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Stepping into a Parallel Dimension

Parallel universes, dimensions that nearly resemble our own, were once pondered by Plato, and proposed mathematically by Princeton University graduate student Hugh Everett III in 1954. These parallel worlds, common in myth, have been staples in science fiction since Edwin A. Abbott’s 1884 novel, “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.” More modern science fiction, like the dimension-jumping television program “Sliders,” and Philip K. Dick’s novel “The Man in the High Castle” (in which the Axis won WWII), gives us exciting glances at worlds like, yet unlike, our own. Exciting unless you stumble upon one of these alternative dimensions yourself as Carol Chase McElheney did in early March 2006.

Rain pounded McElheney’s car as she drove through San Bernardino, California, to spend a few days at a sheepdog trial in Perris, California. As she topped a hill south of the city, she saw a road sign for nearby Riverside. Her family roots were put down in Riverside in the early 1800s and she wanted to visit familiar places, such as her old house, and the cemetery where her grandparents are buried. “I’ve been going to Riverside since I was a baby,” McElheney said. “I’m real familiar with the city. I know my way around. I knew where my grandmother lived. I’ve been to the cemetery. I knew where I was going.”

As McElheney thought of visiting her grandparents’ graves, a chill ran through her. “Just as I decided to visit the cemetery, a huge blast of cigar scent entered my car,” she said. “It was pouring rain out, and I had my windows rolled up. My grandpa smoked cigars, and he died when I was five and that’s all I remember about him.”

Just as quickly as the smell floated through the car, it was gone. She drove past Riverside and on to Perris where she checked into a hotel and attended the dog show.


The next day McElheney attended the first sheep dog trial, then drove to Riverside. She didn’t like what she saw. “I could not find anything familiar,” McElheney said. “I used to live there after college.” Her street wasn’t the same, it was just wrong. The bungalows with small yards looked the same age as her old house, and the numbers were right, but her house wasn’t there. “I could not find my old place,” she said. “I thought they couldn’t have torn the house down and built another house in that 1920s style to fit into the architecture. None of the houses looked familiar. They all looked different.”

Then she drove to the street where her grandmother once lived, stopped the car, and looked around in amazement. “It was totally different,” she said. “None of the houses were anything like I remembered. No tall trees, her house wasn’t there. The numbers were in the same range, but the houses were all new. Grandma’s house and my aunt and uncle’s house next door were gone.” All the homes on what should have been her grandmother’s street were modern ranch-style houses lined by bushes, nothing like her Grandmother’s big, Tudor home with towering eucalyptus trees in the yard. “It was just gone.”

So was the cemetery. “The cemetery where my grandparents were buried was just not there,” McElheney said. “I drove around the block where it was supposed to be, and it was just fenced off with weeds inside. No gate, driveway or anything.”

Confused, McElheney pulled away from the empty lot to see if she could find anything familiar. She did. She recognized Riverside City College and Central Middle School. “Some of the other stuff was right. The college looked right, the middle school looked right,” she said. But when she pulled onto University Avenue, things were markedly different. “University Avenue was a main drag and there were scary looking people, so I got out of there,” she said. “I looked for the Mission Inn and it wasn’t there.”


University Avenue, once home to restaurants, insurance companies, banks and motels, was now, “completely ghetto,” McElheney said. “It was all graffitied-up and deserted.” To the point she was afraid to stop and ask directions. It was on University Avenue she realized something otherworldly was happening to her. “The thing that occurred to me is if I got out of my car something weird would happen,” McElheney said. “I thought if I talked to someone I’d be forever caught in this weird version of the ‘other’ Riverside, or that they weren’t going to be human. The more places I tried to recognize, nothing matched up. Nothing looked familiar.”

After a couple of agonizingly frustrating hours, McElheney turned the car around and went back to Perris. “Everything was normal,” she said. “I was afraid I’d go back and the hotel wouldn’t be there or my key wouldn’t fit. Everything was as it should be.”

A few years later McElheney’s father died and was to be buried in the same cemetery as her grandparents, the cemetery she saw as an empty fenced-off, weedy lot. “It was back to what I remembered,” she said. “He was buried next to my grandparents. The rest of the city looked like it did when I lived there after college in the ’70s. My cousin was there and she said her house and my grandma’s house are still there. University Avenue was normal looking and the Mission Inn was there. We had lunch there. I felt comfortable. I didn’t go back to the other areas to check them, but I knew they would be okay.”


What happened to Carol Chase McElheney? She’s convinced she slid into another dimension – one that was less than friendly. “I just got the feeling if I got out of the car and talked to someone I was going to fall off the edge of the earth. I’d end up being missing,” she said. “It must have been a dimensional thing. It looked like it was 2006, but I’d taken a different path. It looked like Riverside had just taken a different direction.”

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  • Bill Anthony

    I’m not going to call you a liar, but all too often in cases like this, evidence that would support a claim ends up missing. You’ve shared an experience, claimed you had a flyer, then claim it may have gotten thrown away because of the… cat? Did you not think how that would sound? Why mention the flyer at all? Some things are better left unsaid.

    All too often in cases like this, evidence is mysteriously lacking. Is it incredibly bad luck, or is there something else at work here? All we’re ever left with are the accounts of strangers. Maybe they’re true, maybe they’re not. Maybe the people telling the stories misunderstood what they experienced. Maybe they’re just telling tall tales. Unfortunately, there’s just no way of telling.

    Just once I’d like to see a picture of a parallel dimension captured on somebody’s cell phone, or some sort of artifact brought back, like a coin that doesn’t exist, or a history book saying how President Gore thwarted 8/11!

  • Barcelona Heart

    the thing I find strange about this is the English language would sound literally foreign to you in those times (read the original Canterbury Tales and not the modern English version) or this video of medieval English. I am sorry but you would not have understood a word he said !
    Here is an example!

  • arla

    My concern for her is the olfactory hallucination that preceded this. I hope she told her doctor as these could be symptoms of a neurological problem. Not as exciting for everyone but a real concern.

  • Ted MenQuinn

    Who thinks of doing that?

  • Cat S

    your life is a neurological disturbance. what makes a doctor qualified to tell her what is real and what is not? Is he the creator of all existence. If you don’t exist , neither does the universe to you. Normality is only what people tie in as a collective experience but the earth is actually, a crazy weird place. Far better, the psychologists should treat the issues we have of accepting war as normal or even needing psychologists .Being taxed and living in dark ages driving petrol cars , does not equate to any kind of evolved humanity.

    Life itself is an anomaly, a neurological aberration.

    A great mind can observe without judging. Your only judgment comes from fear.

    Is death normal? What makes it so? What makes any of your life normal and is it so for rest of universe?

    The physicist Neil Boehr said, ‘ The things that are real are made of things that cannot be considered real. If quantum physics hasn’t shocked you profoundly, you haven’t understood it yet. The mind is the matrix of all matter.”

    How do you know you are the fully awake one? To me you are not. I know a deeper reality proving earth is a more sinister place due to our consciousness than you can even fathom for as Da vinci said,’ I awoke only to find the world still sleeping.”

    “What is real.. how do you define it?” The matrix says.

    The secrets I know of universe , death and time travel and space would mind boggle you and secrets hidden in plain sight.

    “Judge not that you be not judged.”

    “QUESTION EVERYTHING. ” Said Einstein.

    A plane with 93 passengers flew through a time warp. Humanity is dumbed down purposefully and their education and media brainwashed so , that they accept normality and cannot see tbeyond the veil. There is much beyond the veil .Seek and find .

  • I found this article because I believe I have stepped into this dimension from another accidentally. I was searching to see if anyone else has experienced this. I would like to go back.