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Sasquatch Speaks and Strangeness Strikes

It’s fair to say that I’m not just a regular recipient of strange tales of a supernatural nature. Just occasionally, I’m the recipient of tales that easily exceed what could be termed strange.  I’m talking about those distinctly rogue cases that veer into territories where a researcher is forced to take one of two views: (a) what the witness reported simply did not happen; or (b) some of the mysterious things that people such as me chase down are not just weird. They’re beyond weird. The following case is a perfect example of the latter.

It came to me a few years ago from a couple named Donnie and Lynne, a thirty-something pair originally from Tulsa, who were living on the fringes of Oklahoma City when I interviewed them. March 8, 2007, Donnie told me, marked the couple’s second wedding anniversary. And, as keen outdoors-people with a love of nature, they decided to avoid the typical vacation resorts that would normally spring to mind, and instead decided to spend nine days deep in the heart of the grand Ouachita National Forest. The decision was one they would later come to bitterly regret.

Covering the western section of Arkansas and parts of eastern Oklahoma, the Ouachita National Forest is the oldest National Forest in the southern United  States. It encompasses almost two million acres, including most of the scenic Ouachita Mountains – Ouachita being the French spelling of the Indian word Washita, which means “good hunting grounds.”

Around 5.00 p.m. one day before their vacation ended, the pair was walking along the aforementioned Ouachita National Recreation Trail, when Donnie developed a distinct and foreboding feeling that we all experience now and again: namely, that of being watched. He was not wrong.

As the pair strolled along the trail hand-in-hand, to the left of them and at a distance of no more than twenty feet a huge, hairy creature came crashing through the trees. Although up until this point, they had no more exposure to the world of cryptozoology than most people, they instantly knew what they were looking at: a Bigfoot.


Donnie told me that the creature was truly immense: at least eight and a half feet tall, “obviously male,” and with very bulky arms and legs. It had a cone-shaped head, a “massive chest,” and was covered in “dark brown hair that had a lot of white in it [and] which made us think he was really old.” Too shocked to move – “I fell to my knees,” Lynne told me – the couple merely stared, as the huge creature did likewise in their direction.

But then something truly strange occurred: in somewhat hesitant tones, Donnie said they continued to look on in both awe and fear, when suddenly their minds were filled with a soothing female voice that uttered the words: “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come closer.”

It was as if “we were thinking the words, but listening to them, too, if that makes any sense,” Donnie said, as he grappled to explain the sensation of hearing the disembodied, telepathic-like voice. And, of course, the fact that a soft female voice emanated from a beast that looked like it could tear apart a small car, only made the whole situation even stranger. But even weirder things were to come.

Trying to compose himself, at least as best he could, as his wife still sat shaking on her knees and clinging to his right leg for support, Donnie’s first thought was to take a photograph of the beast. As he made a move to open his back-pack and pull out his digital-camera, two ever so slightly stern words reverberated around his head: “Do not.” For a moment, he tried to ignore the words and continued to frantically dig for his camera. “No, do not. No, do not,” the voice repeated, as the face of the creature changed from one of a blank stare to a distinctly malevolent frown.


“Do not,” the voice continued, still in eerily calm-and-collected female tones. Perhaps wisely, Donnie finally did as he was told, and sank to his knees and held Lynne tightly. At that moment, the mighty Bigfoot edged closer and to a point where he was about ten feet from the by now terrified couple. “The smell was terrible: like a dead animal,” Lynne recalled.

As it loomed over them, they heard one final message: “You will not be hurt and you need not fear. Go. One more time I shall see you.” Needless to say, Donnie and Lynne needed no encouragement and, struggling to stand on their trembling legs, headed off at high speed down the trail, constantly looking over their shoulders until the creature was lost from sight as the pathway took a turn to the left. The event was over.

Many cryptozoologists might simply ignore and wipe their hands of such an outrageously controversial tale. But, I don’t consider myself to be a cryptozoologist in the way in which the term is intended. Rather, I would describe myself as a Fortean who happens to have a very deep interest in cryptozoology. The difference might sound slight to some, but I assure you it most certainly is not.

Rogue stories like that of Donnie and Lynne are as problematic as they are fascinating. And I don’t mean that disrespectfully to the pair. If the event happened as Donnie and Lynne reported it – and, I have to say, there was nothing odd or prankster-like about them – then Bigfoot is a creature even stranger than I generally consider it, which is as something with distinct and decidedly paranormal overtones.

