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Episode 919 – Mysterious Universe

We welcome Micah Hanks back to the guest seat to challenge the tired conventions of UFOlogy and ask the questions that need to be asked to truly grasp the possibilities behind the UFO phenomenon.

What do the coming technological changes mean for humanity and will the UFO phenomenon still hold relevance as we approach the Singularity?

Micah Hanks – The Gralien Report


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  • The ultimate Singularity film, unsurpassed so far:

  • Ishadow

    Aaron – Benjamin and the gang,

    In my humble opinion the interview with Micah was one of the most informative and entertaining podcasts I’ve had the pleasure to hear on MU. Micah does have a bit of a tendency to monolog, but then he has to live up to his moniker of “Mouth of the South”. MU and it’s contributors set the bar for paranormal content.

  • Sandra Welsh

    Clones for body parts. Reminds me of the movie The Island (2005).

  • Micah hanks ! mind blown ! great interview. Really enjoyed it. He really has a good take on everything. Informative, logical and inspirational. Thank you .

  • 100% agreement.

    The first time I heard an interview with señor Hanks I said to myself: “This dude’s a smart cookie!”

    And then I learned he’s 10 years younger than me, and I’ve been feeling as a mediocre underachiever ever since 😛

  • Your interview with Micah Hanks made this podcast one of your best. The discussion of parallel time frames is similar to the Buddist notion of sa.msaara or the wheel of life. Past, present and future are ocurring at the same time. Our linear concept of time is based on the ancient Persian Zarathustra and Hebrew precepts of historical concepts. Just wanted to indicate this as time travel and dimensions sound super tech and futuristic but could also reflect very ancient lost knowledge. Keep up the good work. You’re the best! One day I will finally seat down and write you on my own experiences living close to rainforests with (what I think) space-time portals and mother ships. Hasta luego amigos from a sunny Caribbean – Puerto Rico.

  • EnderWiggin

    The thing that I really enjoy about Micah is his real sense of himself. Even though he tends to monologue and it is always informative and not in a “know-it-all” sense. Micah is the first to admit his limitations and doesn’t try to be something he’s not. (refreshing) He said himself that he’s no genius but he keeps himself informed and doesn’t put belief in anything unless he can verify it himself. Excellent!!

  • A_Beam

    Thanks for the show!

    Now please tell me people (after watching this clip: ): What has changed in 60 years? Just listen to the aspects of the interview. Really looking forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks!

  • Tiime sun

    I am now scared of my brain leaking out. XD

  • SwitchMap

    Great as always. It’s difficult, when caught up in the moment, not to see humanity as a giant single entity, but it really isn’t. If the singularity does hit, it will be for the 1% and the rest of us have to struggle on and try and catch up in our own way!

  • Too late! 😛

  • If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch the movie Cloud Atlas. I think it’ll resonate with you 🙂

    My sister Verónica visited the island in the late 90’s. She asked me what I wanted her to bring me, and it was a no brainer: a Chupacabras T-shirt! 😛

  • Loved this episode. Micah Hanks is great. The plus end of the episode with Micah’s stories of the “Lil People” was enough alone to get the plus member status.

  • Mr. Hanks does a lot of great work, but I hope he remembers with his future pursuits into fortean/paranormal research: always make sure the message takes precedence over the messenger. I felt as if half of the interview was more about him than the actual work he was doing (which, as I said, is good work). We don’t want him to turn into another Steven Greer!