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Attacks of the Incubus

Demonic entities have lurked around Lana of Croatia since she was six years old. Entities would come to her in the night to give her visions or nightmares. The most frightening demons woke her to terrify her out of sleep. “They have many forms,” Lana, now 20, said. “Some look like regular human, except their eyes are empowered with some type of strange energy. Some have black wings, some blue skin and blue wings – those are the ugliest, or they can be pure darkness.”

As she grew, so did the terror of these demonic visitations.

“I saw more demons in my life that you can imagine,” she said. “No wonder demons spotted me and so I early became a victim of an incubus spirit.”

As an adult Lana sat in her room undressing for bed, not thinking of anything in particular, when vulgar images began to seep into her mind. The images quickly became sexual. “I felt like somebody was watching me,” Lana said. “I felt the strange urge not to put my clothes on so I sat like that on my bed hoping those feeling would go away.”

Lana’s breath came in short, clipped bursts as she tried to control her racing thoughts; thoughts she began to understand weren’t her own. “Demonic manipulation was so big,” she said. “Then, one by one, vulgar questions started popping in my mind. I believe the demon was trying to seduce me by talking dirty. I fell for the game, but it felt extremely wrong.”

A force Lana is convinced was an incubus suddenly threw her backward onto the bed and forced itself inside her. “Next thing I know I was being raped in my bed, very violently, not knowing how to chase that demonic manipulation away,” she said. “That night he raped me once more. It was very strange and I felt all the power he had over my mind and my body.”

Attacks by an incubus (a demonic entity that has sex with sleeping women), science says, are all in a person’s head. According to psychologists, incubus attacks occur when a person becomes partially conscious even though most of their brain is in the REM sleep stage. This leaves the dreamer paralyzed by sleep while their mind weaves concrete images with dream images into an encounter that seems “real.” This state, called parasomnia, often involves sexual arousal, which can include an invisible rapist.

Are these sexual assaults simply a dreaming mind playing tricks? To the people who experience the attacks, they are all too real.

Attacks in Alabama
An unlikely snow fell in usually warm Birmingham, Alabama, on the January 2011 night the demon came to visit Tsura. “I awoke to what I thought was my husband having a bit of fun with me,” she said. “I was very, very wrong.”

Adrian and Tsura, who was just showing her pregnancy, had been married a month and had only recently moved into the apartment. Long-time residents of the building hinted at something odd there, but Tsura could never pin down from them what it was.

It was an entity, and on that snowy night in January, it showed itself. With Adrian at work, Tsura fell to sleep, and woke to someone pulling open her legs. Tsura opened her mouth to scream, but the sight of her attacker in the dim light of the apartment stopped the voice in her throat – she knew it wasn’t human. “He was ugly and beautiful, a strange mix of Adrian and something else,” she said. “Suddenly, he fell on top of me, knocking the air out of my lungs.”

Then this entity sexually assaulted Tsura, laughing as she screamed. She eventually lost consciousness. She also discovered she’d miscarried. “I lost my child,” she said. “I explained to Adrian what happened, but he just shook his head. He said it was just sleep paralysis, but I knew I was attacked by an incubus.”

Attacks in Sweden
The attacks started slowly enough Erica dismissed them as dreams. “Half-awake, see a dark long shadow circling me super fast several times throughout perhaps two to three seconds,” Erica wrote in July 2010 in the diary she keeps to log her dreams. “Find myself immovable. Then several hands touch me over my body. Can’t move. Slightly uncomfortable. Relieved when it’s over.”

The fear, the helplessness, the discomfort of this night time encounter disappeared with the light of the new day, and Erica’s mind pushed the events away – until it happened again four years later.

While living at a youth hostel on the Swedish east coast in the late summer of 2011, Erica felt a weight on top of her and waves of sexual pleasure. Had she attracted the attention of a spirit entity? This wouldn’t cross her mind until January. “Since January 4 I’ve felt a weight on my body, an energy, like the body of a being thrusting into me and moving back and forth above me. First I felt pretty good as I thought my body somehow made itself feel it, but that spooky night really turned things around.”

That ‘spooky night’ was January 4, 2012, when during a sexual attack loud, painful sounds raked her ears, and she realized it wasn’t just her body producing these experiences; it was something else. “I now realize how foolish that is as I don’t know what this (entity) is,” she said.

Pin-pricks began to plague her during the day and night, which elevated to the feeling of a knife blade being plunged into her body, although the attacks never left a mark.

