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Roswell: Multiple Realities and MIB

If there is only one thing we can say with any certainty about the infamous events that occurred outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, it’s that there are multiple theories for what happened. And no-one can offer any real, hard evidence that definitively nails things one way or the other. Of course, Ufology has always been like that. But, Roswell seems to typify that aspect of the UFO phenomenon like no other case.

The many and varied scenarios involve a crashed UFO, a fallen weather balloon, a Mogul balloon used in the detection of Soviet atomic-bomb tests, an experiment based around high-altitude balloons and Japanese people, some sort of atomic mishap, a Soviet ruse involving mutated kids, crash-test dummies, a flying-wing experiment, a craft flown by time-travelers from our future, a vehicle created by an ancient terrestrial race that lives deep underground in vast caverns, and even a demonic, Trojan Horse-style deception.

But, of one thing we can be sure: clearly all of the above scenarios cannot be correct. But, hang on a minute or several. Just maybe they can all be correct, after all. Welcome to the complex world of multiple timelines, alternative realities, and multi-dimensions.

Now before I get taken to task (as someone will surely do), I’m not saying – at all – that what I’m about to discuss definitively explains Roswell, only that it’s something worth musing upon and speculating on – and that’s it. There’s nothing wrong with wildly theorizing. And if you have a problem with wild theories, tell it to someone who actually cares, not to me.

Consider this: what makes Roswell so confusing is that many of the theories actually have degrees of merit attached to them. The original comments of Mack Brazel (who found the huge debris field on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico) do seem to suggest something like a weather-balloon came down. And when one takes a careful read of the Air Force’s 1994 “Mogul Balloon Report” some – but certainly not all – of the data does resonate with the Mogul scenario.

On the other hand, the so-called “memory metal” strewn all across the ranch does not accord with balloon debris in the slightest. It does indeed suggest something unearthly was in our midst.

Collar Pop Alien

Then there is the matter of the bodies. Let’s start with the crash-test dummies scenario. Although many Roswell researchers dismiss their testimony, both Gerald Anderson and Jim Ragsdale described seeing dummy-like bodies. As for the Japanese theory, Melvin Brown – a witness to the strange corpses – told his family that the bodies he saw could have “passed for Chinese.” We have others who claim diminutive Gray-like aliens were recovered on the ranch. Others talk of far more human-looking aliens, somewhere around five feet in height.

As for the crash site itself, we hear of a debris field and nothing else. Others, however, claim that a definitive flying saucer was found somewhere in the area. Or was it a semi-intact saucer? Some say neither: instead, it was an escape pod, or a German Horten aircraft, or a mistakenly dropped (but, thankfully, unexploded) atomic bomb.

How is it feasible that so many people could have so many conflicting stories of what they saw, knew or heard? The most obvious answer is that multiple scenarios, and story-lines, have been officially created over the years to deliberately create confusion over what really happened – and that may very well be the crux of it and nothing else.

But, let’s indulge ourselves for a while in the multi-timeline and multiple realities theory. To do so, we have to address the thought-provoking words of a friend of mine, Joshua P. Warren.

A few years ago I interviewed Josh – for my book, The Real Men in Black – on the theory that the MIB might be time-travelers and – more importantly – time-manipulators.  Josh had a great deal to say on this matter, much of which revolved around a certain, infamous photograph that no-one can find.


During the course of the interview, Josh discussed the strange story of what has become known as The Thunderbird Photograph. So the admittedly very odd tale goes: back in the 1960s, a photograph, said to date from the late 1800s, appeared in the pages of a newsstand magazine of the day – possibly True, Saga, or Argosy – and displayed the deceased remains of a gigantic, monstrous bird, pinned to a pair of barn-doors somewhere in rural North America. The exact location being a matter of some debate, just like the picture itself.

Numerous researchers, investigators and authors of a whole range of anomalies claim, with absolute unswerving certainty, that they personally saw the priceless picture when it was published. The big problem, today, however, is that despite the fact that the pages of all the above-magazines, and many others too, have been carefully and dutifully scoured – even to the point of near-obsession – the picture cannot be found; anywhere at all.


It’s almost as if it never even existed in the first place. And, in a curious way, maybe it didn’t. Or, if Joshua P. Warren’s theories are correct, maybe it did…but just for a while.

How can we explain such a strange situation? A specific photograph cannot simply disappear from every publication that it ever appeared in – can it? Maybe, if we follow Josh’s lead, it certainly can: “I get the impression,” he said to me, “that there might be a shifting timeline that we are passing through on a day-by-day basis. One day UFOs might be real, and the next they’re not. The next day Bigfoot is running around your backyard, and the next day he doesn’t exist.”

