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Did Giants Once Live in Giant Buried Cities Across America?

Many newspaper stories in the United States during the 1800s into the early 1900s were sensational, in all sense of the word. The tales are incredible and written in the era when journalism meant whatever sold papers, truth be damned. But the following stories all have to do with giants or underground cities, so they’re worth telling again.

The Arizona Gazette

The Arizona Gazette

The most famous of these reports appeared in the April 5, 1909 edition of The Arizona Gazette, entitled “Explorations in Grand Canyon.” Explorer G.E. Kinkaid discovered a huge underground “citadel” while rafting on the Colorado River. Exploring a tunnel that stretched “nearly a mile underground,” Kinkaid found this citadel, which was filled with tablets carved with some type of hieroglyphics, and home to a stone statue he described as resembling Buddha. Copper weapons lined the walls, but the most intriguing aspect of this ancient dwelling/worship place/tomb, were the mummies, all wrapped in a dark fabric. The mummies were supposedly more than nine-feet-tall. To feed the fire of conspiracy, and to keep anyone from finding the giants of the citadel themselves, the United States government allegedly closed that area of the canyon from public view.

But this well-known story of American giants isn’t alone.

The New York Times reported a nine-foot-tall skeleton of a man discovered in a mound near Maple Creek, Wisconsin, in December 1897. The Times also carried the story “Strange Skeletons Found” near Lake Delevan, Wisconsin, in its May 4, 1912 issue. The skulls of giant skeletons excavated from a mound had “a minute resemblance to the head of the monkey.”

But an April 9, 1885 story in The New York Times entitled: “Missouri’s buried city: A strange discovery in a coalmine near Moberly,” revealed a find that predated the supposed citadel in the Grand Canyon by 24 years. Moberly, the largest city in Randolph County, Missouri, had a population of 6,108 in the 1880s.

Coal miners, sinking a shaft 360 feet deep, broke into a cavern revealing “a wonderful buried city,” the article claimed. Lava arches stretched across the roof of the cavern, looming over the streets of an ancient city “which are regularly laid out and enclosed by walls of stone, which is cut and dressed in a fairly good, although rude style of masonry.”

Workers, along with Moberly city recorder David Coates and Moberly city marshal George Keating, inspected the site and found a 30-by-100-feet hall in the cavern filled with stone benches and hand tools. “Further search disclosed statues and images made of a composition closely resembling bronze, lacking luster,” the article read.

Explorers discovered a stone fountain in a wide court, still pouring “perfectly pure water” into its basin. But it was what lay beside the fountain that interested the people exploring the site. “Lying beside the foundation (of the fountain) were portions of the skeleton of a human being,” according to the article. “The bones of the leg measured, the femur four and one-half feet, the tibia four feet and three inches, showing that when alive the figure was three times the size of an ordinary man, and possessed of a wonderful muscular power and quickness.”

Its skull, the story reported, was shattered; bronze tools, granite hammers, metallic saws and flint knives were scattered all around. “They are not so highly polished, nor so accurately made as those now finished by our best mechanics, but they show skill and an evidence of an advanced civilization that are very wonderful,” according to the article.


Explorers spent twelve hours in the buried city and resurfaced only after the oil in their lamps burned low. “No end to the wonders of the discovery was reached,” the article stated. “A further extended search will be made in a day or two.”

No record of the extended search could be found.

Dr. Tom Spencer, a professor in the department of History, Humanities, Philosophy and Political Science at Northwest Missouri State University, said that’s because after printing the story, the newspapers tried to forget it. “A lot of the time I think these stories were written based entirely off hearsay and little or no direct on-site reporting,” he said. “As the story grew, the details got more and more outrageous.”

He equates it to a childhood game where children sit in a circle and one child whispers a story into another’s ear and by the time the story completes the circle, it was completely different. “If you recall, sometimes the ‘finished story’ bore little resemblance to the original story,” he said. “My guess is one element of this story is factual – like the strange shaft formation or a long femur was found – and it became more and more embellished as it went around the journalistic circle at the time.”

So what happened to the fabulous buried city under Moberly, Mo.? “There were stories like this periodically at the time and they usually disappear quietly because someone goes to investigate and there’s nothing to it,” Spencer said. “In order to avoid the embarrassment the newspapers just don’t say anything else about it.”

However, Moberly resident John W. wants to find out for certain. “Myself and several friends have researched the article archived at The New York Times,” John said. “The article discusses coal miners finding a Crystal City with several advanced features as well as the bones of what can only be called a giant.”

