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11.06 – MU Podcast


Author Fernando Gallegos joins us on this episode for discussions on The Ancients and the lost lands of Atlantis and Lemuria.

We also feature DNA revelations on Peru’s elongated skulls, the new documentary team sending drones to find Montezuma’s treasure, and Plus+ members get a very moving ‘Sasquatch-Bro’ moment.

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Fernando Gallegos Interview



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  • tengojazz

    Great episode guys!

  • R3db3ard

    lol, “i know them feels bro”

  • John

    BTW, theres no link to kumare in the show notes

  • ^THIS

  • Perfect image.

  • The ironic thing about all these myths surrounding Moctezuma’s gold (NOT MoNtezuma!) is that for most of the Mesoamerican cultures, gold wasn’t perceived as being significantly valuable. In fact, they called it “teocuitlatl” –the gods’ crap.

    Now what if those endangered snails WERE the actual treasure, hmm?? 😉

  • Sharon Martin

    On the topic on the China space race, many of us already suspect the U.S. is way ahead in a secret space program.

  • patrickm01

    OK. I’m an episode behind. But since y’all reported the story on fusion power I had to ask if you had seen this video. I know, it’s a video, and it’s a year old, but it’s a real Google “Solve for X” video presented by a real Lockheed Martin Skunkworks researcher. So I’m at least willing to listen to it, though I remain skeptical. If it’s real, it’s totally world-changing.