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The Phoenix Lights: Testing the Waters for Disclosure?

Featured in multiple documentaries, the Phoenix lights of 1997 are widely known and renowned as one of the most witnessed UFO events. To this day, there is no sound explanation for what occurred, and it seems like it will stay that way considering how much time has passed and attention lost. The official explanation from military and government authorities was that the lights were test flares being dropped during a military drill.

Nonetheless, the details are not as important to this article as is the following. If one were to accept for a moment the hypothetical scenario in which the massive aircraft was of extraterrestrial origin and did in fact fly as low and as far as it did with so many witnesses watching; what would be the motive?

Phoenix Lights

It is a frequently asked question: why would any civilization with such technological capability want to bother visiting Earth? Would it be to showcase exceedingly advanced technology? Or maybe it would serve the purpose of a message to let our population know that we are being watched rather closely? Or could it be simply a tourist attraction for off-world visitors? There are many possibilities, but my point here is that given the rareness of life in the universe, wouldn’t it be more of a prerogative for advanced civilizations to seek out developing species, rather than avoiding them altogether? Consider humanity and the current state of affairs on our planet, one of the perpetually growing and society-improving aspects of our existence is science.


A huge part of the latter is the exploration of Earth, the discovery of new lands, the documentation of other species (as an aside, new species continue to be discovered on Earth more often than not), etc. Thus it seems it would follow that if humanity became a space-faring civilization, capable of traversing the Milky Way Galaxy, then we would most likely conduct the same methods of science in space as we do now on Earth. That is exploring the environment around us and searching for other forms of flora and fauna. Having this rationale in mind, it doesn’t seem very far fetched to accept that extraterrestrial sentient species, more advanced than us, would be visiting us to conduct similar scientific research, documenting the various developing life forms and civilizations in the galaxy.

Phoenix Lights newspaper article

Back to the question at hand; were the Phoenix Lights (again assuming that they were of extraterrestrial origin) a plight for some advanced civilization to see if ours is ready to accept the disclosure and revelation of their existence? Some would immediately discount this possibility by pointing to the principle of non-interference/intervention; that any advanced civilization capable of visiting the planets of developing civilizations are not allowed to interfere or intervene in their development.

Even if that is the case, what better way to gauge a population’s state of mind toward a phenomenon than presenting them with a daunting, blatant example of it in plain sight and monitoring the reaction? I will leave that for the reader to contemplate because there are so many different discussions and opinions surrounding this topic. Until next time, watch the skies!

  • azzwright

    I’m pretty sure they were Verizon drones from the future… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Having this rationale in mind, it doesnโ€™t seem very far fetched to
    accept that extraterrestrial sentient species, more advanced than us,
    would be visiting us to conduct similar scientific research, documenting
    the various developing life forms and civilizations in the galaxy.

    Ascribing a human rationale to an allegedly alien intelligence is a big No-No in my book.

    …Having said that, one can’t discount the possibility that the Phoenix Lights event might have been a test of sorts. After all, it happened almost 50 years after the (in)famous Roswell incident.

  • An interesting example on how an alien logic might be hard to grasp:

  • Underseer

    One of my favourite movies!

  • Pavel Chichikov

    Why do those creatures keep swinging at a skin-covered sphere with a baton, and why do they then drop the baton and begin to run in a diamond pattern?

  • Wesley Renfroe

    there is now plenty of evidence to prove we are being watched and more but as it has been proven that all media is controlled and there is a truth censorship going on most are clueless to what is actually going on in our world.The u.s. mostly and other countries do not want it going public that they are powerless to stop these alien visitors from coming and going as they please and more from abducting people as they want. there are many alien species but what there true purpose is who knows but one thing is for certain with are planet having weapons of mass destruction along with us going into space and with humans being warlike and killing one another with no regard whatsoever and another thousand bad faults you can see why?!

  • dotmafia

    While I definitely hold out the possibility that these craft might be extraterrestrial in nature, I believe it’s more likely and probable that they are human in origin. I’ve thought about that quite a lot in relation to the so-called “Phoenix Lights” and Stephensville UFO sightings and I’ve come up with my own theory:

    If you theorize that they are indeed created and piloted by humans, for example a covert US program, I wondered what would be the need for a craft so massive, as was reported by hundreds of witnesses. The only thing I could think of, would be transportation. But what would be transported in such a vast thing I wondered? People? Equipment? Military hardware?

    And then the answer hit me. Imagine, if you will, the US government deciding to take out Iran or North Korea very quickly. They could fill one (or a few) of these craft with all kinds of military hardware and troops, appear right over the cities of Tehran or Pyonyang in an instant without any warning to those regimes, and deploy everything which was carried. Voila! Decapitation of the enemy regime.