But, there’s weird and then there’s beyond weird. This case clearly falls into the second category. Unfortunately, when faced with with these “beyond weird” cases it only makes it more and more difficult to fathom what’s really afoot.

That doesn’t make me want to give up the chase, however. In fact, the exact opposite: it encourages me to push further for the answers – but which might not be the answers we’re expecting. So, with that in mind, I say to fellow researchers of the unexplained (in all its many and varied forms) don’t ignore those cases that are difficult (or near-impossible) to fathom. Instead, embrace them. They may be seriously strange, but they may also be the ones that crack the puzzle.

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  • Great article, Nick! Yet, once again, I find myself with the same questions I feel still need answering. As a skeptic, I’m prone to disbelieve most tales of the unexplained (not denounce them, but logically distrust them). However, there are just so many accounts of Bigfoot encounters – both ‘weird’ and ‘very weird’- I’m tempted to question: How is Bigfoot still a myth?!
    Surely the sheer volume of documented encounters would be enough to warrant a search? A scientific, funded, search?

  • Scott_McMan

    How can they be so sure that the telepathic messages were coming from the Sasquatch?

    Many associate Bigfoot with aliens and some would claim that they are sentries who walk a patrol to keep people from getting close enough to see beyond the next stand of trees. Others see Bigfoot in similar respects, but as an inter-dimensional being.

    Could it be that the aliens are seeing us through the eyes of the beast and therefore sending these messages from safely near or inside a spacecraft?

    So many questions, yet the most logical of answers is that this couple merely imagined the telepathy. Just convincing someone that they witnessed such a creature would be a daunting task in itself. As soon as they start with the mind melding, well, unfortunately the validity of their story will be lost on most.

  • jake

    i think this is a very excellent encounter; the paranormal qualities of this bigfoot are more apparent than most, but i think that element is what’s missing in the search.

  • If something, like a Bigfoot, is talking to you, then do not be afraid. If it hasn’t harmed you in any way and makes no aggressive moves to do so. Than why not just let things be and try to communicate back? I wish I had such the opportunity. I have heard many tales about them being telepathic. I haven’t experienced anything like that yet. I have had many other experiences with them. I can’t wait until the next one. 🙂

  • Jim

    Beyond weird? Perhaps. But the fact that a Bigfoot family group has never (to my knowledge) been reported, and the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t nature of the sightings, make one wonder if Bigfoot is a paranormal phenomenon, not a cryptozoological one. In any case, it is an excellent tale, and it encourages further discoveries in this most strange of strange categories of human experience.

  • Adrian Palmer

    I think you have a valid question. I thought while reading the article that the voice was coming from someone other than bigfoot. It’s mentioned that the bigfoot was male, but the voice is female. I understand I’m taking license to say that men have deep voices and women have soft, higher pitched voices. The realm of possibilities is huge.

  • alan borky

    Nick don’t you think these sorts of stories’re becoming less and less weird and inexplicable in many ways especially as more and more cultures’re spilling their most esoteric dimensions and teachings into the public domain as a result of which more and more Westerners’re aware not only of the possibility of say energetic lifeforms like jinn/genies but many of these beings’re actually said to be not only friendly to humanity but Muslims Jews Christians Buddhists Zoroastrians etc ie there’re even these supposed cultural interweavings and interpenetrations yet jinn’re far more removed from what human beings are than Sasquatch.

    Then we have the fact many of these cultures feature sentient superpowered apes like the Hindus’ Hanuman a figure who like Aesop’s incredibly clever crows has long been explained away as merely a disguised parable on human nature yet we now know crows can and do do in fact precisely the things Aesop described them doing over 2000 years ago while apes’re currently whupping the arses of our university students and their professors at iPad IQ tests

    So with all that in mind I too say to your fellow researchers of the unexplained for god sakes y’stupid bastards Redfern was already leavin’ y’in the dust when these sorts of stories really DID seem ridiculous so if you carry on ignoring cases which actually seem less and less problematical everyday then he’s go’n’o be the bugger who gets acclaimed as the first Nobel Prize winning Professor of Cryptozoological Fortea while you lot’re go’n’o be remembered as a bunch of extinct Flat Earther Craptozoologists!

