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Is This the Future of Air Travel?

And you thought the Airbus A380 was big. The AWWA or “Sky Whale” is a concept aircraft put forward by Spanish designer Oscar Vinals. Dwarfing the A380, the AWWA is a triple decker aircraft capable of transporting over 750 passengers in comfort.


In a dramatic departure from conventional aircraft design, this aircraft will possess advanced technological capabilities including self-healing skin, electric hybrid engines, augmented reality windows with adaptive opacity and advanced aerodynamics that reduce drag and fuel consumption.


One of its most impressive features is its ability to have its engines rotate 45 degrees to significantly reduce the length of runway required for take off and landing.


Of course this is only a concept aircraft but it offers a very exciting glimpse into the potential future of air travel. It’s certainly more attractive than the “Sky Whale” built for the Australian Capital’s centenary celebrations…


Check out more pictures over at Behance.

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  • mph23

    I bet it’ll never be built. Unless the US military wants one (or several). The two greatest recent innovations in flight (the concorde and the space shuttle) were scrapped…Innovative planes just aren’t cool enough for humanity.

  • TimMullins

    Propulsion and lift technology are on the verge of the next phase in their evolution. Indeed, they may very well already be here in military application. At any rate, they will happen before something like this can be built. The A380 is having a lot of problems with parts falling off, structural stress, and the like. The folks who designed the C-5 could have told them that. Lightweight materials simply are not advanced enough for something of that size.