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Episode 903 – Mysterious Universe

After we discuss Aaron’s new job as an oil baron we jump straight into the week’s news with Deep Space Industries going head to head with Planetary Resources, Ray Kurzweil’s new AI project with Google, and the 150 things you should be stressing about right now.

It all gets a little wild after that with Bigfoot being lowered from flying saucers, exclusive audio from the upcoming Planet Weird documentary, and drunk Aussies fighting off UFO abductors with knives.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback

Deep Space Industries will venture into asteroid-mining marketplace

Ray Kurzweil Plans to Create a Mind at Google—and Have It Serve You

The 150 Things the World’s Smartest People Are Afraid Of


Bigfoot or animals? Strange sounds coming from swamp on Umatilla Indian Reservation (listen)

Fox Calls

Mountain Lion Photos with Female Lion Screaming



What is Bigfoot



The 1966 UFO landing at Presque Isle beach

‘Paranormal activity’ to blame for car crash near dam

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Black Cloud Passing By

Mansions of Darkness

Giving up the Green Bitch: Reflections on Cannabis, Ayahuasca and the mystery of plant teachers

Step 4: Avoid Watching Television

THE MERMAID CHRONICLES: Intro to realms of earth angels


Oliver – Night Is On My Mind via Your Music Radar

Birdy Nam Nam – Defiant Order (Breakbot Remix) via Your Music Radar

Dauwd – And via RadioClubFoot

Sinitus Tempo – Sunset Over Blue Eyes via EARMILK

Blunt Instrument – Tea Party via Waxhole

KOLOAH – Koloah-Walk in Kiev via Laser Magazine

Bondax – Gold (Snakehips Remix) via Indie Shuffle


  • Hey Guys! I have a hilarious interpretation of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s quote:

    “in one or two generations children will grow up to be adults who will not be able to tell reality from imagination.”

    This is regarding society’s free fall into “non-logic based” science of the extreme. Possibly all children born will be born to “New Age” parents who raise them with constant encouragement to “raise their vibrations.” haha

    P.S. Love and Light

  • Dogma

    Aaron, the drug you’re thinking about is Ibogaine. It’s a root from Africa (Gabon) and is an intense trip. I took it myself, not for addiction, and thought I was going to die. But that’s a story another time…

    Keep up the good work!


  • Melfmaids? Mermelfs? What’s the proper way to address these fey hybrids?

  • I believe the preferred term is “Adult Film Star”.

  • You’re so mean & cold. Must be your amphibian ancestry.

  • Michael Lala

    Happy Australian Day guys, I’ll be watching the Australian open tonight. Should be a good match between Federer vs Murray

  • Dogma

    What about MerMILFs?

  • Yep. Works for me! 😛

  • Ughhh – As a former heroin addict (a few weeks away from a year clean, I’m proud to say), I’ve gotta say that when people claim they’ve been addicted to marijuana I almost feel it makes a mockery of everything I’ve been through and achieved. I agree that psychedelics are useful for treating addiction – But cannabis is one of the substances I’d include in the list of those useful in combating addiction. Personally, cannabis was wonderful in helping me get through the effects of opiate withdrawal – And I partially credit it for saving my life in helping me escape a true addiction.

  • VikkiTheViking

    With regard to your story about the drunk guys; Alcohol can cause hallucinations if consumed in extremely high quantities, and also during alcohol withdrawal. It’s called Alcohol Induced Psychosis.

  • Well done for being clean for a year! What an amazing achievement.