  • alan borky

    A good point Scott and unfortunately two possible answers which spring to mind based on traditional materials’ll only freak out those who can’t handle the thought of mind melding Sasquatch.

    The first’s that according to some mystical types highly evolved spiritual males y’Muhammeds y’Gautamas y’Moseses acquire a female soul which means that Sasquatch mightn’t just’ve been any old Sasquatch but a Jesus Sasquatch.

    The other possibility as you rightly suspect’s the voice wasn’t coming from the Sasquatch at all.

    It may in fact’ve been the voice of the Goddess Herself and again right back to Gilgamesh Wildmen’ve been associated with goddess like female figures one particular interpretation of Enuma Elish having it the Temple harlot who bonked the living stuffing out Enkidu by way of civilizing him was in fact the Goddess herself in disguise.

  • Rogoraeck

    Quite probable.

  • 9 days in the woods…experienced outdoors people….and no gun with them? No mention of a gun? And no one at all thinks this is odd? Cmon, its worth a question, like…”werent you carrying a GUN!?”

  • I wonder…would that mean that this “telepathy” would have a large effective range? A hunting rifle with scope is easily effective out to 500 yards+ depending on terrain(although I wouldnt risk a shot at that distance, and identifying the target would be VERY difficult, but a shorter…say…100yd shot?)