Josh continued: “One day the Thunderbird photo is in a magazine, and then when the timeline is played with again, it’s no longer in the magazine. And it may be that, day by day, hour by hour, or even minute by minute, small changes to the timeline are being made by these entities, or beings, coming back and constantly playing around with the past and the future. So, things we remember in the past, like the Thunderbird photo, suddenly no longer exist in the present”

And maybe that is what has happened with Roswell. But, just perhaps, there are not just multi-timelines, but multiple realities, too, ones ripe for equal manipulation by something akin to the MIB. Perhaps, in one of those realities, aliens met their deaths at Roswell. In another reality, Mac Tonnies’ “Cryptoterrestrials” gave themselves away by coming down on the Foster Ranch. In a third, it was all due to the Japanese. And, in a fourth world, crash-test dummies were the cause all along. And so on. And so on. And so on.


But, maybe the MIB – definitely manipulative characters at the best of times – surfed those same realities and timelines and put everything into a state of “unified flux.” The result: the many alternative realities have became fused into one – thus creating a scenario where, today, Roswell is a mixture of memories borne out of chaotic meddling with the natural order, and a combination of different scenarios originating within varying realities that have bled through into our world.

Perhaps that also explains why there are so many conflicting theories for who Jack the Ripper was: a doctor, a member of the British Royal Family, a Freemason, an actor, and even a midwife! Maybe Jack was all of these. It just depends on which reality you call home. Until, that is, the MIB move in and do their work of the weird and weaving variety. The same could also apply to the JFK assassination of November 1963. Was it the Cubans? The Russians? The CIA? Lee Harvey Oswald? The Mob? The answer may very well be: Yes, it was!


If multiple realties, and multiple Earths exist, perhaps Roswell, Jack the Ripper and the Kennedy assassination are exactly to the people of those worlds as as they are to us: a confusing mass (and mess) of theories that all seem to have a degree of validity to them, something which should be impossible. But which may actually not be quite so impossible after all, if someone has decided to screw around with what passes for reality and time.

But why would the MIB, or something like them, engage in such manipulation? It may be very simple: they do it because they can and it amuses them to screw with the Human Race.

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  • Maybe time does not work the way we think. I have often thought of time being like a river – it has a starting point, and flows along, much like a river. But what if it does not work that way?

  • Jim

    OK, fine. If people want to view reality as a combination of factors skewed by MIBs, that is their prerogative. But isn’t that a depressingly paranoid way to think about reality?

  • NickRedfern

    No, it isn’t depressing or paranoia-filled at all. As I noted in the article: “There’s nothing wrong with wildly theorizing.” It’s just a theory ad nothing else. Do I get depressed by the theory? No. Does it make me paranoid? No. I just find it a fascinating concept to think of now and again – and that’s all. But it’s hardly anything that keeps me awake pondering or worrying on it.

  • Jim

    I wouldn’t imagine a theory would keep you up at night, Nick. But as I’m sure you are well aware, these paranormal fields are populated by more than a few obsessives.

  • Claudette Huber

    I completely get what Nick is trying to theorize. I couldn’t help but think how there are many people of our own race who enjoy “playing” with us and pull hoaxes to see how far they can fool people. They get a real kick out of it. I also keep getting hung up on the idea that each witness believes what they saw, so can they all mesh together somehow to form the puzzle we’re all trying to put together?

  • jake

    I like to think of it how Vonnegut puts it in Slaughterhouse 5, like a mountain chain. Maybe there is an infinite number of mountain chains!

  • MercuryCrest

    This sounds a bit more like a plot from a movie, but here goes….

    What if they aren’t just trying to screw with us? What if, somehow, somewhen, *something* got screwed with along the “normal” timeline, and they’re trying to fix it.

    Since many, many things come together to make for one moment or experience at a particular time, it could be that they’re dealing with the fallout which requires manipulation of multiple events all over the globe. Events that are seemingly discontinuous, but come together to affect something long in the future….

    I’m not espousing this theory particularly, but it’s entertaining to think about.

  • MercuryCrest

    Remember the day the Mississippi flowed backwards? (During the New Madrid quake) 😀

    And rivers have eddies, swirls, stagnant spots, etc. Perhaps the river analogy is better suited than we think….

  • ivr

    MIB’s = Meddling Inter-dimensional Bastards

  • Aimee

    Okay, I personally would like to think that you’re right, and that they are trying to fix our timeline because something went horribly worng, or because something WILL go horribly wrong, but then why do they seem so menacing? Everyone who reports having seen them or talked to them says that they look “wrong.” They give people an uneasy feeling. Some even sometimes describe them as being somewhat predatory. Again, I would like to think you are right, but MIBs are not generally seen as being benevolent creatures.

  • MercuryCrest

    I would suggest that perhaps the “uncanny valley” is to blame.