On January 18, these feelings continued until she lay down for the night and her attacker crawled into bed with her. “When trying to fall asleep, an energy-like substance moved under or through me and I felt the energy of someone lying next to me while touching my shoulder,” she said.

Days later during a sexual assault, invisible hands grabbed her own and Erica saw a vague, shadowy face looming above her.

Erica tried threatening the entity, and praying for it to go away. Nothing helped. “It seemed to backfire because I felt something sharp against my throat in the bathroom and my breathing didn’t come naturally,” she said. “I yelled out loud to leave me alone. During my prayer I heard a chuckle, followed by a ‘hush.’”

She doesn’t care what is attacking her; she just wants it to go away. “How can I make this stop?” she pleaded. “Can this be a human being doing an astral projection to my location? Or is it more likely a spirit, demon, incubus?”

The Assaults on Lana Continue
Incubus or parasomnia, Lana continues to be terrorized in the night. A few days after her first sexual assault, she saw her demon attacker. “He showed himself to me in human form. He looked very handsome,” she said. “I know that’s just his way of disguising himself.” The entity also showed her visions of a newborn child. “I thinks he’s just trying to tie me to himself, because I’m sure I’m not pregnant.”

This entity has since visited her many times. She knows when it is coming because she can feel it, “like something is about to change.” The feeling is horrifying. “Sometimes I am very afraid of him, sometimes I just react hysterically towards him and tell him to go away,” she said. “Every time after I say such thing, he sexually assaults me really violently.”

The entity has spoken to her, as well. “He said he is a demon from water, that I need to do what he tells me to do, that I’m not allowed to break this connection, that he won’t hurt me, that he’ll kill any person I end up in relationship with,” she said. “The most interesting thing he told me few days ago is I asked him why do demons of his kind chase women?”

The demon told her, “There’s no heaven without your beauty; there’s no heaven without angels.”

Lana has sought help from a psychiatrist who prescribed drugs, and a priest who told her the encounters weren’t real. She’s still looking for help. “I hope one day he breaks the bond, and leaves me alone. I am tired of his attacks,” she said. “If somebody has a solution, I’d love to hear it.”

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  • Minita

    Incubus exists, it sounds like some fiction but i believe whatever i read. Lets give Lana some solutions.

  • Ezekiel

    Anyone being visited by a fallen angel or Incubus at this point in time needs to know that God has hand selected them for grand things in his estate that is the reason for the visit the lucifarian Spirits that reside in the 5th dimension know when our father chooses someone its their job to temp them to sell their soul or scare them into falling. Anyone experiencing this should first thank God for hand picking them for something special then if not already realign themselves with our father and Christ Spirit which should be inside the person already weather they realize or not its up to them. Incubus is not a Demon he is an Angel of light he’s egotistical, loud, rude, and at times selfish and speaks like a Dragon he is intelligent beyond human comprehension and is allowed to hold alot of the things that are of our father. its written that the heaven we exist in now and the one above it will come to pass that’s the 3rd and 4th dimensions Incubus resides in the 5th which will at some point become the bottom floor as soon as we start to wake up the spirit world ie the 5th begins trying to scare us to their side
    or to make us fall or to stay down that’s exactly what he was saying to Lana in regards to Heaven his Heaven needing angels and beauty he’s referring to the 5th his world not God’s or Our fathers Heaven. He’s wanting her to stay down and not ascend pass the 5th density as well as others. The 5th ruled over the 4th as well as the 3rd earth we all are familiar with the devil receiving the earth and is power hungry well he’s beginning to see his empire fading we need to put our faith back where it belongs. Our father God has Lana in his hands he’s trying to make her realize that the way he did me when she comes to know herself and God. then he’ll go away.

    Incubus is a Nordic “Energy Vampire” Spirit or Arch Angel if God wasn’t with her or anyone that was paid a visit by this Angel they would never make it if they didn’t lose their life after a short time their mind would be burnt up and they would be in the nut house nor does this spirit just randomly go around messing with people for no reason he rules over all demons and they do all his work to be paid a visit one on one by this spirit in my mind most likely is to realign someone to our creator. I’ll cut to the chase for me I’m a kind good person with a kind hart but because there had been so much violence and crap in regards to religions I was spiritually circumcised and always had been my GOD was simply my higher power period that’s what I called it in truth I didn’t know what it was and didn’t spend to much time thinking about it well that is until I met Incubus and I owe him for reminding me who my higher power was Our Father and the Spirit of Christ there’s two ways to survive the rabbit hole once your past the point of no return cause you cant do it alone
    I was determined to find the bottom first led by Incubus once I came to realize the Devil was real I looked at him in the eyes as his face shifted right in front of me I came to a realization real quick if your real then so is God and Christ and I haven’t seen Incubus sense nor found the bottom of the hole but I got back up now so all my fear is gone and this world for me just keeps on becoming more and more astonishing.

