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When Paranormal Entities Change Their Own Rules

Writing about the paranormal for about a decade, I’ve seen certain topics grab the public’s attention and quickly fade (orbs, rods), but others, for good reason, stick around year, after year, after year (ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, shadow people). A fairly recent entry into the paranormal landscape that has stalked its way into our deepest nightmares, the weirdest bogyman to show its greasy-haired head in a long time, is the Black-Eyed Kids. I’ve written quite a bit about BEKs, and frankly many of the cases are too similar. Someone alone is approached by children or teens that try to talk their way into a house/car/secluded spot. The children seem strange, then the person notices their all black eyes. The person slams the door and the story is over.

Creepy, but we’ve heard it before.

Every once in a while I find someone whose encounter with these entities is a bit different, and that gives me the willies. Here are two.

A Horror on the Farm

Tonya’s family moved from an apartment in town to a small ranch house in rural Indiana when she was five. “My Mom was pregnant with my sis,” Tonya said. “I remember having a swing set and Mom and Dad let me have a rabbit outside in a cage.”

One night while her mother and father were inside preparing supper, Tonya played on the swing set and discovered she wasn’t alone. “Another girl appeared behind me,” Tonya said. “I remember thinking I would have someone to play with now.”


The girl looked dirty, poor, her hair in tangles. “She didn’t speak to me but she scared me,” Tonya said. “I will never forget that. Her eyes were dark and her teeth were wrong; sharp, a lot of them, and dirty also.”

Although the girl with the mouthful of needle-like teeth stood still and made no move toward her, Tonya jumped off the swing and ran inside. “Mom gave me a bath after supper and put me to bed,” she said. “The next day … I was too afraid to get out of bed cause I thought she would get me.”


That day, Tonya’s parents found her pet rabbit dead. Something had opened the lock on the hutch and shredded the rabbit. “I tried to tell my mom about the girl, but she was upset over my rabbit. We both were,” Tonya said. “To this day I remember her face, eyes, and teeth. She killed my rabbit. I knew it then, and know it now.”

My Brother’s Terror

Shay’s brother Korey was young when he became afraid of the dark. “He was just seven years of age and now at the age of 23 he still sticks firmly to his story,” Shay said.

Shay and Korey’s family moved from Arkansas to Olive Branch, Mississippi, in April 1996, and quickly adjusted to the new town, new home, and new school, but after three weeks, some things in the house were still missing. “We had no blinds on our windows,” Shay said. And that brought on Korey’s fear.

One night while Shay helped his mother cook dinner, his father watching television in the living room, Korey sat in his room doing homework. “He had only been in his room around 20 minutes when he came barreling down the hallway with the most horrifying scream I had ever heard with tears rolling down his face,” Shay said. “He nearly climbed my mother like a tree trunk all while trying to bury his face as to hide from something.”


The something was horrifying. “He said as he sat doing his homework he felt an eerie feeling like he was being watched and like something was calling to him,” Shay said. “He then said he glanced up at his window and saw a white-faced boy that looked like a ghost peering into the bottom of his window.”

Korey said, “Momma, he looked my age and I thought it was me at first, but when I got close to the window he blinked and moved closer, and he had all black eyes there wasn’t no white there.” Korey knew what he saw wasn’t his reflection; it was something wicked.

“I’m sure now if my brother would have stuck around without running away in fear the child may have asked him to let him in,” Shay said. “For nearly three weeks after the incident my brother being scared to sleep in his own room made camp underneath my daybed with my cocker spaniel Danny.” After that, Shay and Korey swapped rooms, but by then blinds hung from the windows – and Shay never opened them.

Sixteen years later, Shay knows the memory still terrifies Korey. “As I was leaving work at night somewhat frightened and feeling horrified to walk to my car alone, I called my brother,” Shay said. “I asked, ‘Korey, do you still remember that little boy you saw looking in your window all those years ago?’”


Korey’s voice was shaky in response. “The one with the black eyes?” he asked. “Shay, why did you have to bring that up?” Shay had read an Internet story about Black-Eyed Kids. “I wish you wouldn’t have told me that,” Korey said. “I’ve tried forgetting and it still terrifies me, especially now that I know it wasn’t just my eyes playing tricks on me.”


  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnd now I can’t sleep… Got my head under the covers of my bed like a damn kid! :/

  • PurrlGurrl

    There is a racial/ethnic undertone to some of the stories I’ve read. One I remember in particular said the children looked Asian.

    I think this is a cultural meme that is popular among white Americans, especially those who fear and are threatened by so many of our new (non-white) immigrants who’s racial and ethnic backgrounds bestow on them very dark eyes. I don’t believe the stories are real, but rather apocryphal. Children demanding to be let in; immigrants demanding to be let in.

    A folklorist will have a great time exploring this meme in the not too distant future.

  • raven

    Wow that’s just creepy i get weird feelings like that time to time and ive seen what looks like me but i never glanced too scared really.

