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10.18 – MU Podcast

After reviewing the recent DNA breakthrough that has revealed the genetic history of Zana the Russian Wild Woman, we welcome Author and Director Donnie Eichar to the show to discuss his new book ‘Dead Mountain’: The True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

More Russian mysteries are featured in our Plus+ extension with Top Secret Soviet arctic missions, exotic beam weapons, and ancient Tungus mythology.

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Donnie Eichar

Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident



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  • Spookchild

    The interview with Donnie Eichar was fascinating. I have never been so compelled to buy a book as I have after listening to your interview. The Dyatlov Pass Incident has fascinated me for a very long time; I am eager to read Eichar’s book on the subject.

  • It was a great interview. Kudos for Donnie for be willing to go the extra mile –or extra thousands of miles– to see for himself & find the evidence.

    So I take it the book will debunk most of the ‘paranormal’ explanations offered to solve this mystery?

    Speaking of which, that’s one question I was waiting for you to make: whether he experienced something truly anomalous while camping on the Pass, or searching for clues in Russia.

  • The Ted

    Devil’s Pass was so horrible. Let’s pretend it never happened.

  • The Ted

    Added to my reading list too.

  • Bogie Rose

    I was fascinated by this story when you first covered it, which seems like forever ago. It’s just one of those crazy stories that sticks with you and stays hard to forget. Fab interview! Of course I couldn’t listen without getting the book, which I will be starting today. So excited!

  • Sean Binding

    Once again a great show must sort out plus membership asap

  • FalseParadigm

    “You watched it. You cannot unwatch it”
    In all fairness, it wasn’t all that bad…….i’ll see myself out.

  • Paddy Mac

    Great episode! I particularly enjoyed the tour de force of Russian mysteries, especially the vortices of spinning ice article in the Plus extension!

    However, I was disappointed with the Donnie interview… I expected you guys to share Donnie’s hypothesis. I don’t have time to get all the books that you recommend and so rely on you guys to give me the scoop.

    Love the show & looking forward to the app 🙂

  • Unfortunately with a book like that we couldn’t just reveal the ultimate conclusion. It’s not like a Nick Redfern book with dozens of strange mysteries, it has ONE mystery.

    Appreciate the feedback though, glad you liked the rest of the show.

  • erin_ridgeway

    I just bought this book and I am pumped to read it. I’m fascinated by Russia and all of its crazy mysteries, so this whole episode was a hit for me from start to finish.