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Exclusive First Look: Planet Weird Documentary

Our good friends over at Who Forted have given us an exclusive first look at their upcoming documentary “Planet Weird“!

Director Greg Newkirk sets the scene:

“The clip in question is from our day with Wayne Gibson and Dallas Gilbert, two Bigfoot hunters from the border of West Virginia and Ohio. We expected the outing to be a lot like our time with Tim, and while they were certainly a bit eccentric, they managed to get us pretty creeped out when we were in the mountains.

This scene takes place around the time that Wayne teaches us how to call Sasquatch. Dana gives it a shot, and within a handful of minutes.. something in the woods starts calling back to us… loudly.”


Well it looks like the group’s Indiegogo campaign last year is certainly paying off. The production looks excellent and we’re already dying to see more of the two Bigfoot hunter personalities in the clip.

You can keep up to date on the project at their official website.

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  • Looks fun, but please – The border of West Virginia and Ohio? It’s just a bunch of hillbilly moonshiners messing with them!

  • Brian Parsons

    This is the big issue I have with call blasting. Every animal in the forest wonders what the noise was and depending upon the type and situation may answer back. In this case it appears and owl has answered back. Doesn’t sound anything like prior representations of supposed sasquatch, but to those who are talking about it or anticipating it there is no denying it. I have done this in the Wayne National Forest many times (and elsewhere) with folks who want me to call blast. I have heard owl, fox, and other animals reply depending upon the type of blast used, but for me to assume a Bigfoot is responsible is irresponsible. Just because a house is haunted doesn’t mean you will encounter a ghost, the same holds true with woods that have had historical sightings of Bigfoot.