John and his group plan to investigate the claim of an underground city. “We have found the mine. Our hopes are to take a field trip and find the underground city if we can access the mine,” he said. “We have driven by and the site exists. You can still see remnants of the old access road through the field. It would appear this mine has not been in use since the time period of the news article.”

Moberly calls itself “The Magic City.” Hopefully John and his crew can discover just how magic it is.

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  • billy_mavreas

    bring it on !

  • Alexander Voukelatos

    Could bigfoot/sasquatch perhaps a decedent or one of these giants?

  • tony

    So how do you kill a giant? be better call King David or Jack the Giant Slayer

  • hans

    Home of the Bigfoot.

  • JamesPiekko1

    This is great news, we can find recipes for giant food and could open up a chain of resturaunts featuring a menu made up of huge portions of authentic american food!

  • Staplehawk

    “written in the era when journalism meant whatever sold papers, truth be damned” . You mean unlike now where everything is true, accurate and not swayed by someones agenda?

  • dofphish .

    You are correct. For example did you know there is a pyramid in the grand canyon area? It’s on federal land is locked down. You cannot get to it.
    The Smithsonian has had a big hand in disappearing evidence that contradicts the mainstream. From giants with red hair to golden tablets – it’s been buried by the authorities.
    Personally I’d love to see the Smithsonian turned inside out. But I suspect there are things WE really don’t want to know and thus it has been hidden.
    I give you this example. ET is a popular folklore. We are all familiar with the subject of Roswell. Did it really happen? Let’s say it did. Let’s say Majestic12 is real and that we do actually have EBE’s on this planet and have treaties with some of them. Let’s say this is true – that aliens (non-homo sapien entities). Would you be able to look one in the face and not freak out? Would you be able to live side-by-side with one? What if there was an earth invasion in the works and the secrecy is there to protect us from knowing this while time is bought to find a way for humanity to fight back. Would you REALLY want to know this?
    How about this example. JFK. What if it wasn’t Lee Harvey Oswald? What if it was the CIA/FBI/Secret Service. I’ve seen the original Zapruder film in it’s un-tampered form. I’ve seen the truth. Do you REALLY want to know? Or will the official story suffice?
    What about Project MKULTRA? Would you want to know the CIA is slipping LSD into YOUR drinking water?
    And so on. If we all REALLY wanted to know the truth we could find it. It IS out there. But do you have the nerve to really go hunting for such information? Could you live with what you find? Keep in mind once you know you can’t unknow something AND you have to sleep at night. You have to live your life. Would the knowledge of these things bee too much for you? It is for some!
    There are very good reasons for keeping the masses in the dark. People panic. A person can handle it but people cannot. That’s why the people working to keep such secrets are vetted to see if they can handle it – the truth. Then it all gets so compartmentalized that no one really knows the entire deal on anything. Not even the top brass making decisions. Plausible deniability. They build that in to every project.
    So before anyone summarily dismisses such concepts as government coverups spend some time thinking about it. Do the masses REALLY need or want to know?

  • A. Nuran

    “Did giants once live in giant buried cities across America?”
    Next question?

  • [email protected]

    I like conspiracy theories as much as the next man, but this is crap. Compare the dates of the “giant” stories with the dates of when Darwin released his Descent of Man and Origin of Species. Read between the lines.

  • Marine Buttkicker

    In the 1950’s a few miles northeast of Mcalester OK. 3 guys went and explored a burial mound on a ranchers land where cattle mutilations and other weird things were occurring. The rancher thought it was demonic and put crosses on the mound. The 3 guys ended up finding an entrance to a shaft that went straight down below the mound. The shaft had a spiral staircase that had steps that would accommodate a giant. After going down about a mile they decided to return to the surface. After 2 of the guys made it out, they heard a gunshot and the 3rd guy ran out with blood on him. He told them that he had shot a hairy giant that grabbed him. I probably wouldn’t have believed the story, if it wasn’t for the fact that a 15 foot tall giant came into my camp, while camping in SE OK. The creature looked like a typical bigfoot that numerous people have been seeing in SE OK. This thing was violent as hell and we barely made it out of the woods with our lives. When we got in the truck to leave, the giant snapped a tree in an attempt to block us from leaving. We started regularly returning to the area with assault rifles to exact some revenge . One night while leaving the encounter area we had a ufo follow us, so I’m convinced that these BF’s or giants are extraterrestrials from outer space. The Bible talks about a time when giants ruled the earth. Who knows, they could have built underground bases that they are now returning to occupy. With all of the BF sightings happening, I am convinced that they are getting ready to try another takeover of the world. It’s time to stock up on high powered assault rifles and start building our homes out of 3 feet thick concrete, because some wild shit is on the horizon.

