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Something Deadly in their Nightmares

A thing of dreams.

Marcus still wakes screaming in the night, the nightmare as fresh in his newly conscious mind as it was in sleep. However, the dreams aren’t as frequent as they were when he was younger, like the one he had at eight years old. “In the dream I was at my family reunion and there was a little boy maybe twelve years old, and he was chasing us around with a butcher knife,” Marcus said.


Marcus and his brother ran through this dream reunion, past relatives chatting and eating chicken and potato salad off paper plates, but no one else seemed to see this boy who chased them, this boy with pitch black eyes. Then the boy caught them. “He killed my brother and he came after me,” Marcus said. The knife-wielding, black-eyed twelve-year-old pounced on top of Marcus and raised the knife, still wet with his brother’s blood. “Right before he killed me I woke up.”

The dream fear clung to him like wet clothing, and Marcus realized he wasn’t alone. “Right on top of me sat the black-eyed boy from my dream,” Marcus said. “He was holding me down and I tried so hard to get away from him but I couldn’t move.”

The boy from the nightmare raised his hand and slapped Marcus’s left cheek. As the sting shot through him, Marcus sat up and the boy vanished. But Marcus knew the boy was real. “My cheek stung and I was crying so hard, and I was so afraid of what had happened.”

He tried wake his big sister, but she wouldn’t move, so he crawled in bed next to her and cried the rest of the night; he was too afraid to go back to sleep; years later, he’s still afraid. “I remember exactly what the boy looked like,” Marcus said. “He had auburn hair, was wearing a red, black and green-stripped sweater, and of course had completely black eyes.”

Lucid dreams, in which people seem to be awake during the dream state, sometimes bleed into consciousness. During sleep, our bodies become paralyzed so involuntary muscle movements don’t shake us awake. Sometimes in a deep REM sleep, when our dreams are the most vivid, we wake, and our dreams momentarily become reality. Then, sometimes, they actually are reality.

The darker side of dreams

The darker side of dreams – Sleep paralysis

Lauren was sixteen years old when she met the dark man in a dream. “I was driving home from work and there was this other car that crossed the lane and made me wreck my car,” she said. “I heard sirens and looked over and saw him standing over me.” A tall, black shadow of a man loomed over her in the dream, his eyes red burned into hers. “Then I saw this really, really bright light then woke up.” That wasn’t the last time she saw the black shadow man.


She woke one night to find her bedroom bathed in darkness. Lauren usually slept with her television and a nightlight on because she always felt as if she were being watched. But that night her TV and night light were off. “I had one window and a little light was coming through so I could kinda see the shoulder and half the head of a tall shadow man with red glowing eyes just staring at me,” she said. “I laid there staring at his eyes not able to think or move or feel anything. It was like it had a trance on me or something.”

During this trance she couldn’t close her eyes. “I had a fan blowing right on my face and I never once blinked,” she said. “When I felt like I could move again I sat up never taking my eyes off of him, and when I sat up my eyes started to burn really bad and started to water, so I blinked.” When she opened her eyes again, the dark figure was gone, and she lay down and went back to sleep.

Lauren has seen it since, fleetingly. The shadow man occasionally flitters across the street only to disappear as she focuses on it. “When I see him its like time stops,” she said. “I can’t move, I can’t blink, I can’t do anything till he is gone.”

But her initial death dream brought on by this dark, sinister figure haunts her still. “I still don’t drive to this day,” she said. “In fear that I will die the way I did in my dream.”

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  • So, I won’t be sleeping for a week now.

  • Cassia

    So a frequent dream might actually happen? I feel bad for my sister then, she has a recurring zombie nightmare like every two years….

  • Gogol

    Not that I don’t want to believe, but the writing sounds like fiction to me.

  • alan borky

    Jason I’m prone to that sleep paralysis stuff meself I’ve even been prone to it happening while I’m out walking which can be deeply problematical to say the least and I’m also prone to having critters sitting atop me like the two different shadowy translucent kinds which seemed to be independently pinning me down on my right and left side the other night until our kid finally sensed I was having difficulties and turned on the light though it took at least half an hour before I could even try rolling over.

    Most people’ll quite rightly assume this sort of thing especially the entities’re some sort of psychological or neural thing though I always say where does any of this sort of stuff fit in evolution for instance which came first the paralysis or the dreams and for that matter what use is sleep paralysis when you’re about to fall out the tree or a sabre tooth tiger’s gnawing on your leg or in my case your brother’s cat’s making it self at home on the bed and you can’t shoo it away?

    I’ve too many experiences though which make me wonder if these dream critters might really have some sort of independent energetic existence eg over the years I’ve learnt how to shrug off some of the effects of sleep paralysis by concentrating all my attention on a particular arm or leg which’s possibly why they’re tending to show up mob handed these days which’s meant I’ve been able to explosively lunge at them though these days I tend to hold off on that approach since it often ended up in me being tricked into booting or punching or even butting the wall or some other object cue the hideous gleeful cackling of a large unseen spectral audience though I personally use such episodes by way of training myself to rein in my natural Scouse tendencies to New Jersey style aggressiveness.

    They also seem to like inducing and feeding off negative emotions like fear and despair by messing with details from your personal history via your dreams but even that can be helpful in training your mind to deal with people in waking life who like to mislead or disceive or confuse others simply because they derive personal pleasure from ferreting out other peoples neuroses and obsessions to make them upset or unnerved or because they’re stone cold bastard pros like politicians who like nothing better than making us anxious about us or our loved ones’ health or filling our minds with fear about the activities of other countries or religions or ideologies by way of distracting us from grasping the significance of their own particular dastardly deeds but then personal experience’s also led me to very strongly suspect it really is perfectly possible even for humans to infiltrate the dreams of others and interfer with them in much the same way described in Inception.

  • Rogoraeck

    What do they smoke??? Celery leaves wrapped up in a cabbage leave?

  • If anyone watched the docs or read books on it, Wes got NOES story based on real stories of kids being haunted in their dreams. One of which kept telling his parents if he sleeps he will die. So they give him sleeping pills which he didn’t take for a bit, but then one night he finally feel asleep to which his parents were happy. They put him in his room, heard a scream, had to break down the door, and found him dead. Sleep spirits are real.

  • Josh Kelly

    I have seen shadow man in my time ….Not a fun feeling ….

  • Mathew Rodriguez

    Deffinitely not

  • Mathew Rodriguez

    Mine said that time would come just before it dissapeared