  • my message to Lana and such human fellows, please be clean physically and spiritually before sleeping, stay away from fatty food right before sleeping..leave some 4-7 hours before bedtime.
    Spiritually, always look for yourself, look deep into your soul, as the Creator is there.
    Remember that you are the being that has great responsibility in the universe. Those creatures are our counterparts but then they are also weak ones. They lack our density they envy us. They are weaker than what you think. I am not proselytizing any religion, I am simply asking myself and you all to believe in the spirit and not only matter. As soon as you go into that realm of belief, you’ll by that time acquire the weapons to fight anything from that place. It is easy. Lets grow

  • Steve Bichler

    “begone in the name of yeshua” and pray, pray, pray…would be my first bet.

  • Muhammad

    Seek refuge with the One who created you. He hates oppression and He is the only one who knows what’s in your heart and who can answer your prayer.

    Check the youtube user: RuqyaSharia

    Play the 2nd Surah (Baqarah) from the Quran non-stop. Ayat-ul Kursi literally burns demons. Memorize it and you’ll be safe.

  • hard i know but when you feel good send that energy to it then it can no longer harmonise its energy with you it will feel un comfortable then leave. I have met these beings and see them with others if you have no fear they leave you alone they can do nothing without the fear energy to use to get to you… They are ticks !!

  • Guest

    I consulted with a Cuban spiritist (Santera) and she informed me to cleanse my home with sage and allow the smoke to consume the entire apartment. Afterwards, she told me to bathe with goat milk and freshly cut flowers,”cascarria”, colonia. mixed up in a bucket with water. to not wear black for 10 days! and to put a “rosario” on the backboard of the bed. to pry un “padre nuestro”, and avoid having sexual relations and fantasies. btw the “cascarria” ( not sure how its spelled) but its white & powdery. you could also use this to make a cross on your forehead before going to bed. get a “copa” and fill with water and a “piedra alabrosa” put in the kitchen. ( find these items in a botanica). some of these instructions may vary for some individuals… since we are all unique personas.
    Hope this helps I know how frightning it is but try not to show fear and whatever you do not try to communicate with it. ignore it. sleep with a pillow between your legs. some people have told me they put a glass of water near the night stand and leave their slippers crossed when they go to bed.

    God bless.

  • Kali

    I am so saddened reading this. My heart goes out to all of these women, especially to Lana as I know from personal experience just how terrifying these encounters are. I sought professional help also and was told that it was all my imagination and not real. I never returned for therapy because I knew in the core of my being, that what I experienced was real.

    I can only share from my experience and what worked for me. During the last attack I kept saying “I love God” over and over again like a mantra. I am not a religious person but I do have strong spiritual beliefs with regards to a higher power and for some reason I got it into my head to say those 3 words. This helped me to keep my focus while I was being attacked and I have never had another visit since. My last attack was nearly 20 years ago, but I still remember them like it was only yesterday.

    I hope this helps

  • Nick

    What you say makes more since then I can describe. I was atheist for half my life. I used to be somewhat psychic and I felt a strange energy in my house 1 day. It felt evil but I didn’t care cause I didn’t believe in any of it. So I did the stupid thing and meditated there of sorts. And that night things happened that couldn’t be coincidence or described, I’ve been religious ever since. And aside from getting messed with by these creatures when I was young, I didn’t get messed with again until I was having a dream. Felt like I could have been in heaven. All of my family was there having a big picnic. I did something very wrong cause i knew I was in a dream so I thought what’s the harm. And as I was doing it I woke up. I was laying there for awhile trying to get around to getting outta bed very much awake and alert. And a force grabbed my ankles and dragged me down my bed enough to give me a wedgy. After that I remember thinking maybe whatever this is. Is trying to scare me back to the righteous path. But, I’ve also felt that this thing specifically feeds off me being negative,weak, or scared..

