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Episode 914 – Mysterious Universe

With all the news of mind melding this week and the future sci-fi like applications of technology induced telepathy, physicist and ESP researcher Russell Targ’s special appearance makes us wonder if humanity is not simply rediscovering long lost innate abilities.

Targ shares the details on his groundbreaking work with SRI in the 1970’s and 80’s which lead to top secret contracts with the Military and the CIA, and ultimately what we now know as Remote Viewing.

Russell Targ

The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities


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  • Re. the ESP experiment: I vote for this to be conducted with a camera, so it will be the FIRST video provided by Mysterious Universe!

    Because we all want to see Aaron & Elliot’s jaw drop when they realize Ben is a distant relative of Charles Xavier 😉

    Like this comment if you agree 🙂

  • if there isn’t already, there should be an MU book club. They have let me know of a lot of great reads 🙂

  • Your esp link is invalid. Simply goes to apple store main page. A search for it comes up empty….

  • EnderWiggin

    A Remote Viewing experiment with us, the listeners should work regardless of recording date. When Russell Targ asked what he was holding I made my own try and I was really close. I think a real experiment with us would be awesome. I will totally send in a drawing. Sounds fun!

  • Sparrow

    I gotta say…I got pretty close on that esp experiment at the end!
    Straight away my mind saw a long sphere with ridged lines. GTFO, right?

  • sassychan

    I would love to read the “Missing 411” books. Why are they so expensive? It’s down-right ridiculous. Oh well. Very good MU show though, as usual! ^_^

  • KT

    I tried the ESP experiment and saw something yellow….which could have been a duck. Does that mean it worked?

  • A_Beam

    Russell Targ. How cool. Imagine Ingo doing the next interview on MU. THAT would be sweet. But he’s gone. You could do it via ouija board.

  • I’m pretty good at ESP, nbd… where is my lucrative military psi ops contract HUH?!

  • I’m a week behind with MU – looking forward to catching up today! I was also pretty close with the ESP experiment, and doubted my thoughts when Ben said ‘shot glass’ . However, I visualised a baby’s rattle with a concave disc in the ‘head’. The disc was velvet (strange, couldn’t link this in myself). It was an intuitively challenging experiment… something I suppose we all need more of! Another incredible researcher on the subject is Dean Radin. His book “Entangled Minds” is outstanding. If you ever conduct your own ESP testing, I’m in NSW & you can count me in! Love the show, keep up the awesome work guys!!!