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Episode 818 – Mysterious Universe

What is the true essence and meaning behind the symbols that have accompanied humankind from ancient times to today? 

Dr John Ward joins us this week to explore this question and discuss ancient Egypt, esoteric symbolism, and The Sirius Project.

We also feature the latest news from the week along with updates on Chile’s real life ‘Dharma Initiative’ in our Plus+ extension.

Read on for show notes, music, and Ankhs.

Dr. John Ward

The Sirius Project


Civilisation is making humanity less intelligent, study claims

Artificial skin that can sense touch and heal itself

Vegetative state patients can respond to questions

‘Destroy the idols,’ Egyptian jihadist calls for removal of Sphinx, Pyramids

Paradigm Symposium 2013

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Chile: “Friendship” and Its Collateral Effects


Naysayer Gilsun – In Mind

Ambassadeurs – Second Thought

Fat Jon – Raindance (Remix Instrumental)

Doctrine – Hush

LyteSho – Autumn Time

Cosmic Kids – Never Going Back

Desmond Cheese – Polyfizzal Drizzal

heRobust – Crystalinstrumental

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  • Re. the Idiocracy projection of that study, and how this scientist thinks we’ll become way dumber in a few millennia: I can’t help but wonder if that might account for the Trollish behavior of our alien interlopers 😛

  • All you need is to read the Darwin Awards and/or watch 1000 ways to die to see that natural selection is still at play. Also the bbc show horrible history is a good source to see that people were stupid in the past too. By the way I want to do some art for you guys, would that be ok?

  • ANlMAL

    awesome, i’m so stoked guys. i love the ancient civilization thing. this is going to be great!

  • Thanks for your good taste in music!

  • A_Beam

    How do you define intelligence. For me thats always the question. And why do we have a “western style”society where the word gets thrown around so much. I always wonder.

  • Tsuroshi

    Hahaha 😀
    Bronco Bama has now been elected twice as well; the devolution continues! (In the U.S., at least.)

  • >Just remember green keeps the greys away.

    Maybe that’s also the reason behind the WoD too 😉