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Ghost Cats

The cat under my feet almost made me stumble. I grabbed the wall so I wouldn’t land face first on the living room floor, the dark figure skittering away out of the corner of my eye. Our cat Smoky had the habit of walking under my feet, but when I turned to find Smoky, he wasn’t running away as I’d seen; he was asleep on the couch. I hadn’t almost stepped on a cat, but I had most certainly almost stepped on something.

Dark shadows occasionally skulking at the feet of every member of my family, and visitors alike, became more and more common at the old house in Orrick, Missouri. Often when any of us approached the front door, the small dark figure in the periphery seemed to be a cat, but when one of us looked to make sure we weren’t letting the housecat outside, nothing was there.


Smoky saw this dark shadow cat, too. We occasionally saw him playing with something that wasn’t there.

One of the most famous cases of a spirit cat is the Demon Cat of Washington, D.C. For more than 100 years, during a presidential election, or national tragedy (sometimes these can be indistinguishable from one another), people walking through the lower reaches of the Capitol Building have reported seeing a black cat that would grow to the size of lion before disappearing in mid pounce.


Laura Hotalling of Kansas City, Missouri, had her own encounter with a ghost cat at the 1886 Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in 2001. Hotalling and a group of college friends drove from Kansas City to Arkansas for spring break.

“I grew up an hour away from Eureka Springs, so I had been down to the Crescent Hotel several times,” she said. On one trip in high school, her then-boyfriend encountered something during a hotel ghost tour. “He had an experience and freaked out and still will not go down there to this day. That was fifteen years ago.” She told her college friends this, and they wanted to go.

The group went down for a weekend to look for ghosts. The group and Hotalling’s dog Little Bear, a thirty-pound mutt about the size of a cocker spaniel, but looked like a Labrador. “I’ve had her my entire life. I never really kept her on a leash; she was one of those type of dogs. She always looked after me.”


It was because of the dog that Hotalling knew she wasn’t dreaming.

As the group of college friends slept, the tags on Little Bear’s collar jingled, and she growled. “Which wasn’t like her. She was pretty easy going.”

Hotalling looked toward the vanity where Little Bear was staring. “I saw a black cat sitting on the it,” she said. “I saw her in the mirror, but she wasn’t sitting on the vanity. It was on the other side of the mirror.”


She rubbed her eyes and took another look. “The cat walked out of the mirror, jumped on the seat of the vanity, and walked through the wall.” As the cat stepped out of the mirror, Little Bear started barking. “The dog went nuts and woke up everyone else. That’s when I realized I didn’t dream it.”

There’s a legend of an orange tabby ghost cat at the hotel, but Hotalling knew what she saw, a black cat that can walk through mirrors. Her friends, however, were asleep when Little Bear roused Hotalling.

“They didn’t see it. I saw it, so I was the one who was terrified,” she said. “I’ve been down there since, but I haven’t stayed there. Since this experience with the cat I decided I didn’t want to stay there again.”

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  • Herself

    Anyone who’s ever owned a cat has had the experience; you feel them wind between your feet as you walk, and stumble, through a room You’re reading or on the computer or watching TV and you feel them jump up and settle in the chair beside you. You nap on your couch or burrow into your bed pillows, and feel them jump up beside you and cuddle up, purring. Over the years, I’ve owned and loved and lost many cats, and I’ve had those experiences countless times. And it’s sometimes happened that I’ve realized that the presence of that affectionate cat isn’t physical. I’ve reached down to pet a furry body that isn’t there. I’ve murmured a name and then looked down to discover I’m alone. It’s a truth that I’ve come to accept, though it’s never quite lost its power to frighten. Just a little. Still.

  • Ed C

    The cats aren’t the ones you need to worry about. It’s the 8 feet tall gargoyles and the 300 pound pit bulls that you need to watch out for. LMMFAO

  • Tee

    Once a kitten fell from a tree in my front yard & died a few days later i was installing a window in my back yard & while i had the window in the air i noticed the kitten at my feet & was afraid i would step on it, not until i got the window in place & looked down without glass in the way did i realize the kitten was long dead & wasn’t there anymore

  • pokeyputz

    No doubt, cats are more often associated with the supernatural, occult, and even malevolent forces. But cats are truly loving creatures who were idolized by the Egyptians and other ancient cultures. Cats are really not “domesticated” animals, and as a result, when a cat “adopts” you, it is really an awesome experience. I have had the joy of being adopted by loving cats who enriched the lives of my family. I think dogs are also incredible, but in a very different way. If a dog will take a bullet for you, how can you not be in love with our canine brothers and sisters too!

  • jingham

    Sometimes their obsessive about the walking underneath your feet thing

  • Buttercup2

    I lost my calico kitty years ago, but I still feel her walking across my bed at night.

  • mph23

    I see my cat out of the corners of my eyes often. Then turn and look, and she’s not there. Or,she walks the same path I thought I saw her walk, but a few seconds later. This happens; I’m sure all cat owners agree. It’s weird, but not scary at all, in my experience.

  • Natalie Spa

    I broke the ligaments in my ankle one night, my (black) cat (LOL) was sitting under the coffee table and I didn’t see her before I stepped on her tail in stilettos and twisted my ankle on the fall. That as dangerous as she ever got, she was a real softie, never bit or scratched and was a real sweet lap cat.

  • Asili Adan

    The other day Im sure,My black cat Cassie ,walked straight through my door .I know this because i didn’t feel like getting up and let her in.

  • Lisa Crawford

    After I put down my favorite cat many years ago, I could feel her on the bed and even hear her talking to me. I dreamed of her every night. One particular dream it was so real, she was in front of me, fur and all this time, not just a ghost kitty when I was awake. I was so moved that she still wanted to be with me, so in the dream I started towards her to kiss her. I heard a voice clearly saying dont kiss her, but i disobeyed. I leaned over and kissed her in the dream, and woke up instantly with my lips on my hand. I never saw her again, either awake or asleep. Just wondering if i messed up her afterlife by disobeying the voice.

  • disqus_dNC9r9Elxe

    I’ve also experienced this several times. I had a small black outdoor kitten who was originally a stray that decided to stay. After she passed 5 yrs or so later from a disease, I started seeing the black little shadow around my feet when I’d walk around the house. At first, I thought it was my cat Sam, but I’d find him in another part of the house, usually napping. I’ll also see her walking across the floor at times out of the corner of my eye. She never ventures off the floor. Unusually though, she was never an indoor cat. I currently have 2 female cats outside, so I guess she figures there’s no room out there!!!

  • Margot

    I have encounters with a “ghost cat” as well. Sometimes I see glimpses of the feline, these glimpses are sometimes shadow like, other times they are white. Maybe two cats perphaps? I’ve named this cat Coal and have referred to him as a male though I’m not certain. It feels better to give the creature a name. Coal has rubbed my legs, licked me, nudged me and rubbed me. My own, real cat Sparkle bore witness to these events. Coal has never caused me harm and for that, I am thankful.