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Demons, Souls, The Matrix, and the Pentagon

In early 2007, I conducted a series of extensive interviews with Ray Boeche, an Anglican priest and a former MUFON state director for Nebraska. The subject was Ray’s 1991-onwards contact with a pair of US Department of Defense physicists that were working on a classified program to contact what they termed Non-Human Entities, or NHE’s. Many within the field of Ufology might call them aliens or ETs. The group that Ray’s informants were working for defined them as something else, something very different, and something deeply controversial and ominous: demons.

It was thanks to Ray’s revelations, in a roundabout way, that I was put on the trail of the so-called Collins Elite, whose activities I detailed in my Final Events book. The CE was (and, possibly, still is) a quasi-official think-tank-type group in government that believes the UFO phenomenon does not originate within the heart of some far away star system, but in the pits of Hell.


But, what’s interesting is that during the course of my research into the Collins Elite,  I found evidence of what sounds suspiciously like a second group in the US Government that was studying the “Demonic UFO” theory. This group, however, appears to have been operating at an even greater level of secrecy than the Collins Elite. Moreover, it appears that whatever this other group may have been, it took careful and stealthy steps to keep knowledge of its existence far away from the eyes and ears of the Collins Elite. Perhaps it’s still doing that.

That both groups seemed to cover very similar areas of research might make many wonder why they did not share their data, or even combine it into one, unified project. Within the world of secrecy and officialdom, however, secrecy and a “need to know” (or, in this case, a need not to know!) reign supreme. So, in that sense, the idea of two groups following a near-identical agenda may not be so strange, after all.

On the very matter of this other group – which I still have not been able to identify, unfortunately – I had  the opportunity to conduct a face-to-face interview with a now-retired
university professor in the field of Theology who appears to have had direct contact with them more than 40 years ago.

“Two government people” had quietly consulted him, in 1972, on what would ultimately turn out to be some of the central themes that I addressed in Final Events. The initial consultation occurred at the professor’s place of work, and the reasoning behind the consultation was simple, but disturbing, too.

The two men identified themselves as employees of the Department of Defense, said they were “knowing” of his work, and represented a group within government that believed the many tales of extraterrestrial visitations that had surfaced since the 1940s were actually evidence of the presence of satanic forces engaging in worldwide deceit, and who had two, key goals in mind.

Those goals were to (A) encourage and entice the Human Race to follow their dark ways, and (B) ensnare the souls of one and all for reasons that not even the Bible touched upon, but that were apparently related to the “ingestion” of the human life-force in some not-exactly-understood fashion.


What the professor described when I interviewed him was something chillingly like the scenes in the first Matrix movie, when Keanu Reeves’ character, Neo, “wakes up” to find we’re all living in a dream world. It’s  a world in which we are “grown” by machines that, essentially, farm us for energy. As the movie memorably suggests, we are the equivalent of batteries: a power-source, fuel, and nothing else.

The DoD – or, at least, some within it – had, by 1972, concluded that what has become known as Hell was not a fiery pit overseen by Satan, but some form of extra-dimensional realm inhabited by dark entities with a profound hatred of the Human Race, and who “farm” our “soul-energy” upon death, for reasons that were hypothesized and suspected, but never ultimately proved.

Of course, 1972 was years before The Matrix hit the big-screen. But, the only major differences were that (A) in the movie we are being milked by machines, whereas in the minds of certain players in the Pentagon, it was extra-dimensional entities that were doing the milking; and (B) in The Matrix it’s our bodies that are being used, but for the DoD it was our life-force, our soul.

Having been “slightly more than gently nudged not to speak on this” with colleagues, the media, friends, and family, the professor was asked if he would be willing to prepare a detailed report for the group on his knowledge of, and extensive research into, three specific issues: theories pertaining to the nature of the human-soul, the concept and agenda of demons, and the role played by fallen-angels with respect to deception as described in the Bible.

He agreed and was given a telephone number where the pair could always be reached. Six weeks later or so, his report completed, the professor placed his call, and the two men duly came back again. They thanked him for his time, and having handed over his paper, which ran to around 130 double-spaced pages, he received a “very nice” payment for his efforts, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Given the clandestine nature of the experience, the professor somewhat wryly titled the document, “To Whom It May Concern.”

Before the two men left, they asked him if he would be willing to speak on the subject of his paper for the group. Nothing ultimately ever came of this offer, however, even though the professor was both quite agreeable and open to the idea of presenting a lecture on the nature of his report.