  • Mauno Matonen

    Darwin theory has so many flaws, that it should be considered as pure science-fiction without any proof whatsoever.

  • EstrelladeDavid

    I agree with you Marine! May GOD Bless you and protect you and your’s… Have you heard of the skulls they found here in México, in the northern desert and the ones in Peru? I believe it’s called “Watchers” from some Marzulli guy. Watch that. It confirms what you are saying… The Nephelim, or fallen angles, are coming back!

  • EstrelladeDavid

    You don’t have any idea of what you just said… I guarantee you that you woould not like to come face to face with a “long walker”…Guaranteed!!!!

  • Mecca Wrecka

    but I believe that 19 young cave-dwelling goat-buggerers pulled off 911 and trillions of dollars – about $50 million per killed enemy combatant so far – were necessary to defend our freedoms like facial recognition cameras at every major intersection and many minor ones, as well, not to mention the sexual assaults required of airline passengers, and surveillance which animals at the zoo shouldn’t be subjected to.

  • krinks

    Had things like this be allowed to become the public record the powers that ne would have to admit the Bible is true, every word.

  • neil

    The farmer had it right, they are demonic, fallen angels and nephilim. What we refer to as angels have access to tremendous technology which even in biblical tales sound like flying saucers. It doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to figure out that the fallen angels took technology and the knowledge of how to recreate it with them.

  • Boni Biggun

    In these End Times, everything that is HIDDEN will be REVEALED.
    This is all about the cover up of the Biblical Great Flood & the ongoing Spiritual battle. The is the diligent & purposeful cover up of past super civilizations & the super technology that existed, that was given to man via fallen angels. That tech. has been rediscovered & replicated decades ago.
    This tech. allows for control of weather, mind & matter itself. Free energy, anti-gravity field effects, instantaneous transport, all the things you’ve seen in Star Trek & Star Wars ((all inception)).
    They know the Bible is real & do not want any proof & evidence of that fact to come out. Hence, we have the absurd “THEORY” of evolution, alien seed theory, bogus carbon dating, censored & rewritten history, made up calendars & geological record fallacy, buying, stealing & hiding Museum artifacts add naseum…

    Advanced science & advanced mathematics already prove the existence of God &/or Intelligent Design.
    ORGANIC CHEMISTRY in particular, is one of the most powerful ways to refute any THEORY of RANDOM SPONTANEOUS EVOLUTION!
    Science goes hand in hand with the Holy Bible this is a fact of reality.
    The Lord Jesus Christ made everything. Jesus Christ is our Lord & Savior. God bless.

  • King Lear

    What kind of skunk weed are you smoking?

  • Sam

    Giants were global, who do do you think built the pyramids, there been finding pyramids in the ocean and new one on ground to me that shows that there was once a world flood because the world was corrupt due to satan many evidence has been found and is still being found for gods people to find , and look how it is today still curupt. Many people been studying this e.g la marzuli, Tom horn, chuck missler, steve Quayle and many more, just study genesis chapter six when the sons of god came into the daughters of men and thay bore giants! So true to many people live in denial purely because they don’t want to know or they don’t believe in the creation side, but if don’t do your research you will not find the truth, look at all this ufo stuff they are the fallen ones up to there old tricks trying to deceive man and the elite know it. The Vatican has the own telescope in America at mt graham, there a device in the telescope called…… The lucifer device what the heck there watching and waiting for the time when there master will manifest himself and portray himself as god, but he is not. Crazy stuff but yet we seeing it,and get ready for the mark of the beast it’s coming don’t take it Jesus will not want to know you I believe it will change are DNA, just live when the fallen ones did in genesis, please do your research and don’t be blind till it’s to late

  • JK Humbert

    I trust that you realize you are delusional. the depths of your psychosis should really be evaluated. BTW.. I have a Lucifer device for sale on e-bay/

  • JK Humbert

    I cant believe people through up the bible for any and everything. I have my faith but GOD also gave us intellect to THINK and CREATE, from what I read these people on here follow like sheep. Do you really think God would want you to condemn a whole religion because of your misinterpretation of facts?

  • Linda jackson

    Marine, thank you for sharing your story. You will find most people don’t want to hear the truth. Bible says the end days will be as in Noah’s day. Noah’s day there were giants of all kinds. Monsters that were created by the fallen angels. In that day the fallen angels and satan fought eachother. From what I’ve been reading I believe they will join forces to defeat God and HIS army. Most bigfoot researchers cover-up the truth about these monsters. To much money would be lost if the truth gets out.

