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Skyquakes: Strange and Anomalous Sounds in Nature

It seemed to be an otherwise quiet and unassuming evening of esoterica at my fortified and famously secretive residence way back in the heart of the Appalachians. My colleague, one historian and journalist by the name of Mr. Vance Pollock, had dropped by to share some weird correspondences he had received regarding a few early twentieth century spiritualist seances, and while little was heard from where we were, just over the next ridge, locals were reporting the sounds of chaos erupting into the night air.

There was never any official explanation given, but the local newspapers would describe it as being a strange “explosion” sound over East Asheville, North Carolina, seemingly emanating from the sky. While this instance alone might be passed off as a mere fluke, throughout the majority of 2012 there were reports from all around the world that described similar “skyquakes” that were occurring, some of which were allegedly recorded on video, and later “explained” as being viral videos that were intended to promote upcoming films. In retrospect, if this were indeed the case, it would be fair to say that the promotional aspect didn’t work well, as we don’t have a clear idea as to what film, exactly such videos may have been promoting.

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And in truth, the Skyquake phenomenon does go back much further than 2012 (forever known as “the year Quetzacoatl stood us up”). Indeed, there is a curious history of strange sounds that emanate from nowhere, though seemingly from the skies above, that have garnered the attention of the Fortean crowd.

A few websites, such as this one, began to appear online that dealt with the incoming reports of “skyquakes” last year, and while little can be found online about the phenomenon (despite there being a series of the popular Hasbro Transformers characters bearing this name), there are reports that date back to earlier times. Such things were discussed in the anomalous cataloguing of Charles Fort, as well as some of the scientific writing of the late William R. Corliss, who delved into an array of different anomalous sounds that emanate from natural sources in his “Science Frontiers” volumes. Some of the odd noises he catalogued were even categorized as musical, or even more specifically, as sounding like “organ music” that seemed to emanate from underground; though instead of evidence of orchestration from the underworld, Corliss noted that it was more likely that these sounds were of geological origin, though one regional variety, centered around the coast of Greenland, had been given a name by “the late A. Wegener”, according to Corliss, which was Ton der Dove-bai.

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But regarding specifically the presence of the alleged “Skyquakes,” retired Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens also discussed this phenomenon in relation to UFO sightings in an obscure book he self-published in 1981, called UFO Contact from Reticulum. In the book, Stevens, along with co-author William J. Herrman, feature an appendix titled “Skyquakes Related to UFOs”, in which Herrman claimed to have experienced a UFO sighting in conjunction with an alleged skyquake:

“The link between these mystery explosions and UFOs is the most exciting new development in this field,” declared noted UFO researcher Robert Cregan, a professor of philosophy at the State University of New York at Albany. And Dr. James Harder, professor of engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, commented, “I think it’s entirely possible that UFOs are connected (to these blasts.”

The high-altitude explosions, which were heard or felt in parts of Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and North and South Carolina, have baffled defense officials all over the country. During at least the following five airquakes UFOs were seen directly over or near the blast sites and there may be more.

The authors go on to mention a series of other sightings that occurred in late 1977, which purported to feature these strange aerial sounds in conjunction with visible UFO craft. Is there ultimately one cause underlying these strange sounds, or could it be, much like the study of ufology itself, that there are actually more than one explanation for different instances of anomalous “explosions” or similar sounds emanating from the sky?

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  • weirdaustralia

    Here in Australia too, there have long been reports of loud booming sounds emanating from clear blue skies.

    In 1913, the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science considered a pamphlet titled ‘Phenomenal Sounds in the Interior of Australia – Are they Terrestrial or Atmospherical?’ The pamphlet included many reports from explorers and settlers alike of mysterious booms, often described as resembling canon fire. Sometimes, rising up into the sky.