  • beth

    Science will always try to find a explanation rather than admitting its possible for something to be more than we can understand like refusing to admit God created humans but rather it was evolution. Just because there is a logical reason for things doesn’t mean that is why things occur and of course not everyone who has a supernatural experience is beyond explanation. I believe in spirits and religion and have seen things in my lifetime enough to know there are things we can’t explain fully. I personally had an experience a couple days ago that I have never had happen to me very similar to what I’m reading in these stories. I was asleep and thought I was dreaming when it felt like someone was sexually stimulating me and it kinda felt good so I didnt say anything right away and I thought it was just a dream, but after I looked and it appeared to be a friend I have no attraction to I said for it to stop. So then I woke up and there was no one there, but when I tried to move my body was completely paralyzed. I was terrified and after a few minutes I was able to move again. It felt like I was asleep for hours before I awoke in a paralyzed state, but I looked at the clock and only 8 minutes had gone by since I laid down to go to sleep. Not enough time for me to be in a REM cycle. I thought maybe that since I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before that I was seeing things, but that only happens when I’m awake and after a few days on no sleep. I’ve been in an unusually depressed state for the past month before this occurred, so I don’t know if that may have brought it on. I have never had more than passing depression in my 29 years so, it’s abnormal to be thinking suicidal thoughts and feelings. My roommate wants to cleanse the house with sage and stuff which I hope helps. I definitely don’t want to have that happen again. I thought it was scary enough waking up with no feeling in my arm from sleeping on it, but being paralyzed completely is terrifying. I normally say a prayer before bed, but that morning I was so tired I didn’t think of it. I believe any religious or spiritual way will work to keep evil away as long as you have true faith in what you are saying or doing. I’ve always been told you should not speak to an evil spirit as it gives them power so don’t do that ever. Don’t give them any power to use.

  • Benis Buckmaster

    Yes ,
    the living blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross is the only way to freedom. Throughout repentance and closing doors that led us to rebellion. Read psalm 51 for repentance and psalm 91 for protection believe it with all your heart mind and spirit. There is nothing more powerful than the blood of
    JesusChrist . No demon can stand the blood of Christ!
    Cover yourself with it.

  • Elizabeth Bennett-O’Neal

    Dear Lana, I am experiencing everything that you have talked about. EVERYTHING! I have yet to find a solution…although I am still looking. I have a beautiful daughter that I had to send to live with a family member, to be sure of her safety. I won’t even let her come and visit. It breaks my heart. I have a husband, who has to sleep wrapped around me at night ( most nights he’s annoyed). This happens to me awake. I’m molested all day every day. I’ve been raped twice. Good luck to you, as I will also need it. God Bless You.

  • Elizabeth Bennett-O’Neal

    I am having the exact same thing happen to me Lana. EVERYTHING. I am sorry this is happening to you, because I know how horribly annoying it is. I have a daughter, that I sent away, to assure her safety. I can’t even let her come and visit. My husband has to wrap himself around me at night. He gets annoyed. He doesn’t understand. I am .literally molested all day long, and when I do finally get some sleep, I am raped. Good luck to you Lana….and GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Stacy

    I am sorry to say that drugs from a doctor aren’t going to stop it. It might even make you weaker and more vulnerable to this entity. And I can’t believe a priest could dismiss you so easily. His job is to listen and give guidance.

    1) Don’t worry about what naysayers tell you.
    2) Scientists, atheists and even Christians might mock you or say you’re crazy or mentally ill. Just remember, they weren’t there. You know that something’s not right. Listen to your instincts. They’re almost never wrong. But people who have never met you who make assumptions are wrong a lot of the times.

    3) Just because many haven’t seen these things or experienced them doesn’t mean they can’t happen.
    4) Keep fighting. Keep praying. This being wouldn’t be trying to stop your prayers by spiritual intimidation if IT wasn’t scared. Demons are cowards that hide behind humans to try to get you away from God. They don’t try so hard on those who have already given over their souls. They are desperate to take as many souls before their time ends. They don’t have much time left. Their fates are already sealed. Your fate, however, is not.

    5) Know what your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. They will prey on those with a vengeance. I don’t speak of any vulnerabilities out loud. Keep them in your heart or with God because demons can never reach you there.
    6) I’m not certain of your religion. I, myself believe in one God but don’t follow an organized religion. It makes no difference to God or the devil anyway. I truly think organized religion gets in the way.
    I never had problems with incubi until I became a Christian. I know why it happens to me. I pray, I don’t curse, drink or smoke anymore. I have turned away from what they want me to do to turn away from God.