  • Stephen Casto

    Yes, they gave it back AFTER they took out certain frames of the film, never to be seen again, look it up…..

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    The Vatican Observatory telescope and its recently installed device literally is called a “Lucifer” device this is documented and factual.

    The Vatican Observatorio offers an inadequate explanation for the name and gives little insight as to the purpose what they have acquired it for.

    Perhaps you are just intellectually lazy and prefer “projection” and negative aspersions about new information rather than inquire into what your “Deep Intellect” has doubtless never heard of before.


  • Adam Evenson

    @dofphish, you are real close to the truth here. Real close. What the heck, why “hedge” any longer? You are spot on. Ha, ha, ha. You see how it is? I know every damned thing and then some and yet, my initial text response to you, even in this situation, simply because I know “the children” are watching, was to do my best to “soften” the fact that you are absolutely correct in every syllable. So you see, that’s just how correct you are and how everything is. Of all people, I should never do anything except tell it like is, as there is little anybody can do to me any longer but accept anything I say and do and live with it. Oh, they can screech, but I have a deaf ear for it now. I just look at them and smile brightly. But I refrain and hedge a lot nonetheless, as I began to do here and then corrected so that it could be witness (to support your case) of a certain indication that not only does the government “hedge” and “fudge” the truth, all truth, institutionally, pretty much all the time, but even those that know better, such as I, do much the same thing in my own way. I don’t discuss any truth with people around me because it upsets them so much. The truth actually blows them away, slows them down, discombobulates, and ruins their day. Humdrum existence (eyes toward the ground and donkey blinders on) is so much better. If I persisted, the local cops would be at my door eventually, advising me politely at first, then getting more forceful as it goes, until I shut the hell up because I am stirring up “their” population unduly and that I should refrain. I voluntarily refrain from enlightening others too much (although I am gradually ironing that inbuilt propensity out of myself now due to the lateness of the hour), for the very reasons you state: ordinary homo sap saps are total doofusses that NEED and MUST be herded like beasts of a field just to keep them from stampeding and madly killing themselves because a tiny light bulb came on in their heads. Thus, smart people realize that typical, ordinary homo sap saps need and must be herded to keep them from killing themselves as mad, rampaging dogs. But don’t you ever tell one of these, any of them, that they are typical and ordinary, or you will hear the loudest bleating and screeching you can imagine.

  • Atomicflunk

    no. The bible is copy-pasta from the Egyptian book of the dead. That Christian bible was written by Zionist plagiarizing liars.

  • Defiant

    WEED!? That’s LSD material right there…

  • Adena Adored

    Being Native American its common knowledge from oral traditions. These people co-existed with man for quite a long time. And from what I understand quite a bit farther than is traditionally believed. The Bible accounts reference 10,000 years into our history. They were here long before that as well as my people in North America a lot longer. The Scientific Body hides a lot from people that goes against “their” theories. They would have to trash a lot of what they call facts and re-write the history books and in the same respect make themselves look foolish. One day the truth will be known but I doubt it will be in our lifetime, being that the powers that be control everything and would rather us stay unknowing. I would also like to clarify that the Bible is accurate I think about fallen angels mating with humans, but these humans they mated with were most likely the giant type. I don’t pretend to know where they came from or anything but they were here even before my people. it seems that many things we were taught was fantasy are in fact reality(same with dragons ect)…Peace and may you find your path enlightened from the Great Father

  • Adena Adored

    Sasquatch as we call them had “magic” and from todays standard I would say they have abilities we don’t as human beings. They weren’t nearly as tall as the “giants” and covered in hair the Giants were just very big humans. Sasquatch in general weren’t aggressive unless provoked. The Giants were aggressive to our people and even took a lot of ours away to never be seen again.

  • unicorn Puncher

    I was with you until you said that you would ‘like to clarify that the bible is accurate…’
    Anything said after is null and void. 😛

  • billy_mavreas

    oh EstrelleDavid

    i didn’t mean ‘bring on the giants, i want to meet them’,

    i’m quite happy with my small human life of banality

    i meant :
    bring on the info !

  • Mark Chisholm

    Hi Linda, don’t worry I’m not “trolling” you, just a simple question that nobody has been able to answer. I don’t know much about the bible and I am open to the existence of god or a higher power, but I have a problem with a particular passage. How could a pair of all the earth’s animals have fit into Noah’s Ark?