  • I’m glad that at least partial reports are making it to the public and that the public is being educated about these things. More and more people are living in cities, never going near forests anymore. I spent most of my life in the woods, playing, hunting and learning all I could about them. Someone should write what the trauma of seeing such things deep in the woods, does to a person’s ability to remember and what they go through when these memories resurface. The public needs to know that some of these bigfoot are not warm and fuzzy. I’ve seen what one of them did to one woman’s outbuilding that was converted to living space for one newlywed couple. It took things from this small building and set them down the two stories of stairs outside and in the surrounding yard. It took the place apart upstairs. I saw it’s nest in the barn, I saw it in the lane one day as I sat with the elderly woman who lived their alone until the couple came there. Her woods were deep and lush where this bigfoot lived. It was different looking than one I’d seen when I was younger. This one was possessive of it’s territory though this farm had been there a very long time. The woman’s husband got a gun that looked like an elephant gun of foreign make which I saw and held one day when he was alive. The old woman had it all those years later to protect herself from this bigfoot that threw rocks at her. She found him in her open well house one day and he refused to leave. This was her drinking water that he polluted. It was about a 5 ft. by 5ft. by 3 ft. deep pool of water. He urinated around her house in plain sight. The day I saw him he’d been throwing rocks at us as we sat outside, she telling me about him in a way that I wouldn’t think she was nuts or senile. We heard him coming down the hill in the woods near the lane and we acted like we were oblivious to it so he’d come on out. I turned slowly to look at him and acted like there was nothing shocking about him. He was trying to get a rise out of us and I wasn’t giving it to him. He grunted and stomped quite a few times but I acted like I was ignoring him and even laughed and joked about him not getting what he wanted out of me. The old woman had that loaded gun out there with us and I and my brother sitting nearby had been trained how to shoot. I didn’t want to have to resort to that because I’d been knocked on my butt by a 12 guage one day when I tried shooting one of them. The 16 guage hurt my shoulder too. This woman’s gun was a very large bore and had two barrels to it with special cocking mechanisms. I could only imagine that it would hurt me a lot to shoot it though I was prepared to do so if necessary. My brother and I watched him go back up in the woods and heard his wood knocks and rock throwing. We gathered up the rocks he threw at our feet and all at once we threw them one after the other right where he’d gone into the woods. Then, we let go of some of our own grunts to show him that we meant business too. I stood up and told him to leave the old woman alone or we’d be back with help and he would be hunted down and killed. I told him he’d better think hard about what he did next. We heard him tearing through the woods up the hill and we could tell he was throwing a tantrum. When dad came home I filled him in. He took his guns over to see the old woman with our oldest brother and us. The boys and dad spent some time “marking” along the lane beside the woods to drive home our point to this bigfoot. They even sprayed up some of the trees. I’d bet he wasn’t happy about that. He came back later and really tore up that out building upstairs where the couple had been living. They had to move out because he was causing all this damage to the place. They deemed it too dangerous for the old woman to stay there alone and others came and lived with her for a time. She was never alone there. Then, they moved her off the farm and brought in a logging crew that clear cut the entire woods on her property. I sure they thought this would show her she was safe but it broke her heart to lose her beautiful woods. She died days after seeing it all cut down. I don’t know where the bigfoot went after that. People all over our valley had trouble with that one or possibly another one where pigs were kept. The bigfoot seemed to like the salt and mineral licks put out for cows kept on the neighboring farms up the valley. The farmer at one of them was embarrassed to tell us that he’d seen something big and hairy at these licks and it was hurting his cattle up there. He had to move them but was scared that he and others moving them would be hurt. Some men with guns came to help move them out. He lost the use of that field near the forest because of that. This farmer also kept pigs and they were always being stolen, again by a big hairy creature. The man’s health went downhill and he was terrified by sounds in the night. We heard them at times in the summer with our windows open often. We saw the places on the house that creature had torn up and the rocks it had thrown at the man’s house. He’d been firing at it when it got too close to the house. It seemed to know when others with guns were around and kept it’s distance. The man finally moved away and took his animals with him or sold them outright. He lost much of his earnings and his health to this. This is just one of many many other attacks on farm animals and people that was happening all around us for miles in the 1960s and 70s. After that I moved to the nearby city to live and haven’t lived near a forest since. Now, traumatic memories of that time have returned and I am horrified at what was happening all around us at the time. There was no “bigfoot” talked about and we didn’t know what to make of all this except that it was a big hairy animal that stole pigs and hurt farm animals. How do you make sense of such things when you’re a teenager? There isn’t time enough to think about things too much when you’re spending every waking moment on school work and chores at home. We were preparing for adulthood and looking forward to it a lot! I myself was in college prep courses at school, and was involved in extracurricular activities at school that took up much of my time. My focus was on that and we all decided to leave the country when we came of age. Country life was a lot of very hard work and there wasn’t a whole lot to do there to have fun. The city offered more to us in our young age. As soon as we got wheels, as in bicycles, then cars, we were gone, lol. So, this big hairy animal that liked to steal pigs was the least of our concerns. Let me tell you that it was very traumatic to see the ones I’d seen in my youth and my mind hid these things from me. This is a normal response of the human condition. Right now I can account for at least three bigfoot that were in our 20 mile square area in the hills at that time. There may have been more of them, I don’t know if the ones I saw were the same ones that others saw on the other side of the highway and further south towards the next towns. They seemed to be making a circuit of the area visiting every place that kept chickens, pigs etc. We always had deer, racoons, possums, skunks, the usual varmits that ate our garden when produce was coming on. Even so I can now remember smelling this distinct smell at times that was just God awful and sometimes it was very close to the house. I had chickens that belonged to me when I was young and those had to be slaughtered all at once because something big, hairy and smelly kept tearing into the coop and stealing them. It was hurting our dogs as well and the dogs wouldn’t bark or growl at whatever it was. So, the chickens were slaughtered and we didn’t have that problem anymore. Each family in our valley dealt with their own problems and if it concerned neighbors we told them about our problem to see if it was happening where they lived too. Very often it was. Most just got rid of their chickens, rabbits, etc. to stop the problem. The adults not telling us much had to be spied on so we could find out what was going on. Hearing the same thing from neighbors and our parents about a big hairy thing that was doing all this damage didn’t make sense to anyone let alone we kids. There is so much more that needs to be told by everyone and people needs to give respect to country people for knowing their own area of the country and how to survive there. People love to watch Bear Grils and Les Stroud doing their survival shows but we country people grew up learning these same things already. It’s second nature to us. Give country people credit.

  • We are where we are today with science and academics because religion once ruled over what was acceptable and what was not to the extent that if you crossed a line they tortured you until you confessed to doing evil and killed you for it. Science dosen’t like to go where religion goes and visa versa for that reason. Both sides need to get help for their anal occulitis and pull their heads out of their butts and quit acting like they know everything already. Neither are God and neither ever will be!

  • Yes, people have reported seeing family groups of bigfoot who seemed to be gathering food as they traveled. One man told how he was captured and taken with a bigfoot family up in the mountains and watched their daily activities until he could escape. This is online.

  • Dick Cabesa

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