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Orange Orbs Over South Carolina?

For the last several years, the south eastern portions of South Carolina have remained a frequent hub for observation of mysterious lights in the night sky. Reports of colorful, illuminated spheres of light have both made headlines in the news, as well as having drawn attention from UFO enthusiasts around the country. 

Among the more widely circulated reports of these illuminations, objects seen off the coast of the Myrtle Beach area, as well as numerous descriptions of aerial illuminations further inland, have garnered the attention of researchers hoping to determine if there could be some variety of natural phenomenon, or perhaps even a military presence, that could exist as a source for the lights.

Recently, South Carolina’s unexplained illuminations became the focus of a night time video that has begun making rounds on the web, which appears to show a large, orange orb of light being escorted by what the camera operator says were likely military jets. What does the footage represent, and is there an ongoing military presence over South Carolina that may have led to reports of some of these strange lights in the sky?

The footage, taken my Mr. Milton Finch, was captured on the evening of January 15, 2014, at approximately 7:50 in the evening, local time, near his home in St. Stephen, South Carolina. Below is a segment where the video is featured, with commentary, on a recent edition of the UFO Planet vignette, beginning at 16:07:

Mr. Finch, with whom I correspond frequently, shared the following about his observation:

I suddenly felt the urge to go outside. I asked my wife to get the night vision video equipment. I went outside and looked to the north. The moon was full. Little or no wind. Clear for the most part. I witnessed an orange sphere that de materialized from sight. My wife came out and we were both looking north. I began video taping the event and scanning the northern sky. We then noticed some bright flashing lights to the north. Three at first. Then right behind the three flashing lights, we spotted an orange sphere. It was followed by a smaller red light or sphere. That was followed by another flashing light. The flashing lights were noticeably smaller than the larger orange and slightly smaller red spheres. They were proceeding slowly to the west. The duration of the event was about 10 and a half minutes of video.

“The orange sphere was about the size of an aspirin,” Milton says, noting that it was very apparently round in shape. “We lost sight of the objects due to trees to our west,” Milton related further. “Also, there has been a good amount of military aircraft in the skies this evening. More than usual.”


The video and subsequent report were featured at the UFO Stalker website, where Mr. Finch also shared details about the encounter.

There are small airports at Summerville and Mount Holly, located to the north and northeast of St. Stephen, respectively. The largest and most heavily-trafficked airport nearby is the Charleston International Airport, which is located parallel to Joint Base, an Air Force outpost with which it shares runways.

Joint Base, under the command of the 628th Air Wing, features an engineering complex allocated under the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR), which is purportedly the largest single employer in the Charleston area. Joint Base is also the busiest surface port in the defense transportation system located anywhere in the United States. Based on this information, the presence of varieties of aircraft in the region that appear to be advanced or of official origin might be expected, due to the heavy traffic at Joint Base.

Have you made similar observations of strange aircraft, particularly in southeastern South Carolina? Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section below, or email me directly with your story.

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  • Milton Finch

    I’ve seen the military drop orange flares out here and they didn’t drop a one this night. I can safely say that . Flares do not move horizontally for 10 minutes blinking in and out, off and on. They do not require a night vision camera to see them after they came out of the clouds. There are no flares in this video whatsoever.

  • Milton Finch

    Budjoe, serious question here. How far into the video did you go? Can you point to a time on the timer in the upper right corner where you think you may see a flare? I would appreciate your response. Thank you!

  • Vet226

    I love the arrogance of most humans that believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe …..its always swamp gas, the military, etc. , then if that is the case we are a mistake , an error , a mutation….and nothing more, but both theory’s would throw out the whole god factor and religion would be then what it really is mythology and nothing else…..the insecurity of man out weighs the reality of we are not alone…

  • Budjoe

    Starting from the very beginning of the video the larger lights are the flares and the blinking ones are aircraft. The flares are very bright and high and far away. Notice how they drift and slowly sink without any fast movement. It’s because they are attached to parachutes. Here is a link to what kind of a flare they might be. There are variants.

  • Milton Finch

    I think you are pointing out a star I was focusing on. The stars turn counterclockwise in the sky and if you are talking about the light immediately above the trees during the first minute of the video, that has nothing to do with the sighting. Go into the video. The object/s that make the video what it is starts at about the 1 minute forty second mark. The video is 10 and a half minutes long. It’s the last 9 minutes of the video that we are talking about. You will see what I am talking about if you view the video in its entirety. Thank you for the response!

  • Mike

    Saw these very things back in December of 1980 along the coast near Tybee Island, Georgia.

  • Lee Warrin

    Somebody please donate Mr. Finch a tripod for his camera.

  • Lee Warrin

    These are the kind of people who refuse to believe no matter how much proof they see. If an alien ship landed and an alien got out and confronted them they would go stark raving mad from the final truth.

  • MacMac1000

    I’ll not be making any kind of judgment until Dear Leader comments tomorrow night. If he says it is swamp gas or the planet Venus, well, you know it is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (ROFLMAO – #”If you see a UFO, you can keep it.”)

  • Kurt Parker

    Definitely something something going on up there. What is interesting about this particular video is the duration – the line of mystery lights are definitely flying directly across the horizon for the entire 10 minutes of footage – not just for a few seconds or a minute like most “lights in the sky” videos. The line of lights only disappear when they fly into or behind the cloud – but they all visibly exit the cloud and continue flying in formation until the end of the video.4 blinking lights, 1 large unblinking sphere and 1 smaller unblinking sphere. If this were in color and visible without night vision it would be even better, but still good footage.

  • Adam Strange

    I am here right now. I came online to search for an explanation to the lights as me and my family have all seen them for the past 3 nights. Their form in the sky is not consistent, first time I saw them the blinked on, 5 of them one at a time. By the time the second one was lit the first one was out kind of like christmas lights do. They curved upward in a crescent shape. and then there was a sixth further off. We have seen them in sets of 3-1. And always heading north.

    I actually have chills after finding this page. I was not expecting an answer so deifinite. I have always believed in other life. I had only THOUGHT I saw a UFO once and that was about a month ago. This is seriously odd. I tried to take a video of the first set, but my phone froze 1 second in and had to have a battery pull to reset it.