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8.14 – MU Plus+ Podcast

New energy revolutions powered by freakin lasers warm us up to discuss the hidden electrical power of Sasquatch as one researcher recounts being “zapped” by the hairy cryptid. We then hear the tale of one Bigfoot hunter who managed to pull the trigger on the big guy.

Near Death experiences are also featured including a sneak peak at Greg Taylor’s eagerly awaited book on the phenomena.

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  • Haelim

    I hate to be that guy but the UK footage seems fake, first off why didn’t the car it ran in front of swerve or slow down when it saw this thing coming and it did see it coming it was in its headlights, second off the lighting on it doesn’t seem right.

  • Nic

    … The two guys getting zapped by a saskwatch are idiots. They have an over active imagination, brainwashing themselves that there’s something there, possibly working themselves up and being physiologically primed to the slightest random sound or movement, triggering a flight or fight stress response and forcing an association with a bigfoot. The video itself is ridiculous. Or they are full of shit.

  • Nic

    If a large hominid existed to this day in our forests or remote locations around the world, assuming it’s very intelligent (closer to humans than chimps for example) it would stand to reason that evolution would have selected for those that were more elusive, timid etc.

    In North America 10000+ years ago we had giant bears, giant land sloths, dire wolves etc.. then when humans started arriving (or sooner Clovis people) these large species all went extinct in a relatively short time. It’s doubtful to me that it was a coincidence, humans presumably hunted some big game or animals posing threats to extinction. I would think that if a population of bigfoot were amongst the animals human would kill, due to actively hunting or do to run ins do to territory encroachment, the bigfoot population that persisted, would have had extreme selective pressure placed upon them. The aggressive bigfoot would be killed by humans for example and the ones that would procreate more each successive generation would have been the most elusive or timid, the ones better at hiding and staying away from humans at all costs. Now continue this selective pressure on bigfoot populations and today you would be left (hypothetically) with very small groups of homonids that are extremely well adapted to remaining unseen and are instinctually driven to fear and avoid humans.

    Just my random thoughts on the subject.