    Even one of Australia’s most celebrated explorers, Captain Sturt, experienced, and was left perplexed, by these unknown sky sounds. He recorded one such experience on the Darling Downs in 1829:

    “Mr Hume and I were occupied tracing a chart upon the ground. The day had been remarkably fine, not a cloud was there in the sky, nor a breath of air to be felt. On a sudden we heard what seemed to be the report of a gun fired in the distance of between five or six miles. It was not the hollow sound of an earthly explosion, or the sharp, cracking noise of thunder, but in every way resembled the discharge of a very large piece of ordnance. On this we all agreed, but no one was certain whence the sound proceeded.”

    Sturt experienced the phenomenon again in 1844 while exploring Central Australia: “Having crossed the stony desert … about 9 o’clock in the morning, we distinctly heard the report as of a great gun discharged to the westward, at a distance of about half a mile.”

    These and many more encounters with strange sky sounds were recorded long before the advent of powered aircraft, modern machinery or fake YouTube videos.


  • weirdaustralia

    …By the way, I wasn’t implying the above videos are fake ;-)

  • Krystle

    I’m actually doing a little research because last night around 9:20pm. My husband and I heard a sound that sounded like a jet but continued for 3-5 minutes. It seemed to be stationary and not come and go in any particular direction. It also somewhat pulsated. It lasted way too long to be a jet and did not sound like multiple jets either. Not sure what it was. I’ve read some of Charles Fort’s work and I remember the mention of skyquakes. We also live in the Appalachians in W. Virginia.

  • Brad

    i heard on a TV show that when a skyquake happens that in ATC an aircraft codenamed “Aurora” is always flying over that area.

  • Kyle B

    Was wondering if u could check out my vid, it might be a skyquake

  • Bobby Powell

    Strange Sky Sounds, Mysterious Blasts, UFOs And Russian Troops; What Do They Have In Common?

    On June 6th of 2012, a massive explosion rocked northeastern Michigan for hundreds of square miles. The epicenter as mapped out according to reports of the blast on Facebook was the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center, home of a new drone facility where the Air Force will be conducting R&D, manufacturing, pilot training, and presumably operational missions. The Air Force denies any knowledge of an explosion at the base.

    The ACRTC has been abuzz with all kinds of strange activity, with videos of sounds in the sky accompanied by lights, UFOs being videotaped over the base, harassment of citizens by black helicopters, and sightings of foreign troops in town becoming more frequent.

    Another blast a few weeks ago actually caused property damage, and in this episode of The Truth Is Viral host Bob Powell speaks with the homeowner, who lives right next to the base, about his experiences.

    Northern Michigan is not alone when it comes to strange sounds and lights in the sky which are often accompanied by booming noises that are familiar to military veterans as high-explosive detonations. Activist Post writer Brandon Turbeville has written about explosions very similar to those described by residents in Michigan that he himself experienced in South Carolina late last year. Turbeville also relays his experiences in this program during an exclusive interview with The Truth Is Viral.

    Read The Rest & Watch The Video Evidence Here:

  • Ingolf Stern

    strangely, fire trucks have been seen around fires. scientists are uncertain whether the brightly colored trucks are the cause of the burning buildings, but many websites note the almost perfect correlation between the two things. government coverup is suspected.

  • Ingolf Stern

    frack! what could be causing geological phenomenon in areas that have typically been quiescent? frack! who knows?

    well, WE do.

    It is natural gas, having been released from it’s ancient pockets to flow and growl through the newly created crevices and orifices, resonating like a trumpet.

    Here is a quote from earlier times:

    “Seneca Lake in New York was the site of noises that were thought to come from the release of bubbles of natural gas from deep in the lake, observed as early as 1903. The bubbles were not ignited, of course, and if they were they would only have burned quietly. They were thought to come from the Oriskany formation, a sandstone that had been drilled for natural gas in the vicinity. These “guns” were still around in 1934, when the gas wells had been exhausted.”

    You can google “barisal.”

  • Ingolf Stern

    reference! quick, damn you!

  • f_galton
  • f_galton

    Google “Lewis and clark unaccountable artillery of the Rocky Mountains”.