    Now, I’m not saying at all that is what the Phoenix Lights and Stephensville craft are, I’m just throwing this idea out there as something which needs to be taken into account as a possibility. As I said, I do believe UFO’s exist, I’m just not sure yet whether they are piloted by aliens, as It’s more likely they were/are being created by humans. And humans have a long history of using newly discovered technologies to gain the advantage in warfare. Thanks for listening!

  • Underseer

    Hey dm, it’s always a possibility that some UFO sightings are of human experimental military aircraft, but many ufologists have pointed out that there are flaws in that idea:

    USAF and related entities have vast test ranges that you could lose an aircraft carrier in, far from prying civilian eyes. So why test such a secret craft over such a highly populated civilian area?

    For one thing, if it’s experimental that means it can potentially fall out of the sky. In such an event, you’re talking about large loss of civilian life, senatorial witch hunts, and a public relations disaster. You also risk allowing your tech, which is now scattered in an uncontrolled fashion in a civilian area, falling into the wrong hands.

    I think it highly unlikely that even a deep black operation would be so stupid. A conspiracy theory that they want America’s enemies to know about it and maintain a perception of military superiority, seems a weak explanation when so many sightings are dismissed as hoaxes, thus probably ignored by foreign intelligence agencies.

    Although I’ll concede it’s on the boundaries of a possible motive for flying over civilian areas. But other factors militate against that.

    Another problem with the Phoenix Lights ‘as a test craft’ theory is that witnesses claim that they saw the craft execute manoeuvres far exceeding current tech, to the extent that it breaks the physical laws we’re familiar with. We’re not talking about the commonly held belief that the US military has tech decades ahead of us – a physicist would tell you that this is tech would have to be profoundly more advanced than even the most exotic Darpa project.

    The required tech for UFOs like inertial dampening is not just around the corner. We are almost certainly not anywhere near to that. Crackpot ‘inventors’ and con-men on the net claim we’ll be able to tap into the zero point field in just a few decades, if we’d just give them a few million dollars.

    But so far as I can see, we’re little closer to tapping into the ZPF than we were when its root concept was first theorised in the 1930s.

    There is not a shred of scientific evidence that we’re even remotely close to that. Some might then talk of some kind of ‘breakaway civilisation’ as per Richard Dolan’s claim, wherein we reverse engineered ET tech. I’ve not seen one single credible witness to support that extraordinary claim. I’m not saying it’s impossible – but so far all we have is wild speculation.

    And again, even if it is a ‘breakaway civilisation’, the motives for civilian airspace flyovers is hard to fathom, other than sheer arrogant disregard of course.

    All the abovementioned technologies are what would be needed for a craft to behave as these UFOs do. So it seems logical (to me at least) that the majority of these craft sightings are of something not human in origin, at least not of humans of our time.

    Another major blow to the human military craft idea is the fact that UFO sightings are not limited to our time, but have been seen throughout human history. Mass sightings by Alexander the Great and his army, the mass sighting over the town of Basel, Switzerland in 1566 – the list is actually staggering in size and many are difficult to debunk.

    Personally I think the evidence seems to be pretty compelling that someone/something not us is visiting, and has been doing so since before humans even evolved on this world, for reasons we can only guess at.

  • ^THIS

  • Or a malfunctioning time traveling craft of Virgin Timelines ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Susan Allen Coble

    I gasped when I saw these pictures!! My girlfriend and I saw a similar shaped object in the night sky at my parent’s home in Illinois. This was back around 1980. We were just stunned and we watched this enormous object go over our heads. It was a slow mover, we could hear a definite hum, and it had a lot of lights on it. WOW! I just never told anyone else about after sharing it with my parents and a couple of friends because people thought I (and my friend) were nuts.

  • Vestlandsguten

    The power of the national governments over the globe relies on the promise that they can protect the people. That’s the deal with the contract of society; we give away our ‘right’ to use violence in exchange for protection from our governments who protect the people through police and the military. It would really upset this balance if the populace were to know that there exists a major factor that the governments cannot protect us from. Like you say; they are powerless to stop these entities from coming and going and defying physics as they please.

  • ctrywmn

    I think we have a Space force that is top secret and has been for who knows how long? The object over Phoenix might be one of them. Perhaps it came it at night and was going to its base, whereever that might be. They might have been testing the reaction of the population for their reaction. I wonder, though, why this was only done one time. If it was an alien craft, wouldn’t it have been spotted by telescopes before it came in? I hope that we get an answer someday.

  • LazerHawk

    my favourite mass sighting – still happening. Here’s a cool animation that I like from The Faking Hoaxer.

  • pumpkin

    Yes maybe but why show all of Phoenix your black ops program?