Intriguingly, of the thirteen members and past-members of the Collins Elite with whom I was able to speak when I was researching Final Events,  and who were deeply familiar with the many and varied aspects of the group’s work from the 1950s onwards, all claimed that whoever the two “men from the government” were in this 1972 affair, they were most certainly not representatives of the Collins Elite. But, the CE people did admit that the questions put to the professor, and the theories these other characters were pursuing, strongly suggested the existence of a further body in officialdom that was concerned the demonic UFO angle.

Do demons really exist? If so, might they actually not be the minions of Satan and the denizens of a literal Hell? Instead, could they be dangerous and deadly entities that exist in some strange realm that the ancients interpreted as Hell, but which, today, we might consider a dimension beyond our 3-D world?

The answers – to the point where we can actually prove anything with 100 percent certainty – elude us. But, it seems, deep within the Pentagon and government there are those that conclude the UFO phenomenon and tales of the Devil and Hell go together hand-in-glove. And they’re not just members of the Collins Elite. Someone else in officialdom is chasing down the “Saucers and Satan” angle, too…

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  • Stormeye

    As I’ve said in other comments to posts in re the CE and “Final Events”, my thought is that the DOD or whoever is sponsoring these groups simply has not expanded their thinking past the Judeo-Christian paradigm. If they had, they would have discovered a host of magical and folkloric sources that would have told them that we have been visited by a variety of beings from what I call the Otherworld some of whom definitely regard humans as prey.

    These government groups would also have discovered that the word demon actually derives from the Greek daimon. The daimon was simply what the magical philosophies call a sublunar spirit, that is, it did not inhabit the realms of either gods or man. Some daimon were known to work harmoniously with human kind, while others were known to work mischief or be outright hostile to our kind.

    You can call them whatever you like – I’ve taken to call the ones who do not like humans Intruders – but I think that we need to look at what these ancient sources tell us about who and what the Intruders are and how to deal with them. I wrote this about an interview that I heard with Mr. Redfern on this subject:

  • Well written as always, Nick, but something within me won’t let me go along with the theories expressed by the Collins Elite, or the “unnamed group” mentioned by your Professor.

    First of all, I don’t share the paranoia that assumes that because something is from another plane or a different dimension or whatever that it is automatically “evil” or “demonic” or whatever.

    I SAY this even after the recent negative experience I had when I started digging (perhaps a little TOO deeply for something’s comfort) into the accounts of various “Gargoyle” like encounters and got warned off rather sharply.

    Well, I took the warning, as you know, and backed off. But I haven’t been bothered since and, on reflection, I don’t feel that there was any particular animus towards me, personally…just that there was some information that was off-limits.

    It is always possible that we aren’t ready for the Truth about some things.

    Now, YOU might say (and, indeed, most UFO and Paranormal Investigators would say) “We’re ready!”
    I happen to think I’M ready.
    But can we honestly look at our world and say EVERYONE is?
    Can we look at the lies, and the racism, and the violence of the world and at the things people use to justify such actions that they are ready for (or even WANT) the Truth?
    I don’t think so.

    SO, some areas are off-limits for now. OTHER areas are okay.

    But ALL knowledge is available and as one ascends each level more is made available. Even in the Golden Dawn and the O.T.O you know that one ascends through the Grades and, at each level, new things are taught.
    Perhaps it is the same with all of these things.

  • Vibhuti Srimadas

    The answers they are looking for may in fact be under their nose, or under their feet, as in underground bases like the lower levels of Dulse AFB. These are the secrets kept by the higher levels of the secret societies. Everything is conected on some level…

  • Jim

    The paranormal field is like one of those old maps of the New World, where parts more or less resemble the actual land masses, but the outer fringes are just vague and frustratingly inaccurate. When you bring the bloody “minions of Satan” into things, Nick, I’m afraid you’ve gone “off the map”. Nice story, though.

  • Sara Harrison

    I truly believe, based on a profound vision I had earlier in my life, that we ‘shall create our own heaven or hell.” There are certainly aspects of the US government that are hellacious, to say the least, as are aspects of many governments around the world. But people, in the US, Canada and UK, participate in the choices that make up the government. There may be demons in the pentagon, but I would bet they are the human, greedy kind. : /

  • There’s an old rhyme Sara, that you might enjoy.

    “That there is a Devil
    There is no doubt
    But is he trying to get in us
    Or trying to get OUT….”

  • Dammit, Nick! I thought *I* was the only one allowed to use images of Morpheus on Mysterious Universe!!


    The Matrix was just the new cyberpunk revamp of an age-old philosophy: Gnosticism.

