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Episode 913 – Mysterious Universe

The healing effects of music has us breaking out all the quality classics to test the latest science on the subject before we look at new Sleep Paralysis projects, updates on the Sirius documentary, and Tibetan “Delogs”.

The tone suddenly goes below the belt as we wield our Flaming Thunderbolts of Wisdom leading into a Plus+ extension full of Airships, Tesla, and Mermen.

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  • Man…That Buddhist monk had serious game…Barney Stinson would approve

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    re: Drukpa Kunley. would that his excesses were only a thing of the past…..

    i lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for a couple of years and exploitation of females was common and not considered a big problem by the hierarchy. However, things didn’t get anywhere near the problems encountered in, say, the Catholic Church. (The center i lived in was in the SF Bay Area. It’s a small center in a different lineage than Chogyam Trungpa’s).

    In my view, the trouble starts when people decide that ‘some people’ are more important than others…closer to god, more enlightened, know more about whatever sphere of knowledge, did more rosaries, whatever……so of course they are special and therefore entitled to ‘support’ from the rest of us plebes. That support can be emotional, physical, monetary, sexual, etc. Any negative things the ‘special’ person gets up to are justified because of all the ‘good’ they do because they are so smart, enlightened, rich, or whatever outweighs the negative.

    It’s all a crock. And i wish it was only found in one part of the world, or one philosophy, or one religion, or one culture, but it seems to pop up everywhere. No one is so special that their exploitation of others should be encouraged, tolerated or overlooked. steph

    p.s. of course, re: Kunley transmission of spiritual knowledge thru sex can work, which only complicates matters. What a world.

  • AlltFö

    What is New Age music and what it really is/was. Good lecture on the link above.

  • Haven’t even finished listening yet, but the whole Micah’s band thing is one of the funniest things I’ve heard on the show yet.

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    Great episode guys. One that I will have to actually listen to over again.

    Liked the meditation part… and it could simply be that it does expand mindfulness and awareness. I look at some of my meditation practice as practice at being present and staying in the moment.

    So Aaron thinks he would automatically give up his seat in the doctors office experiment. What if he is so completely daydreaming or stuck in the future or past that he doesn’t even notice what’s going on. Like when you are driving and the past 10 minutes have gone by and you don’t even remember it because you have been so lost in your head. Maybe the meditation group were just quicker at noticing what was going on and acting on it.

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    what if those inter-dimensional beings are just sitting back waiting for us to wake up in sleep paralysis…. then the jump into our realm and dance around the bed etc, etc. playing some fun little game.

  • A_Beam
  • A_Beam
  • A_Beam

    I remember this quote from a Zen monk: … In the end isn’t it really only about a penis and a vagina? Why doesn’t anybody simply say that he’s fallen in love with a vagina?

    : D

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    Wow! That is amazing. Will be checking more of her music out…thanks:)

  • Bear Bones

    Come on guys, the South American breakaway society using anti-gravitic technology sound really familiar…Friendship island! I listen with great anticipation for Ben and Aaron to make these leaps of logic, don’t let me down guys.

  • Nthis

    Didn’t realize she was still making music and i’m really liking this song. I actually first heared her music back in 1999 when she was doing the classical stuff. I’m going to have to pay attention to her music more closer from now on 🙂

  • >”I would repeat this study on other groups that have demonstrated
    independence from popular opinion / choices, and hence less prone to the
    bystander effect”

    You mean cosplayers? 😛

  • Dajen

    Concerning TED and TEDeX: What I didn’t hear discussed was whether the cancelled Hollywood conference qualified as science (testable, repeatable). If the speakers, like the statement from TED’s spokespeople, are putting out pseudo science, I can’t blame them for the cancellation. TED is not the avenue for this kind of exploration.

  • A_Beam

    Glad you like it!

  • A_Beam

    Yea. Tradition. I never thought about it in this context.

  • A_Beam

    Wow. And i also have to say that the sex thing in Tibetan Buddhism is completely new to me! You mean women in monasteries have sex with the ‘masters’/teachers? Is this common?

  • Douglas Hodges


    I’m so happy you referenced JAN TERRI HAHAHAH.

    I’ve been making fun of those videos with my friends for YEARS NOW!!!

    Oh and great show guys – I’ve been tuned in for about 2 months now, but have been going back and listening to all of the old seasons. KEEP IT UP!!!

    -Douglas from Alabama, USA