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Roswell: The World Below

Before his death in late 2009, Mac Tonnies was digging deep into the strange and enigmatic world of what he termed the cryptoterrestrials. Mac’s theory was that, perhaps, the intelligences behind the UFO phenomenon were not extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional, as many assume or believe them to be, after all. Rather, Mac was following the idea that the so-called “Grays” and many of the other bizarre humanoid creatures seen and presumed to have alien origins, were from right here, on Earth.

Mac offered the theory (and he was very careful to admit it was just a theory) that his aliens of the terrestrial variety are, actually, a very ancient and advanced body of people, closely related to the Human Race, who have lived alongside us in secret – deep underground – for countless millennia.

In addition, Mac theorized that in today’s world they may well be declining, in terms of both their numbers and their health. Mac also suggested that the cryptoterrestrials might make use of a great deal of subterfuge, camouflage and deception to try and ensure they appear far more in advance of us, when – in reality – they may not be so far advanced, after all. Mac also had an interesting theory as to why the supposed aliens constantly warn abductees and contactees that we should not destroy, or pollute, our planet.

Let’s face it, why would extraterrestrials from countless light-years away care even in the slightest about our small, insignificant world? A reasonable argument could be made that they wouldn’t care. If, however, the extraterrestrials are actually cryptoterrestrials who – due to circumstances beyond both their and our control – are forced to secretly share the planet with us, then their desire to see the Earth preserved wouldn’t just be a wish or a desire. It would, for their continued survival, be an overwhelming necessity.


Of course, such a theory is most assuredly not a new one: tales, stories, myths and legends of advanced, humanoid entities living deep below the planet’s surface have circulated not just for decades or hundreds of years, but for thousands of years. But, of the many reasons why Mac’s book thrust the entire issue into the modern era, one in particular was his take on Roswell.

Now before people get their blood-pressure all out of sync, this article is not intended to demonstrate that my views on Roswell are forever changing, so chill the “F” out. The fact is that none of us really knows what happened back in 1947 when something came down on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico. So, I see nothing wrong with addressing, and contemplating, the merits – or the lack of merits – of the many and varied theories. And that’s all I’m doing with Mac’s theory: addressing it and contemplating on it. So, with that said, back to the story.

In his 2009 book, The Cryptoterrestrials, Mac speculated on the possibility that the Roswell craft was built, flown, and disastrously crashed, by ancient humanoids that lurk in the depths of the planet. Controversial? Hell, yes! But Mac made some interesting observations on this possibility. In his own words:

“The device that crashed near Roswell in the summer of 1947, whatever it was, featured properties at least superficially like the high-altitude balloon trains ultimately cited as an explanation by the Air Force. Debunkers have, of course, seized on the lack of revealingly ‘high-tech’ components found among the debris to dismiss the possibility that the crash was anything but a case of misidentification; not even Maj. Jesse Marcel. the intelligence officer who advocated an ET origin for the unusual foil and structural beams, mentioned anything remotely resembling an engine or power-plant.”

Mac continued, in a fashion that emphasized the cryptoterrestrials may not be as scientifically and technologically advanced as they might prefer us to think they are: “The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis offers a speculative alternative: maybe the Roswell device wasn’t high-tech. It could indeed have been a balloon-borne surveillance device brought down in a storm, but it doesn’t logically follow that is was one of our own.”


Mac concluded: “Upon happening across such a troubling find, the Air Force’s excessive secrecy begins to make sense.”

Regardless of what you, me, or indeed any number of the well known Roswell researchers – such as Bill Moore, Kevin Randle, Stan Friedman, or Don Schmitt – might think or conclude, the fact is that Mac’s cryptoterrestrial theory is probably the only one that allows for the Roswell crash site to have been comprised of very unusual, non-Homo-sapiens, but, at the same time, incredibly simplistic technology.

The alien theory should, of course, require highly advanced technology to have been recovered – yet, we hear very little on this matter, aside from talk of fields full of foil-like material with curious properties. Accounts of the military coming across alien-created “power-plants” and “engines” – as Mac described them – are curiously absent from the Roswell affair. It’s that aforementioned foil and not much else.

And Mac was not alone in talking about this particular theory. Walter Bosley, formerly of the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations, has revealed an interesting and notable story told to him by his very own father, also of the USAF, and someone who worked on issues connected to the United States’ space-program. According to the account related to Walter, yes, a very significant and highly anomalous event did occur some miles from the New Mexico town of Roswell. Not only did the crash have nothing to do with literal extraterrestrials, said Walter’s father, but it had nothing to do with us, either.

