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10.22 – MU Podcast

Extraordinary cases of children who remember past lives is our feature this week as Dr. Jim Tucker joins us to discuss his new book ‘Return to Life’.

Continuing a fifty-year research project at the University of Virginia involving children from all over the world, Tucker has focused on cases from the United States for this new work which provides persuasive evidence that these past life memories are genuine.

Futurology is also featured in the episode along with disturbing cases of the historical use of botanical poisons.

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Jim Tucker, M.D

Return to Life

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  • Lyn

    Plus membership is so worth it.

  • Karl

    Did anyone else notice that noise at (1:20:27), could just be a distortion of one of you guys breathing (probably is)… It just sounds out of place.

  • Alex Simmons

    I really liked Aaran’s point about “Registered Psychics”. If there are any to-be RPs about there, maybe they’ve already forgone university and are waiting to take their clinicals?

  • The Ted

    The Procyon strategy to reduce lines at Walmart on Black Friday failed miserably.

  • The Ted

    Darn tootin.