  • nixpalmer

    Every animal of “this time” was not put on the ark but rather SEVEN each of every clean animal male and female, TWO each of animals that are unclean male and female, also SEVEN each of birds of the air male and female, to keep the species alive on the earth.
    Genesis 7:2-3

  • nixpalmer

    Every animal of “this time” was not put on the ark but rather SEVEN each of every clean animal male and female, TWO each of animals that are unclean male and female, also SEVEN each of birds of the air male and female, to keep the species alive on the earth.
    Genesis 7:2-3

  • R. A.

    Funny. According to Manetho, all of Egyptian Dynastic culture, including the Book of the Dead, is copypasta from an even older civilization.
    So if the Egyptians copied it from some advanced predynastic civ, and the Israelites copied a lot of their stuff from the Egyptians, what’s the problem? Seems more likely to make their stuff legit, coming as it did from such sources.
    It isn’t plagiarism. This is how we learn and grow and develop as cultures; we adopt things that work and tailor them to fit our needs.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure you can find plenty of other things to use to try and justify your anti-Semitic tendencies.

  • R. A.

    I’m sure you could work out a couple of ways it might have worked, if you put your mind to it.

  • Mark Chisholm

    Right, so in other words you couldn’t figure it out either. Not to worry, nixpalmer explained it to me 4 days ago.

  • Mark Chisholm

    I appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me nixpalmer, that certainly sounds more believable.

  • Callengreen

    Don’t forget the prophesies….There will be a false messiah for everyone to follow and adore….Jesus’s words were to “fool the elect” if possible….To fool any of those elect, there has to be a fake war of Armageddon, and a fake Israel the a fake messiah to declare himself god….Now for the “blue pill/red pill” part…look in Ezekiel 37-38 at the “nation of unwalled villages” that russia and its allies nations attack. In every country in the middle east, they have had to live in walled villages, homes, and estates since time began until today…….in Ez.37, that isn’t the middle east. It’s the middle west.

  • Momma Mann

    people like that don’t want to read the truth or hear the truth and will tell US we are psychotic or we are delusional. When the UFOs come and work with the Vatican and tell us they created humans, maybe then he/she will remember what he/she wrote…The Bible says in one of the first chapters…There were Giants in those days….I’ll bet this person goes to church and claims they are a Christian yet will deny the work and word of the Lord, the Bible. There was a reason the books of Enoch were hidden for so long…a strong delusion will come and A. Nuran will be one of those people who falls into the deception. Pray for mercy from God for him/her.

  • Dee Phillips

    It’s pretty clear these kinds of newspaper stories influenced the old pulp writers

  • R. A.

    Ah, perhaps I was wrong in thinking you could work it out yourself. Still, I’m not going to just give you the answer, you need to meet me halfway at the very least.
    So I will give you a hint: The Caduceus. A very interesting symbol, don’t you think? It is incredibly ancient.

    If you still are unable to figure it out, even with that clue…well. I shall leave you to your bliss, then.

  • Mark Chisholm

    I guess you didn’t read my response properly, nixpalmer was kind enough to explain it to me 2 months ago. He simply answered the question without condescension.

  • J.Griffin

    How open-minded of you…

  • JK Humbert

    How can you defend truth to a person that picks out some facts surrounded by a biased agenda. At the very least your comments are to serve your agenda as well as playing the conspiracy theorist. Too much tv and not enough real accurate science.

  • Una Known

    The NYT didn’t follow up on this story but the Moberly papers did; they did a five-part series where they talk about this. If anyone wants to read it here is links; The articles were written in March, 2014
    “FORGOTTEN HISTORY AROUND MOBERLY: Moberly’s Ancient Underground City – part 1
    Read more:

    FORGOTTEN HISTORY AROUND MOBERLY: Moberly’s Ancient Underground City – Part 2 of 5
    AKA: Missouri’s Buried City
    Read more:

    FORGOTTEN HISTORY AROUND MOBERLY: Moberly’s Ancient Underground City – Part 3 of 5
    AKA: Missouri’s Buried City
    Read more:

    FORGOTTEN HISTORY AROUND MOBERLY: Moberly’s Ancient Underground City – Part 4 of 5
    AKA: Missouri’s Buried City
    Read more:

    =( Sorry I couldn’t find a link to number 5. Also they have a “8 free articles a month” limit though sometimes you can get around that just by clearing your cache.

  • Zander

    Because he collected the dna of all animals. That is how they fit.

  • “Knuckles”

    That’s not what I meant and the question was already answered, thanks anyway.