In a briefing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Walter’s father was told, essentially, the same thing upon which Mac Tonnies theorized – namely, that Roswell represented the crash of a device piloted by ancient humanoids that dwelled within the Earth, deep in hidden, cavernous abodes. Only occasionally did they ever surface, usually taking careful and stealthy steps to mask their presence – that is, until one of their fairly simple devices crashed outside of Roswell, and revealed to a select, few, senior military personnel that we share our planet with…something elsesomething from below

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  • J. Ross

    George Mettler, former FBI agent and author of the book Agent Under Glass, was a professor of Government at Middle George State College. He often told stories of going to underground cities in New Mexico. He would say skyscrapers existed underground. I was always a jerk jerk and said how can they scrape the sky if they are underground? Maybe I should reevaluate his statements.

  • It was in the spirit of Mac’s Cryptoterrestrials thought experiment that I recently wrote an entry for the Intrepid blog, titled Of White Elephants & Silver Saucers. The basic gist of it: that IF what crashed on Roswell was of non-human origin, that perhaps the crash was staged. This idea first proposed by Whitley Strieber in his fiction novel Majestic –the only book the late Mac admitted to have read more than once in his life.

    Of course, I made the blunder of sharing the post with Paul Kimball, who was one of Mac’s closest friends, and he simply answered that the idea of a staged alien crash was ludicrous. But since he also used to give poor Mac a hard time with his Cryptoterrestrial theory, I didn’t feel that bad about it 😉

  • And perhaps aliens are so much more advanced than us, they’ve managed to learn that every living creature in the Universe is connected, in some subtle yet powerful way. And their worrying about our welfare would be akin to white blood cells fighting to contain the infection of an open wound.

    Maybe they don’t want us to become gangrenous 😉

  • BoyintheMachine

    The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis is Mac’s folly. Such a shame he died before he could retract it. It’s perhaps more nonsensical than suggestions that aliens are demons and UFOs are a satanic conspiracy. Mac was such a bright person that it truly shocked me he would publish such nonsense.

  • Did you read the book?

  • Right. We should always entertain the possibility of different groups pursuing different agendas.

    How many & how varied the agendas might depend on how easy it’s for them to get here –i.e. the Apollo scenario vs the Springbreak scenario 😛

  • dotmafia

    …But isn’t that just replacing one idea for another? Am i wrong here, or is this theory dismissing the obvious high technology evident all over the world since before 1947, all to explain one single event, however controversial, of the possible encounter with another intelligent lifeform? And it’s not even as advanced as our species? What is then the explanation for apparent anti-gravity craft able to change shape or become cloaked? The saucers, giant triangles and cylinders being seen? Is the theory saying all of those are man-made? Indeed, lots of questions, and maybe I’m misunderstanding here. However, I do think the idea of a terrestrial origin of these other lifeforms sounds quite plausible. Could it explain craft entering the waterways, oceans and volcanoes of our world? Possibly, i guess. Who knows, right? It’s all just conjecture what’s really going on, or not.

    Here is another possibility, one I haven’t heard of but could exist beyond my knowledge. I’ll call it the “Captain Nemo” theory since it’s the closest analogy I can think of. What if these objects the world has been seeing are indeed from Earth, but are being created by some unknown, or rogue group of humans, a transnational group if you will, who created this technology long ago and have just been passing it down through the generations? I dunno, just my 2 cents. Thanks!

  • NickRedfern

    Boy: There are a couple of things to remember, one: the demonic theory tends to become believed (by those who hold religious views), because belief/faith is integral to religion.
    I pointed that in my “Final Events” book, where I detailed the belief in the “demonic UFO” theory in Govt. Frankly, I think it’s nonsense, but I found it fascinating that official funding was being used to investigate that angle. So, I wrote a book about how and why there was this belief in certain parts of government, but I have always pointed out I don’t personally believe the theory has merit.
    Similarly, Mac was not driven by belief in the Cryptoterrestrial theory. In the build-up to the book, in emails, in conversation, etc Mac stressed that he was theorizing and musing on the idea/concept of the Cryptoterrestrials and looking for data that might be suggestive of its reality. And that’s it.
    Hell, even the sub-title of his book confirms this: “A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us.” It’s a “meditation” on the idea, not Mac forcing his belief on us.
    Reading the book makes that very clear. Check out Greg Bishop’s Afterword, which gets to the crux of Mac’s words on the Cryptoterrestrial theory.
    Here’s what Greg wrote: “Don’t think for a minute that Tonnies believed wholeheartedly in what you read here. His speculation is sincere. His thoughts are well reasoned. But he was not ready to latch on to any theories (even his own) to the exclusion of others.”

  • Don

    Maybe we are being visited by both Extraterrestrial and Cryptoterrestrial beings?

  • Richard Ashworth

    The story told by Walter Bosley’s dad has always fascinated me, and belief in cryptoterrestrials is no more unusual than a belief in extraterrestrials. The cryptoterrestrial theory negates the needs for lengthy space voyages in order to reach our planet, and would explain why abduction stories go right back through human history, ‘away with the fairies’ indeed.

  • Your “Captain Nemo” theory sounds a lot like Rich Dolan’s “Breakaway Civilization” theory 😉