    In the Gnostic worldview, material reality is a lie created by demiurges called the Archons. In Castañeda’s corpus they were called the flyers. Some people nowadays would call them Reptilians, but in the end it’s basically the same idea, recycled over and over again.

    Mind you, that does not necessarily mean the idea is wrong

  • NickRedfern

    Jim, When you say I have gone off the map, you’re totally missing the point. As anyone who has followed my research into the Collins Elite and their beliefs will know, I do not – AT ALL – believe they are on the right track. I don’t even believe there ARE places called Hell or Heaven. I make it clear in Final Events that I wrote the book because I found it fascinating that there is/was a group in Government that was created and funded to investigate the demonic theory. That in itself is a great story to tell – you would have to agree with that. But do I personally think they Greys are demons from a literal Hell? No, I think it’s nonsense. But, I have always been careful to point that out in every interview i have done for the book. Namely, the book is a study of how and why this group came to its conclusions. But, personally, I don’t endorse their beliefs at all, and I always stress that. But I do think it’s fascinating that a group does think all this, and yes it is a great story to tell. But, I have always remained a total skeptic on its validity – and have always stressed that point too.

  • Jim

    More than fair enough. I should not have personalized my comment (or made it seem as though I were inferring your approval of the Collins bunch). In these days of advocacy journalism, it’s easy to forget that there is this other thing that pre-dates it — you know: “journalism”. Carry on, Nick.

  • Phantasm. Great movie.

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    hmm. I’m remembering that Castaneda presented the idea (thru his character Don Juan) that ‘the eagle’ wanted to eat our souls when we died. The flyers were a problem too and you could see them while still alive (if your psychic eye was working basically, i forget how he put it). I don’t remember what particular spooky, ontologically shocking action the flyers were supposed to perpetrate on us unworthies, eating our souls sounds appropriately dire tho – given Castaneda’s own stellar story telling abilities 😉

    not to mention he cranked ’em out at a rate approaching Mr. Redferns!! which is why i’m not all that inclined to go look it up (i’d rather sew).

    At any rate, good point RPJ! i hadn’t thought about the Gnostic connection. I can vouch that for many Evangelical USA Christians, any and all things/activities/ideas not expressly labeled as ‘of God’ by their religious authority are automatically labelled as ‘of Satan’ or ‘demonic’. I grew up in a SF Bay Area suburb with a couple of huge fundamentalist Christian churches in the 1970s. They had a lot of money, members, and influence so that fits in with the CE getting a foothold in the gov’t. around that timeframe. Thanks for another interesting article! steph

  • In Castañeda’s philosophy, the flyers fed of our negative thoughts –our fears, our anger, our sadness, etc. Whereas the Eagle was kind of like the ‘sea of consciousness’ from where we all came and must come back eventually. But according to Don Juan the Eagle was only interested in our experiences, so the goal of a ‘man of knowledge’ was to ‘fool’ the Eagle in order to preserve its individuality after death.

    And while I’m all to aware that Castañeda’s books were all probably made up by him, and not actual accounts, I’m grateful for him nonetheless, because he made me realize who I am: a gnostic, searching for knowledge that (hopefully) will set me free 😉

  • Michael D

    Perhaps the reason the two groups didn’t communicate was because one was intending to fight the intervention of evil, but the other, the one that still exists, apparently, intends to work with and for evil. You look at American politics and foreign policy, and it doesn’t take a genius to see which side is running things.

    Nick, I assume you’re aware of Karla Turner and her work with “alien” abduction. She came to the same conclusion as you have mentioned.

  • You might check out Grant Morrison’s comic, ‘The Invisibles.’ It’s the basis for the Matrix movies, but far more resembles Gnosticism with different levels of reality, as opposed to computer simulations. It sounds very very similar to what you’re describing here.

  • Douglas Dukes

    This is probably the most accurate information that I have seen after 10+ years of research on the subject. From personal experiences in my life I know for certain that these entities do exist and I do believe they are what the bible describes as demonic. Unfortunately we are defintely looking at something negative in our plane of existence no matter if one thinks they are interdimmensional or whether you believe they are terrestrial or from the Pleiades, the fact is they are hostile to us.

    I had set out as many others to find out what the truth was behind the whole ordeal and as bad as I hate to admit it I believe the information Nick Redfern has presented as truth. I have tried to come up with another answer to the real truth because from a young child I dreamed of friendly
    E.T’s would come to save the earth from evil but what I found out was quite the opposite! We are actually warned about them in the bible over and over.

    I truly believe they will be part of a well laid out plan of deception that will lead many astray.

    Our only Hope is to turn our life over to the One and ONLY true God, The Lord Jesus Christ!