    It started in 2008. The attacks would come at just about any time. After a while, I learned what made them stronger and what I could do to lessen these attacks. After a while, it no longer came to me while I was napping or in bed watching t.v. I then began to notice that the only time they would mess with me is when I was feeling ill. My legs were pulled, my covers would be slowly pulled from my body and I would feel a heaviness on me. It was cold. I had red marks on my inner thighs one time when it forced my legs open. They would touch me and have intercourse with me. It was sickening because I could hear the growls and the chill that came from them. I wasn’t asleep during all of these attacks.

    I grew stronger after that, though it took some time. I did have to call out to God several times and the pulling and heaviness instantly disappeared. After a few years, they grew infrequent and they would only come after I’ve had surgery and was weak and on medication. I was at my most vulnerable then. That’s why I think medication isn’t going to make them go away.
    All I know is that calling to God or Jesus always helps. I’ve trained myself to do this even when sleeping, or half sleeping. It never fails to work.
    I hope this helps even in its smallest measure.
    I would love to hear how everything is going for you on down the road.

  • Jenn

    This has happened to me for the last 2 years and it finally came to an end when the last encounter was very violent and horrifying I called on Jesus to help me what happened after has changed my life. I am not a religious person but I can not ignore that since then I have not had another encounter or even been afraid of one. I have never shared the depth of my “dreams” because of fear of judgment but I know all this is real. So anyone who has to go through this accept it and know u can stop it.

  • julie

    Go visit Ernest Angely at the Cathedral of Tomorrow. You need an exorcism to get rid of it.

  • julie

    I have had the same problem. The only solution that worked for me was to go and get an exorcism. The incubus moved into my body and would not leave until I went to see Ernest Angely at the Cathedral of Tomorrow in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. The incubus came out of me and I don’t want it back, ever. My prayers are with you.

  • Marisa Beatriz

    I say the Saint Michael prayer with all my heart like I mean it.
    I also ask my guardian angel for help (we all have them).

    My priest said to read the bible, Psalms 23.
    Do not fear it, believe with all your heart that god will help you and he will. You have the power to face it and get rid of it eventually with prayer and belief. It is not an over night thing and you will have to make lifestyle changes so that their legal rights are removed and that they cannot come back.
    I find that the bible knowledge website has a lot of helpful guidance on this and how to successfully keep them out of your life.

  • Lilith AK

    most of you guys are christians or either believe in god . honestly , im an aetheist . my friend is a satanist & he says that incubi are very Monogamus , meaning that they only stick to one person . i have no idea why they attack people , usually they are gentle , but they get very offended when Jesus and God get involved . this is all that my friend has told me about the Incubi/Succubi .

  • anon

    I have a slightly different position than others on here in that I can actually manipulate a girl with my mind as if I have/am the incubus. I’m often in bed with a girl I’m seeing and by power of imagination with sexual imagery can make her body aroused even to orgasm. When we are both awake there is no problem as she can consent or even often initiates it, the problem is when she’s asleep and I’m aroused and can’t control the desire to make her orgasm. I’m not religious but am a strong believer in spirits and energy. I know I have to simply learn to control it but as its all quite new to me I’m also intrigued by the whole phenomenon.

  • lil white*flower

    I don’t have a solution but I have experienced certain things I can’t explain.
    Dreams that aren’t dreams, and piercing screams that awaken me but only I can hear.
    Dark figures hovering, growling at me and shaking me awake.
    I pray which seems to help but not for long.
    I will always keep my faith and pray that it will subside soon.

  • piper

    Reki is gods energy find a reki practioneer they know how to remove demons evil hate reki i have healing hands that will heal and i will learn how to cast out demons by learning reki 2 people have to be intuned to it before anything will work with the white light energy.

  • Tamara

    Can someone give me some advice, had a very penetrating experience last night, felt this presence around twice before but last night It got very personal. I remember reaching between my legs and grabbing handfuls of crumbly dirt, when I woke fully and turned the light on my hands were sweeping dirt and I was pulling it out of my mouth as well. I have been quiet disturbed by this all day.

  • Lissie

    Read the Holy Bible (specifically the gospels like John) and pray to accept Jesus Christ as your savior. It can’t hurt, right? The demon has raped me before too. I was only 12 at the time. Those who say it isn’t real don’t understand. He is a demon, and only Jesus has power over him. Pray for Jesus to send the demon away. If you want to talk, feel free to contact me at [Edited for security]

  • Fox smeller

    It’s called psychic seduction. I just read about it last year because I’ve either been having incubus visits or been on the other end of a psychic seducer or just a plain horn dog with overactive imagination!