’s a big no no, and they have been conditioned to auto-regulate themselves, and to react with incredible antagonism when something potentially groundbreaking surfaces.

    That’s why there’s such strong reaction to the possibility that prior to the ‘classical’ dawn of civilization as taught by our text books –Mesopotamia, Indus valley, Egypt, etc– there could have been a global and highly advanced culture, who suffered a great catastrophe by the end of the last Ice Age.

    And, BTW, in some of my private conversations with the amazing Dr. Ward, I did bring up the subject of Yonaguni. His opinion? That it wasn’t a ‘city’ or a ‘temple’.

    His opinion was that it was a quarry 😉

  • rsanchez1

    UFO war in the Antarctic? I think somebody’s been watching too much Stargate SG-1.

  • Darren (Relical)

    Fantastic episode as usual guys. It was not only great to hear about your experiences from the Paradigm Symposium, but it was incredibly great to hear about Elliot’s experience at The Origins of Consciousness tour.

  • Sandman

    Linda H. is correct and Mufon is wrong…and there is a war with the Andromedan with the Greys and Draconian…the Greys under sea bases are being destroyed one by one and then soon their land bases will be destroyed. Nov. 2014 there are many of the underground land bases, in America and Russia, etc. Pine Gap…that will be destroyed by asteroids. The humans are just in the way..we don’t have any protection.

  • I just finallllly got plus+!!! All I had to do was find myself a girlfriend with a credit card to do so haha – I’m super excited to hear what I’ve been missing. I’m quite poor, and I barely ever pay for anything, but supporting you guys after MU has entertained me for years (since well before MU went away for a year or more back in the day, back when it was just Ben) is a cause I’m more than down with. Sorry I couldn’t do so sooner. Now, if only I can figure out how to make itunes recognize my plus+ member-ness, and automatically give me my extended podcasts…

  • Toren Atkinson

    Guys, guys, guys! When you experience what you call sixth sense/precognition about thinking of someone and then they call you, you’re not psychic. It’s called confirmation bias. When you think of your mom and she calls, you make a note of it. When you think of your mom and she doesn’t call, you don’t give it a second thought. It’s the same reason that my girlfriend thinks I “always” leave the toilet seat up. Because she notices when I leave it up but does NOT notice when I put it down. You can study this scientifically very easily.

    Remember, human brains have evolved over millions of years to find patterns.

  • Sure, but there are often times when the probability of sensing that a close relative has suffered a fatal accident, or that a friend you haven’t spoken with in years has suddenly befriended you on Facebook the moment you thought of him, are so high that they put the notion of ‘confirmation bias’ to the test.

    Nobody here is saying we have an absolute certainty. Only that we’re open to the possibility.

  • Tsuroshi

    On the subject of Baumgartner and Mars and people who say things like “why are we wasting all this money to go to space when it could be used here on Earth for X”…

    It’s sort of amusing that people can say that shite and get away with it so often. I mean, seriously…if I went into town and bought a new camera and a new car, filled the car with gas, then drove 150 miles out into the wilderness and took some pictures before driving back to town…would I get accused of “wasting all that money on the wilderness when it could have been spent right here in town”?? The money that is spent going to space is spent ON EARTH, NOT IN SPACE.

    And when they start talking about curing cancer or the common cold or whatever? Its fun to tell them things like:

    -Digital signaling processing systems developed for spaceflight are the core technology for CT scanners and MRI systems now crucial to disease diagnoses.
    -NASA technology is behind kidney dialysis and breast cancer detection involving mammograms.
    -NASA robotics innovations are widely used in the construction of advanced prosthetics.
    -NASA collaboration with a private medical tech company resulted in the “MicroMed DeBakey Ventricular Assist Device” which keeps heart transplant patients alive until a donor heart is available, and is small and portable.
    -The transparent ceramics used to make ‘invisible braces’ for teeth were developed in another collaboration between a private sector company and NASA’s Advanced Ceramics Research division. The original purpose of the material was as protection for infrared antennae on heat-seeking missile sensors.
    (That’s right, millions of people have lovely straight teeth–without having PTS from sporting a mouth full of metal during their teens…and strong, straight teeth are a huge health bonus, both physical and psychological–because we here in the U.S. are such reprehensible war-mongers, always building bigger and better weapons so we can murder babies and steal oil.)

    There’s many more where that came from. You know the grooves that are cut in the surfaces of concrete highways? NASA geeks came up with that to keep the shuttle from sliding and crashing due to a wet runway. Since being applied to public highways, they have reduced rain-related accidents by some 80%. Freeze-drying, structural analysis software, water purification systems, radiant barrier insulating foil…the list goes on.

    So this is also amusing, in a way…the people bitching about wasting money in space are surrounded by stuff that exists because of research related to the human space program. Quite possibly they have space-related stuff in their pockets, and on or in their bodies.
    For a bit of fun, try getting them to agree to going a week without using any space-related tech…

  • Catching up on old episodes that are in my feed so this comment is a bit late. About melatonin. I’ve been an insomniac for roughly 20 years, since I was in my mid teens. My insomnia seems to cycle and is worse at some times than others. During what I consider to be my good times I sleep for around 6 hours a night; when things are bad I sleep as little as 20 or 30 minutes before waking. At the very worst I can spend two or three days sleeping no more than an hour a day.

    For years I was diagnosed with idiopathic insomnia, which Aaron should know means that they have no idea – but on my last visit to the sleep clinic, about 18 months ago, it was confirmed that I suffer from the alpha EEG anomaly. It is a condition where my brain does not shut down during sleep, does not stop its normal daytime activity, and instead of alpha brainwaves stopping during sleep, my brain emits random bursts of alpha brainwaves (awake brainwaves) while I am asleep. These awake brainwaves wake me up and prevent me from sleeping for any length of time.

    They also cause a lot of very vivid and very real-feeling dreams. Because the brain is never really asleep, and to the person who has this condition – like me – it is like being awake, these dreams feel very real.

    Anyway, I said I would talk about melatonin and I will. I bought and have used melatonin for maybe 6 years now. It is the only thing I have taken, and I got it from ebay before it was made prescription only in the UK; It is the only remedy I have found, including prescription medication, that has had a reliable effect. But I wanted to say, because it seemed that you expected an immediate result, that it took at least two weeks before I found that my sleep pattern started to become regular.

    If you doubt the effectiveness, my gp now prescribes me melatonin instead of zopiclone.