  • this is different from other silent spooks, like the hat man or shadow people, because the people see them awake, not pre- or post- sleep.

  • Don

    I’m more scared of the politicians in Washington then I am of Black Eyed Kids.

  • Howard Richards

    Uh huh. Because that’s exactly how a seven-year old thinks. Seven-year-olds often find it hard to sleep at night worrying about immigration policy. Riiiiight.

    You dimly remember having read one story in which the BEK “looked Asian”, not that you can even provide a reference for it, so these stories must *all* be about racism.

    Sorry, that’s your hang-up. I’m not convinced that these stories are true, either; probably these stories belong to the broader class of stories of monsters with weird eyes, whether much too large, glowing, or missing along with the rest of the face — monsters that are uncanny because they are almost, but not quite, human. But don’t look for a “deep hidden meaning” in every story, let alone a political meaning.

  • Free and Proud

    I am more afraid of god and progressives than I am of black eyed children

  • i had a dream about these children about 20 yrs ago. it sticks with me to this day. i don’t know what they are, why they are here, but i know i NEVER want to meet one in real life. EVER!

  • anonomyssy

    Alien/Human Hybrids?

  • Nickie0

    I saw a girl with solid black eyes once. She looked to be 11 or 12. It was a bright, sunny day and she didn´t seem threatening to me. Just curious or something. I have never seen her (or any other BEK) again.

  • mph23

    Ghoul or Ghast, maybe…Ever see the movie Jennifer by Dario Argento? But a Golem or construct is a totally different thing in mythology.

  • D.A.V.I.D.1.4

    robots are a form of golem but remember the word golem is hebrew for clay however take the words meaning even further back it can mean formable, from the earth or earthy as in of the earth. while you are correct that ghoul or ghast is “undead” in more modern understanding long long ago there was not such a definite line between “death” and “life”. pre-Babylonian rituals exist for imbuing animus to a dead body and ancient demon summoners were “given” rituals to temporarily bind a demon to a dead body. such things are not done with out provoking jealousy in the hearts of the ancient ones and ought not be done any more than one would swallow depleted uranium nano-particles. so lets forget i mentioned these things and end with Yes of course your right good day.

  • Manny Rattu

    alien hybrids ,they have come here to steal your spirit’s

  • BradPuckett

    About a month ago I had a strange incident, and it wasn’t until I read this post that I realize I may have been visited by black-eyed kids.

    It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was home alone when I was startled by rapping at my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, and I never, ever have people come over uninvited so right away I was on high alert. Even though it was the middle of the day, I grabbed my revolver and went to the door to veer through the peep hole. I saw two young boys that I guessed to be about 12 or 13 years-old. Both of them had on black hoodies. I felt compelled to open the door, but then something inside of me said no way, even with a gun in my hand. I stood quietly as they again started using the knocker to rap at the door. It was weird that as they knocked, they kept their faces down as if they knew I was looking through the peep hole. Because of this, I could not see their eyes. I didn’t open the door, so a moment later they left. I snapped a photo on my phone as they walked away from my building. In my mind I was thinking the kids were looking to cause trouble, and if I needed to call the cops at least I would have a good description from the picture. The photo is terribly obscured because of the screen door; at that point I was just trying to get a shot before they went out of view and didn’t even think to open the door.

    For the rest of the day I was baffled as to why two kids would come to my house. I don’t have children, and have no other reason to have kids come over. They weren’t selling anything, for I didn’t see them carrying boxes. I didn’t see or hear them knock on any of my other neighbor’s doors (I live in an apartment building that has 5 other units). I’ve lived here for nearly four years and am familiar with all of the kids who play, ride bikes, or skateboard around here, and I’ve never seen these two before. I noticed they didn’t really carry themselves like young boys, rather they were more stiff or rigid-like as they walked. Plus–as they were knocking on the door–they just stood there motionless, gazing down at the floor.

    I can’t say for sure that these were black-eyed kids, but I do know it was very, very strange and I will never forget it.

  • Krysta

    I was just looking up info about the Dulce, New Mexico place where aliens and high-clearance military personnel supposedly conduct human experiments in a 7-level, underground facility. I just saw a link for black-eyed kids and clicked. I thought it looked creepy. In reading, I was reminded of the time I was scared half way to Hell by the face of some creepy, white, blond woman that was driving in the opposite direction from the one in which I was driving.
    It was like my attention was drawn to the car as soon as I was able to see it. And once I could see the driver, it was like she had been staring at me all the way down the road. Even passing next to me, she was still staring at me. Her eyes scared the crap out of me. They were very very dark. I couldn’t see any white, and she was scowling at me. I don’t know what the heck I saw that day. It just really creeped me out. I also saw a dude once, on Christmas Day, who had SHINING eyes. Like they reflected light, instead of being black. Idk what the hell that was all about, but I’m glad I discovered this whole phenomenon of black eyed kids today! It’s very interesting and I’m always up for a good scare! 🙂