    I’m the first one to think they’re sinister in intent, I’m just throwing theories out there because, well, someone has to. 🙂

    Rolling with it, what if they’re mimicking us to not frighten us, but because the disguise isn’t perfect. Perhaps we pick up on “something”, but due to survival traits being what they are, we interpret “something different” to mean “something bad” as opposed to “something benevolent”.

    Again, I have no formal opinion. This is just an exercise in thinking differently for me.

    You raise a good point and this has the potential to be a good discussion….

  • theo paijmans

    The Adjustment Bureau:)

  • alanborky

    “why would the MIB, or something like them, engage in such manipulation? It may be very simple: they do it because they can and it amuses them to screw with the Human Race.”


    But then there’s the idea of The Black Magicians ie the world’s the way it is because the masses make it that way completely unwitting the obsessions ‘an’ neuroses they clearly perceive op’ratin’ in the acts an’ thinkin’ processes of others with supposedly opposed political/religious/philosophical/ideological/etc perspectives operate equally ferociously an’ destructively within ’emselves.

    Or as the likes of Marcus Aurelius’ve put it the Cosmic Monsters o’ History such as Caligula were angels when they first arrived in this world.

    Then the rest of us got ‘r hands on ’em.

  • alanborky

    A possible example of Joshua’s idea’s Isaac Newton.

    For centuries he was the very archetype o’ rational scientific thought.

    Then all this stuff started leakin’ out revealin’ him a mystic alchemist astrologer who believed the Bible contained all knowledge.

    The conventional take’s of course the “truly desperate individual” as Jacob Bronowski disparagingly referred to the mystical *nutcase* Newton was merely suppressed t’protect Newton’s *sane* ideas.

    But Josh Warren’s idea allows for much more complex possibilities.

  • Quilan Hanniffy

    This is spot in, there are infinite realities so everything is played out, the question is more which reality are we in?

  • Dennis K

    don’t think you know what the word theory means.

  • NickRedfern

    Don’t tell me what I know and what I don’t know. As I said in the article (and I quote): “…tell it to someone who actually cares, not to me.”

  • Wayne Langman

    As a young boy in the late 1950s and early 1960s I am one of those that saw the Thunderbird Photo. And I have worked at finding a copy of it over the years.
    I can see where having someone that can mess with time could explain a great many things. My only thought is if they do this on purpose or if the glitches are just the side effect of some other act.

  • J.Griffin

    Considering that you are something of an insomniac,
    what DOES keep you awake?

  • Howard

    That’s too big a hammer for this nail. It’s an entertaining idea, to be sure, but it’s really no better than saying, “Where are my keys? I could have sworn I left them on this table. Maybe I *did*, but mysterious Men In Black altered the timeline, so now they are someplace else!!” In other words, maybe no one has bad memory and no one is a liar, but the universe is crazy. Sorry; it is much more likely that I wasn’t paying attention when I took my keys out, which is why I don’t remember where I left them.

    Let me go a bit further. Think back to your first impressions of a new city, with its unfamiliar streets, or a new building, with its unfamiliar rooms and hallways. These look very different when they are unfamiliar and confusing than they do once they are familiar. The same is true of a foreign-language song you appreciated for its music before learning the language; it will disturbingly sound both different and the same once you understand the words.

    In a personal example, when I interviewed for my current job, I was taken to visit a number of people in the building in which I now work. One of them was an employee who was gone by the time I actually moved and started my job. Even though I now know the building pretty well, I could not tell you where his office was! My memories, though real, are just too confused. My whole internal map of the building was confused.

    Then there’s the phenomena of “memories” I have of my early childhood. A few are genuine memories, though no doubt experiencing some drift over the years. Others are probably generated from my imagination after having my parents tell me the story of a specific incident several times, sometimes with pictures to back it up.

    All of this tells me that when you have a group of people see something odd and outside of their experience, something they don’t quite understand, you should EXPECT them to have conflicting memories and explanations, and when they never have any further experience to correct their first impressions, you should EXPECT their stories to ossify around incompatible details.

  • Ssider

    This is a good example of how we can use Occam’s razor. Which is the answer that requires the least amount of leaps of faith? That person or persons unknown are manipulating time or that people can mistake terrestrial but advanced materials for the time as alien debris?

  • Mark Robson

    Perhaps you do know what the word theory means and if you want to deliberately misuse it to fool your unscientific readers then that is entirely up to you.

    But there are no such things as alternate timelines, multiple realities or universes, parallel universes etc. And time travel is just pure fantasy. Time is simply an abstract concept used to describe any change – usually any movement. Because time doesn’t physically exist it cannot be manipulated in any way. The past is not a location somewhere which we could go to – it is simply a collection of events which have already happened.

  • NickRedfern

    WHATEVER!!! I am not “deliberately” misusing it! I have my own interpretation of what a “theory” is and I don’t give a squirrel’s left nut if it’s different to the official terminology!