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  • The abduction of José Antonio da Silva was mentioned in one of Vallee’s trilogy books. I believe it was Dimensions.

    Anyway, the description of da Silva’s captors was of dwarvish individuals. So the leader would look like Gimli 😉

  • I have always been afraid of falling and getting something stuck up my butt by accident. The doctors would never believe me that it wasn’t on purpose.

  • EnderWiggin

    The Golden Spike refers to the last spike that was driven into the first transcontinental railroad. This happened in near my home in Northern Utah at Promontory Point. That golden spike (which sits at Stanford University in a museum) represented the beginning of a new era of travel and a “country connected.” They had the hammer and the spike rigged up to a telegraph wire so when it was hammered in it could be transmitted as “dots” through the telegraph to places all over the U.S. You could call it the first “mass tweet.” 🙂

  • Rachael

    That mustache is magnificent!!!